www.bejbi.se is a partypicture community mainly directed to all kinds of electronic dancemusic events.
It´s owned by Patric and managed by him, along with his excellent photographers Aleks. Gisela, Cam and Lars. Together they schoot pictures at parties mainly in Scandinavia and The Netherlands but on occation all over Europe. Bejbi.se has also great articles, blog posts and interviews by Patric Franksson, Niklas and Tatsumi.

Bejbi.se started in january 2008, as an alternate for all the commercial sites regarding partypictures, since then it has grown larger and larger and is now one of the most popular partypicture-site in Sweden.

Bejbi.se is owned by Patric Franksson Productions, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

If you want to get in touch with bejbi.se, please use the contactform under [contact].

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Please note that every picture is copyrighted by the photographer who took it. It’s prohibited by law to use it in any other way than personal use or to alter the copyright-tag.

If you want to use a picture for other purposes than personal use, please contact the author with the e-mailadress in the copyright-tag that is on the picture.


Q: I spotted a reeeaaally cool pic of me and a hot chick, how do I save it?
A: You click on [zoom] in the gallery and the picture will open, saveable, in an new window.

Q: How long does it take for you to be done with your pics?
A: After a party it takes between 2 days and 6 weeks, depending on who has taken them, before we upload them.

Q: I don´t want to be on a picture!
A: Send a mail to patric(at)bejbi.se and he´ll sort it out.

Q: Can I get your blog as a feed somewhere?
A: Yes, you can catch it at our rss2 feed.

Q: Im a really great dj, how do I get my mix in the podcast?
A: Normally we mail you if we have heard you before, but if you are all new and really great, send an sample mix to us on mix(at)bejbi.se so we can listen to it.
If we like it, you´ve got a spot on the podcast!

Q: Are some of your posts sponsored by a company?
A: Yes, some are.. mostly party information and product tests. We do it to finance bejbi.se since it’s a quite expensive train to run, and we rather have some really good product tests and party info, than some annoying popups and banners all over the site.

About Us

bejbi.se is a Webzine with our love to the Electronic Dance Music-scene all over the world.

Contact us:
Mail: info(at)bejbi.se
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G+: plus.google.com/bejbi_se

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