Etikettarkiv: Kolingsborg

Pictures: MondayBar Trettondagstrance


The absolutely last party at Kolingsborg took place on January the 5th. It was MondayBar who held the party and what a party it was.
Lineup: The Thrillseekers, Dj Anneli, Kambiz, Ezitsuj & Co, Özgur Can, JdotP, Pundits, Zaitek, Eye-son & Lasak

MondayBar Trettondagstrance, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014.01.05
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Pictures: MondayBar XMAS – 21st Anniversary


The 21st annual edition of the legendary Christmas Day-party with MondayBar were held at Kolingsborg with djs such as: Johan Vilborg, Jace, Aladdin, Freddz, Stavros, Tatsumi Suzuki, Fredrik Grass, Amar S, Steve Sundheden, Tava and Inchi.

MondayBar XMAS – The 21st Anniversary, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.12.25
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Pictures: MondayBar Black Weekend


Monday Bar asked in their facebook forum of which major hardstyle headliner people wanted to see as the last harder act ever, before the venue Kolingsborg is demolished in January 2014, and the vote fell on BRENNAN HEART.
The other djs were Denise Cavalli, Freddz, Audiotricz and of course Brennan Heart.

MondayBar Black Weekend, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.10.19
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Pictures: MondayBar Black Fusion


MondayBar rented the whole Kolingsborg and held their Black Fusion during the Swedish national holiday Walpurgis Night. With a black lineup consisting of Donkeyrollers, Jowan, Omegatypez, Zany, Freddz, Eye-Son, Lovebite & Lysmasken, Steve Sundheden, Jace and Seaman.

MondayBar Black Fusion, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.04.30
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Pictures: MondayBar Trettondagstrance

The annual MondayBar Trettondagsparty to get rid of those extra kilos from all food during christmas, with Jonas Hörnblad, Aladdin, Tim.Win and Kay Stafford.

MondayBar Trettondagstrance, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.01.05
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Pictures: MondayBar Hellfire Weekend

Proteus held his clubconcept Hellfire together with Mondaybar at Kolingsborg in Stockholm. Sidekick and fellow crazyman was Mark EG and Fredrik Grass got the crowd moving.

MondayBar Hellfire Weekend, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, 2012-12-01
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