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Pictures: Kollektivet Sthlm pres. SommarKollektivet


Kollektivet Sthlm arranged their second of three indoor parties at Fabriken this summer, with dj’s such as Jay van Kay, Puppan, Fredrik Grass, Spaanberg, Christian Nisan, Kambiz, JdotP and Stavros.

Kollektivet Sthlm SommarKollektivet, Fabriken, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.07.13
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Pictures: Tillsammans Afterparty

..with Technostate, Sthlm Underground & Kollektivet

Tillsammans and Technostate had the official afterparty for the Tillsammans Open Air party in late may. The party was also joined by the two DJ’s Jay van Kay and JP Bates, who are both well know if you’ve been on before, which had a collateral birthday bash at the same party.

Lineup: PERPLEX, Morten Granau, Sideform, Copycat, Anneli, Tetra aka Mad Actors, Kenuna & Aspington, Reza, Drakenberg, Andreas Andersson, Vincent Rydell, Jeff Cooper, JP Bates, Jay van Kay, Fredrik Grass, Tatsumi Suzuki, Mike Seaman, Steve Sundheden, Amar S, Puppan, Kambiz, Åke CDR and Jocke Kristensson.

Tillsammans/Technostate/Jay van Kay & JP Bates birthday bash, Arena, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.05.25
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News: Kollektivet Sthlm at Fabriken


It’s once again time for Kollektivet Sthlm to have a party.
This time it’s a hot summer night at Fabriken in Stockholm, giving you as a guest everything from deep house, trance and techno.

The doors opens up at 20.00 with great prices in the bar and a barbecue ready for action.

Jay van Kay
Fredrik Grass
Christian Nisan
JdotP and friends.

Time: 20.00 – 03.00
Price: Free before 22.00, after 22.00 it’s 100kr

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