Etikettarkiv: Jonas Hornblad

Pictures: End of Summer 2015


The summer has come to an end and to welcome the fall, Rejvnytt throw a great party with Jonas Hörnblad, Dj Anneli, Lasak, Wald and Ezitsuj with friends.

End of Summer 2015, Eventhuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 2015.09.19

Pictures: MondayBar Homegrown


The Swedish promoter MondayBar asked on their facebook-group if there was an interest if their members wanted to go to a party with only ”local” dj’s.
The response was almost united, so together with Technostate and Parklife, they held an party at Slakthuset in Stockholm with only Swedish dj’s.

The Lineup:
➤ MONDAY BAR presents
Johan Vilborg
Jonas Hörnblad

➤ TECHNOSTATE presents
Wizack Twizack
Dj Anneli

➤ PARKLIFE presents
Andreas och Vincent
Samis 303

MondayBar Homegrown, Slakthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014.06.27
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News: FSOS, Kidson and presents: Before & After


Once again, FSOS Events, Kidson Media Production and teams up to give you three unforgettable nights in Zandvoort.

We offer 3 nights at Club SOHO in July, the 3rd (Thursday), the 4th (Friday) and the 6th (Sunday) which is the official Luminosity Beach Festival afterparty, hosted by FSOS Events.

On Thursday we invite to a walk down memory lane, as many have requested Jonas Hornblad and Johan Vilborg we brought them back to deliver a sequel to our Swedish Midsummer event 2012! Supporting on main is Seaman (Warmup Set), WALD (Closing set) and Steve Sundheden (who’s got support by Armin on ASOT for his amazing mashups). In the Basement we find Tatsumi Suzuki, Kambiz and Amar S teamed up with Skjutar to represent the Swedish domestic DJ association “Kollektivet Sthlm”.

On Friday we feature artist from our label roster. FSOS Records presents Christian Rusch also known from Rusch & Murray, Kim Svärd who’s known for his uplifting and balearic sounds, veteran Marius ‘Pinocchio’ Andries and rising talent Amevon. Supporting as warmup on main is our FSOS resident Dondale! With us in the Basement we’ve got Naico, Tim.Win and veteran Håkan Eriksson lined up to give a great complementary to the night.

Luminosity Beach Festival – Official Afterparty
On Sunday we join forces ourselves with the Luminosity crew to bring you the official afterparty! FSOS Events have been assigned as on-site host for this years annual Beach Festival Afterparty. The Luminosity crew booked a massive lineup with Jordan Suckley, Indecent Noise (hardtrance classics special), Adam Ellis, Suncatcher and Allan Morrow, so you can expect an extraordinary atmosphere held in finest Luminosity spirit! Supporting warmup on main is Amar S with one of his great progressive sets and featuring in the Basement, we have Olívia Németh and Stavros with a 3 hour “sexy & emotional” b2b set followed by MadCap who seals up the weekend. Tickets to Sunday’s event is available for purchase from authorized dealer through the official Luminosity website.

So if you’re in town for the main weekend festival and wish to celebrate PLUR with a slight touch of the “Swedish” then join us, we’ve got great talents and a great venue in Zandvoort! This will be a weekend to remember!

When & Where
CLUB SOHO, Kosterstraat 1A. Zandvoort, Holland.
Thursday July 3rd 22.00-0500 / Friday July 4th 23:30-05:00 / Sunday July 6th 23:30-05:00

Age & Admission
Presale 2 Days: approx 18€ (160SEK) / Presale 1 Day: approx 10€ (90SEK) / Door: 15 € (One Day Entry)
Purchase your tickets here!

Full Lineup

Johan Vilborg (Silk Royal, Enhanced)
Jonas Hornblad (Armada, Enhanced)
Steve Sundheden
Amar S
Tatsumi Suzuki

Christian Rusch (Anjunabeats, Vandig, FSOS)
Kim Svärd (Armada, Magic Island, FSOS)
Marius Andries (Fluid, FSOS)
Amevon (FSOS)
Dondale (FSOS Resident)
Naico (Magic Island)
Håkan Eeriksson

Jordan Suckley
Indecent Noise (hardtrance classics special)
Adam Ellis
Allan Morrow
Olívia Németh B2B Stavros

See you there!

Pictures: Ferry Corsten @ Club joule, Music Circus ’14 Afterparty


Afterparty for the festival Music Circus, with this lineup: Ferry Corsten, Jonas Hornblad, Energy Dai, Ken-Gee (Friendship, Tokyo), DJ Kitten, Shinji, FxTxW, VJ ERI

This is Giselas pictures
Ferry Corsten in Club joule – Music Circus ’14 Afterparty, Club Joule, Osaka, Japan, 2014.05.06
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Pictures: Ferry Corsten @ Club joule, Music Circus ’14 Afterparty


Afterparty for the festival Music Circus, with this lineup: Ferry Corsten, Jonas Hornblad, Energy Dai, Ken-Gee (Friendship, Tokyo), DJ Kitten, Shinji, FxTxW, VJ ERI

This is Patrics pictures
Ferry Corsten in Club joule – Music Circus ’14 Afterparty, Club Joule, Osaka, Japan, 2014.05.06
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Pictures: Kollektivet Arena


Kollektivet Sthlm had a really massive season premier in a new, massive venue.
Dj’s such as Jonas Hörnblad, Hodel, Jay van Kay, Tatsumi Suzuki, Amar S, Nick Sinner, JdotP, Stavros and Kambiz helped to raise the roof.

Kollektivet Sthlm, Solidariet Arena, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014.04.05
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News: Kollektivet Sthlm is back!


After a well deserved rest, our best friends of is back. And boy are they back!
This spring and summer, The Guys of Kollektivet Sthlm has something really special planned for you, starting of with this party:
Kollektivet Solidaritet Arena.
They take over the newly built club below the huge stadium Tele2 Arena, Solidaritet Arena.

The venue has only been open for a few month and is packed with LED-walls, co2-canons, screens and a superb sound from Bose.

The lineup for the evening is this:

Jonas Hörnblad
Jay van Kay
Tatsumi Suzuki
Amar S

Nick Sinner
Fredrik Grass

Where: Solidaritet Arena | Arenavägen 75 (Below Tele2 Arena)
When: 22.00-03.00
Subway: T Globen
Price: 120:-

You CANNOT miss this one! It’s gonna get BANANAS!!