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Pictures: MondayBar WinterCruise 2014


The 44rd edition of the o-so-popular Cruise-parties took place in Winter 2014. was shooting the official pictures for the party, this is Olof’s pictures.


Jeff Cooper, Christina Novelli, Gareth Emery, SKAZI, Noisecontrollers, Josba, Will Atkinson, Kutski – Keeping The Rave Alive, Mosquito, Phil York b2b Fausto, Atmosfearz, E-Force, Tha Playah, Tim.Win, Dondale, Drakenberg, Mikael Jonasson, J.P. Bates, Ticon, Ibojima, Alter Nature & Kenuna, Johan Shadow, O-Zone & Magnus Gustavsson

MondayBar WinterCruise 2014, M/S Silja Galaxy, Stockholm-Turkuu, Sweden-Finland, 2014.12.12
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Pictures: MondayBar Homegrown


The Swedish promoter MondayBar asked on their facebook-group if there was an interest if their members wanted to go to a party with only ”local” dj’s.
The response was almost united, so together with Technostate and Parklife, they held an party at Slakthuset in Stockholm with only Swedish dj’s.

The Lineup:
➤ MONDAY BAR presents
Johan Vilborg
Jonas Hörnblad

➤ TECHNOSTATE presents
Wizack Twizack
Dj Anneli

➤ PARKLIFE presents
Andreas och Vincent
Samis 303

MondayBar Homegrown, Slakthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014.06.27
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Pictures: MondayBar Black & White Cruise 2013


Once again MondayBar set sail with their legendary Black & White Cruises. This time the lineup was massive, with dj’s like Argy, Organ Donors, Scot Project, Cally & Juice, Activator, Mark EG, Johan Vilborg, Tom Fall, Omnia, Orjan Nilsen, Roger Shah, Andrew Rayel, Rebourne, Waverider, Brennan Heart, Noisecontrollers, Frequencerz, Outblast, Angerfist, Aladdin, Douchebag, Fredrik Grass, Syntse, Spaanberg, Selma S, Berserk Brothers, Amin Violin, Tatsumi Suzuki, Amar S, Marcus & Stoffe, Inchi, Steve Sundheden, JP Bates, Tim.Win, Technophobia meets G. Larsson, Kambiz, Jay Van Kay, Denise Cavalli, C.O.J.H and Progma

MondayBar Black & White Cruise, M/S Romantika, Stockholm-Riga, Sweden-Lativa, 2013.06.05 – 2013.06.07
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Pictures: MondayBar Hellfire Weekend

Proteus held his clubconcept Hellfire together with Mondaybar at Kolingsborg in Stockholm. Sidekick and fellow crazyman was Mark EG and Fredrik Grass got the crowd moving.

MondayBar Hellfire Weekend, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, 2012-12-01
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Pictures: MondayBar Black Weekend

MondayBar held one of their now legendary Black Weekend-parties at Kolingsborg. Dj’s Headhunterz, Wasted Penguinz, Stenis and Ezitsuj performed like there were no tomorrow!

MondayBar Black Weekend pres. Headhunterz, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, 2012-11-10
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Contest: Roland TB-303 cushion

We are the EDM generation. Our scene has been affected by different musical styles, trends and instruments over the years. There has been several drum machines and synthesizers that has made it all possible. Some forgotten and some not. The Roland TB-303 is the most iconic synthesizer in dance music and celebrates 30 years in buisness.
Together with Analog Sweden and Podgressive, invites you to enter a contest to win the Roland TB-303 Cushion and iPhone 4 case gold edition in collectors box from Analog Sweden!

Answer the question, share to your friends, you might be the lucky winner of these two really cool products!

Pictures: MondayBar Pres. Scantraxx 10 years

MondayBar presents Scantraxx 10 years anniversary with a massive lineup: Audiofreq, Wildstylez, Frontliner, The Prophet, Da Syndrome, Barba, Druncore, The Stalker, Funky Tuna, Hypnoid, Sasha F and Kasparov.

MondayBar Scantraxx 10 years, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, 20120410
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