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Pictures: MondayBar – The Black Party


MondayBar went all in with a big ”black” party for all the people that likes the harder styles of music.
With a lineup consisting of Da Tweekaz, ZATOX, Titan and Dave Revan it was a massive party.

This is Lars pictures from the party.

MondayBar – The Black Party, Colosseum, Stockholm, Sweden, 2015.03.06
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Pictures: MondayBar Winter Cruise


The annual MondayBar Winter Cruise (formerly known as Lucia Cruise) went by in the middle of December, with an massive lineup as usual: Paul van Dyk, Ummet Ozcan, Bryan Kearney, Indecent Noise, Photographer, Cari Lekebusch, Uto Karem, Marco Bailey, Mikael Jonasson, Mark EG & Proteus B2B, Adrenalize, Wasted Penguinz, Frontliner, The Prophet, B-Front, Mad Dog, Drakenberg, Jay van Kay, Josba, Denise Cavalli, Alter Nature & Kenuna and Mama Gaia

The bejbi.se photographer-team with Patric, Oljo and Lars were official photographers for MondayBar. Together we took over 5000 pictures, and about 500 of them is now online in three separate galleries [1] [2] [3]
This is Lars’s pictures

MondayBar Winter Cruise, Silja Galaxy, Stockholm-Åbo, Sweden – Finland, 2013.12.13
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Pictures: MondayBar Black Weekend


Monday Bar asked in their facebook forum of which major hardstyle headliner people wanted to see as the last harder act ever, before the venue Kolingsborg is demolished in January 2014, and the vote fell on BRENNAN HEART.
The other djs were Denise Cavalli, Freddz, Audiotricz and of course Brennan Heart.

MondayBar Black Weekend, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.10.19
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Pictures: MondayBar SummerCruise 2013


Sweden’s legendary club promoter Monday Bar has up to date presented 39 international cruises with the best and most well-known djs the world has to offer.

For this particular cruise, Monday Bar Summer Cruise, it means a variety of all EDM styles, but with extra focus on PSY/PROGRESSIVE on the main floor one of the nights, plus a variety other styles such as trance, house, techno, hard-dance, hardstyle and hardcore from both well know and unknown dj’s.
This cruise had some really good luck with the weather making the sundeck once again a huge success!

The lineup: DJ Kitten, Michael Cassette, Chicane, Giuseppe Ottaviani Live, Menno de Jong, John OO Fleming, DJ Rauti, Psyfighter, Freddz, Nipex, Kutski, Max Enforcer, Coone, Code Black, Psyko Punkz, Evil Activities, Secret Vision, Lasak, Hodel, DJ Anneli, Tempo Giusto & Jace B2B, Fredrik Grass, Rokkaz, Hodel, Fredrik Grass, DJ Rx, Alek Szahala, Substanced, Yade & Bluecore, Krunch, Riktam & Bansi, Perplex Live, Azax Syndrom Live, GMS Live, Liquid Soul Live and Tetra

MondayBar SummerCruise 2013, M/S Romantika, Stockholm-Riga, Sweden-Latvia, 2013.08.30-2013.09.01
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Pictures: MondayBar Black & White Cruise 2013


Once again MondayBar set sail with their legendary Black & White Cruises. This time the lineup was massive, with dj’s like Argy, Organ Donors, Scot Project, Cally & Juice, Activator, Mark EG, Johan Vilborg, Tom Fall, Omnia, Orjan Nilsen, Roger Shah, Andrew Rayel, Rebourne, Waverider, Brennan Heart, Noisecontrollers, Frequencerz, Outblast, Angerfist, Aladdin, Douchebag, Fredrik Grass, Syntse, Spaanberg, Selma S, Berserk Brothers, Amin Violin, Tatsumi Suzuki, Amar S, Marcus & Stoffe, Inchi, Steve Sundheden, JP Bates, Tim.Win, Technophobia meets G. Larsson, Kambiz, Jay Van Kay, Denise Cavalli, C.O.J.H and Progma

MondayBar Black & White Cruise, M/S Romantika, Stockholm-Riga, Sweden-Lativa, 2013.06.05 – 2013.06.07
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Pictures: Deztination – The Next Deztination


Deztination is BACK!
Swedens newcomer in big harder events, Deztination, is back with a massive lights and sound show and an excellent lineup with Isaac, Da Tweekaz, Scope DJ, Audiofreq, The Viper and Noordz

Deztination – The Next Deztination, Solnahallen, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.06.01
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Pictures: MondayBar Black Fusion


MondayBar rented the whole Kolingsborg and held their Black Fusion during the Swedish national holiday Walpurgis Night. With a black lineup consisting of Donkeyrollers, Jowan, Omegatypez, Zany, Freddz, Eye-Son, Lovebite & Lysmasken, Steve Sundheden, Jace and Seaman.

MondayBar Black Fusion, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.04.30
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Pictures: MondayBar Black XL


MondayBar held a massive party at Münchenbryggeriet, with the harder styles of EDM represented and presented by Headhunterz, Adrenalize, D-block & S-te-Fan, Korsakoff, Nipex, Vince, Bluecore vs Dab B2B, Yade, Inchi, Bluecore and Dab

MondayBar Black XL, Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.03.28
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