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Pictures: Kollektivet Arena


Kollektivet Sthlm had a really massive season premier in a new, massive venue.
Dj’s such as Jonas Hörnblad, Hodel, Jay van Kay, Tatsumi Suzuki, Amar S, Nick Sinner, JdotP, Stavros and Kambiz helped to raise the roof.

Kollektivet Sthlm, Solidariet Arena, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014.04.05
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Podcast: #Podgressive EP052


Finally time again for some Podcasting by Tatsumi Suzuki and his friends. Tatsumis set is a bit more laid back than usual with the best type of progressive house of course twisted with his signum. Guests of March/April are both local. Behind the decks presenting JdotP and Marius Andries. So, head over to Podgressive and get your copy!

News: Kollektivet Sthlm is back!


After a well deserved rest, our best friends of is back. And boy are they back!
This spring and summer, The Guys of Kollektivet Sthlm has something really special planned for you, starting of with this party:
Kollektivet Solidaritet Arena.
They take over the newly built club below the huge stadium Tele2 Arena, Solidaritet Arena.

The venue has only been open for a few month and is packed with LED-walls, co2-canons, screens and a superb sound from Bose.

The lineup for the evening is this:

Jonas Hörnblad
Jay van Kay
Tatsumi Suzuki
Amar S

Nick Sinner
Fredrik Grass

Where: Solidaritet Arena | Arenavägen 75 (Below Tele2 Arena)
When: 22.00-03.00
Subway: T Globen
Price: 120:-

You CANNOT miss this one! It’s gonna get BANANAS!!

Pictures: MondayBar Trettondagstrance


The absolutely last party at Kolingsborg took place on January the 5th. It was MondayBar who held the party and what a party it was.
Lineup: The Thrillseekers, Dj Anneli, Kambiz, Ezitsuj & Co, Özgur Can, JdotP, Pundits, Zaitek, Eye-son & Lasak

MondayBar Trettondagstrance, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014.01.05
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Pictures: Kollektivet Sthlm pres. SommarKollektivet


Kollektivet Sthlm arranged their second of three indoor parties at Fabriken this summer, with dj’s such as Jay van Kay, Puppan, Fredrik Grass, Spaanberg, Christian Nisan, Kambiz, JdotP and Stavros.

Kollektivet Sthlm SommarKollektivet, Fabriken, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.07.13
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Pictures: Sommarkollektivet pt.2


SommarKollektivet had their second outdoor party for the summer and a afterparty at Fabriken the same night.
Lineup was massive, WonderjaY, Fredrik Grass vs Tatsumi Suzuki, Ninjaz, JdotP, Glombak, Steve Sundheden, Jonas Hörnblad and Tim-win did their thing at the day-time party and Jonas Hörnblad, Jay van Kay, Kambiz, Amar S, Daniel Boxberg, JdotP, Pundits and Hangover Boy did their thing at the afterparty

Kollektivet Sthlm, Sommar pt.2 + Afterparty, Årstafältet/Fabriken, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.06.15
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News: Kollektivet Sthlm at Fabriken


It’s once again time for Kollektivet Sthlm to have a party.
This time it’s a hot summer night at Fabriken in Stockholm, giving you as a guest everything from deep house, trance and techno.

The doors opens up at 20.00 with great prices in the bar and a barbecue ready for action.

Jay van Kay
Fredrik Grass
Christian Nisan
JdotP and friends.

Time: 20.00 – 03.00
Price: Free before 22.00, after 22.00 it’s 100kr

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