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Pictures: End of Summer 2015


The summer has come to an end and to welcome the fall, Rejvnytt throw a great party with Jonas Hörnblad, Dj Anneli, Lasak, Wald and Ezitsuj with friends.

End of Summer 2015, Eventhuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 2015.09.19

Pictures: MondayBar WinterCruise 2014


The 44rd edition of the o-so-popular Cruise-parties took place in Winter 2014. was shooting the official pictures for the party, this is Olof’s pictures.


Jeff Cooper, Christina Novelli, Gareth Emery, SKAZI, Noisecontrollers, Josba, Will Atkinson, Kutski – Keeping The Rave Alive, Mosquito, Phil York b2b Fausto, Atmosfearz, E-Force, Tha Playah, Tim.Win, Dondale, Drakenberg, Mikael Jonasson, J.P. Bates, Ticon, Ibojima, Alter Nature & Kenuna, Johan Shadow, O-Zone & Magnus Gustavsson

MondayBar WinterCruise 2014, M/S Silja Galaxy, Stockholm-Turkuu, Sweden-Finland, 2014.12.12
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