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Classic FTW: Armin Van Buuren & Susana – Shivers

This week’s article is about a singer that i’ve mentioned a couple of times before. On her first collaborations, she wasn’t even credited but since then she’s released 2 albums and have done tonnes of collaborations with most of the major DJ’s. I’m ofcourse talking of Susana and her track together with Armin Van Buuren called Shivers. (Buy on Itunes)


A little bit just a little bit… [x4] 

World’s on turn around 
Music make no sound 
Where is sweetness found 
Where love is gone 

Sun don’t come around 
Don’t make a sound 
Where can love be found 
If your heart won’t feel 

Up and down my spine 
Not on my mind 

A little bit just a little bit… [x4] 

How could it end this way 
Don’t leave me, love me 
Just a little bit longer [x3] 

They don’t turn tonight 
Morning don’t bring light 
Where is sweetness found 
Where love is gone 

Won’t you stay tonight 
Let the truth shine bright 
Where can love be found 
If your heart won’t feel 

Emotions that we share 
Signing my face 

How could it end this way 
Don’t leave me, love me 
Just a little bit longer [x4] 

A little bit just a little bit… [x4] 


00:51 when the vocal part ”A Little bit, just a little bit” starts
01:19 when the main vocal starts.
02:31 when the main breakdown starts and fades out.
03:00 when the full breakdown starts.
03:12 when the main chorus starts.
03:56 when the full music starts.
04:53 when the mini-break comes with the piano.
05:06 when the second chorus start with the full music.

Susana Boomhouwer started her singing career in 2004 as a vocalist on Ernest vs Bastian’s hit single Dark Side Of The Moon. The track was officially released in 2005 but had already done it’s rounds among the DJ’s as a promo. IMHO, the Dogzilla-remix is the one you should listen to.

She later appeared on Armin Van Buuren’s hit single Shivers and also signed to Armin’s label Armada Digital. 2005 was also the first year that Armin set up his liveshow Armin Only where Susana sung live.

She also appeared on Re:Locate’s album Rouge where she sung on the track Escape.

The next collaboration with Armin Van Buuren was with the 2008 hit single If You Should Go and has since then been featured on all Armin’s albums. On Armin’s last album, Mirage, Susana sung on the intro-track Desiderium 207. The single If You Should Go was also the first release that Susanas vocals were credited on.

Since then, she has done some amazing tracks with most of the world’s biggest names in dancemusic.

Susana did a collaboration with Talla 2XLC on the track I Know. The original track is pretty good but I really love the more uplifting Paul Miller-remix.

Nothing At All, together with Rex Mundi has some really beautiful lyrics and an awesome remix by Beat Service.

Susana & Bart ClaessenIf I Could isn’t a favourite but came with a pretty decent Dan Stone-remix.

Susanas first album, Closer featured all the tracks above + some new tracks like the title track, Closer with Omnia and The Blizzard which was truely one of 2010’s best tracks. Just love the Closer-vocals together with the beautiful track by Omnia and The Blizzard, especially the bass which is an Omnia-signature.

Other collaborations from the album features Mike Shiver, Josh Gabriel, Dark Matters, Dash Berlin, Tenishia, Stoneface & Terminal, Jorn Van Deynhoven, A Force, Julian Vincent & Espen Gulbrandsen.

All the tracks are really good and a few sticks out like the collaboration with Josh Gabriel on Frozen (especially the Nic Chagall Remix)

In 2012 she has so far released 4 singles, Only You (with Shogun), Brave (with Ernesto vs Bastian and Wezz Deval, All Time Low (with Rex Mundi) and Down To Nothing (with Max Graham).

Of the lot i’d have to say that Down To Nothing is the best of them. All tracks were also feature on Susana’s second album, Brave along with a bunch of others from Beat Service, Aurosonic, Leon Bolier, Alexander Popov, Dark Matters, Ronski Speed, Snatt & Vix and Dark Matters & Eller Van Buren.

Worth noticing is that Home (together with Dark Matters) is a remake of Coast 2 Coast featuring DiscoveryHome from 2000. I warmly recommend the Daniel Kandi Remix.

Susana has a really distinctive voice and you can easily hear that it’s her singing on all those collaborations. Ever since I first heard Dark Side Of The Moon, i’ve liked her voice. I hope to see more collaborations in the future and who knows which DJ she’s gonna perform with next. As long as she keeps up with the good work, she has a bright future. I hope to hear more from her soon!

Related tracks:

Ernesto vs Bastian – Dark Side Of The Moon (Dogzilla Pure Filth Remix)
Re:Locate & Susana – Escape
Armin van Buuren feat. Susana – If You Should Go (Aly & Fila Remix)
Talla 2XLC Feat Susana – I Know (Paul Miller Vocal Mix)
Rex Mundi Feat. Susana – Nothing At All (Beat Service Juicy Remix)
Susana & Bart Claessen – If I Could (Dan Stone remix)
Susana Closer ft. Omnia and The Blizzard (Original Extended)
Susana & Josh Gabriel – Frozen (Nic Chagall Remix)
Susana & Shogun – Only You (Original Mix)
Susana & Ernesto vs Bastian with Wezz Devall – Brave
Susana & Rex Mundi – All Time Low (Original Mix)
Susana & Max Graham – Down To Nothing (Original Mix)
Susana – Home (Daniel Kandi Retrofit Remix)

Coast 2 Coast feat Discovery – Home (DJ Tiësto Remix)

Podcast: #Podgressive EP036

It’s Friday again and it’s soon payday for the most of us.
Podgressive EP036 is released and it’s a episode full of talanted guests and filled with the best dance music the world has to offer at this moment. First up is the very talanted artist Michael Cassette. His sound has made us impressed for several years and it’s nice to have him with us! Next up is Orkidea. He has been up on the very top of the nordic dance scene for more than a decade and his uplifting and melodic sound will hopefully squeeze the juice of this show! As for the resident dj Tatsumi Suzuki, he have a little more melodic and a bit faster mix for this month. We think this will suite for all you trance people out there! We have also the winner of last months contest with Analog Sweden and another intresting interview of Millaway by Patric from bejbi.se. Enjoy!

Now, head over to >>Podgressive.com << and listen to the #Podgressive EP036!

Short Interview: Millaway

We hooked up with the predicted superstar, Millaway, in his studio in Stockholm for a quick interview.

Hi, Millaway, how are you?

I’m fine, thank you.

Are you working on something new that is soon up for release?

Yes, I have a couple of remixes that is already done and just waiting for a release date. I think some of them will be released now in December and the rest in 2013.
I’m actually working on a couple of original tracks for the next year. None of them are really finished yet since I’m working full time I’m having a hard time finishing them right now, but I will get there, eventually!

Tell us about your newly released mix of Christian Rusch’s Numb

Yeah, Future Sound of Sweden and Christian Rusch approached me, actually just a week before the deadline of the remix requests. And when I got the package I really enjoyed the track and I have enjoyed Christian’s productions in the past as well. It was really nice working with the track and I actually finished the track in time as well, one week is actually quite good for being me. It was really fun and I’m really satisfied with the result.

How long does it generally take for you to produce a tune?

It’s really different from time to time. I still have a track I started with back in 2009 and I’m still not finished with it. I’ve reworked it four times and now I have four different versions of it. I still love the melody but it’s not yet the standards I expect from myself.
I think my speed records for a track is three days. But I had to go back to it a week after and correct some minor details of it.

What inspires you the most when you’re composing: people or places?

I think it’s a mixture of both. If I leave the studio for a couple of days just enjoying the environment around me, meeting people, attending clubs usually do it for me. When I get home after a great evening and I’ve heard a really great tune with a massive drop which I like and want to reproduce myself.
I think the environment is the main source of inspiration, you can work a lot easier when you got a feeling after an experience.

Do you remember where you were when you first heard one of your own productions on the radio? How was that feeling?

It was a great feeling. The first time was on a radio station called Digitally Imported, some dj played one of my track, and it was an amazing feeling hearing a live set on a MondayBar Cruise when the dj played it.
I also had a fun experience at a store called Webhallen here in Stockholm where they played one of my tracks in the radio system in the store. I was standing in the queue waiting for the service and of course no one else noticed it, but that was the first time I actually heard it in a store and in an environment I didn’t expect.

What is the most radest support you’ve got up until now?

I think some of the biggest names is still Markus Schulz and Paul Oakendfold. But what means the most for me is actually the support from Rank1. They got me into trance several years ago. I started to listen to another of their alias, Dutch Force, and their famous track Deadline. It got me into trance, I’ve seen them live and several years later they supported my tracks in their radio show which meant truly a lot for me since I still admire them so much, it was quite unbelievable to hear them commenting on my tracks and play it.

Do you aspire to hit the decks someday, or are you pleased with the producing?

Right now I’m pleased with the producing part, cause I want to climb higher before I start DJing more. Several years ago you could actually hit the decks as a DJ and work your way up and then start to produce your own tracks.
Nowadays you have to make really good music before you start to DJ and not the opposite way around.
I’m focusing on my tracks and hopefully it leads me to more time at the decks in the future.

Thank you very much for taking your time to meet us!

Thank you for coming to my studio and visit me, hope you’ll and everyone enjoys the track!

Interview and pictures by Patric

A version of this interview and Millaways remix of Christian Rusch’s ”Numb” can be listened to in our podcast, Podgressive ep. 36.
And if you want to know even more about Millaway, check out the mix he did exclusively for bejbi.se back in 2011.

Classic FTW: Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Three ’N One Remix)

This week’s article is about one project that has been released over 120 times on different labels and remixed by many of the worlds major DJ’s over 40 times. First released in 1993 and still played by many dj’s worldwide. I’m ofcoruse talking about Energy 52Cafe Del Mar (Three ’N One Remix). (Buy on Itunes)


01:11 when the synth-stab kicks in.
02:10 when the main melody kicks in.
03:07 when the full melody kicks in .
04:48 when the track starts to fade out.
05:17 when the strings come in.
05:32 when the track starts to build before the explosion.
06:01 when the bassdrum kicks in.
06:15 when the reverse bassdrum kicks in.
06:29 when the full melody starts.

Energy 52 was a small project by German Paul Schmitz-Moonmann, most known under his Kid Paul-guise started dj’ing in 1988 like Dubmission, E-Werk and Tresor.

Before the release of Cafe Del Mar, Paul released 3 other singles under the Energy 52-moniker. The 1991 releases Expressions/Eternity/The Bassline & State Of Mind and the 1993 single Weak didn”t leave many impressions. Eternity and State of Mind were produced by Harald Bluechel (a.k.a Cosmic Baby) aswell as Cafe Del Mar.

When the initial release came in 1993, no one knew what impact that track would have to the clubgoers. For instance, It was nominated as one of 50 tracks as Top 20 Dance Tracks of Last 20 Years by the listeners of BBC Radio 1 in 2011.

Worth noticing is that the track is heavily influented by Wim Mertens 1988 track Struggle For Pleasure.

The original 1993 release only had 2 versions, Kid Paul Mix and Cosmic Baby’s impression but it was with the 1997 remixes that the track became huge.

In 1997 we saw remixes by Solar Stone, Oliver Lieb & Three ’N One whereas the Three ’N One’s remix did get some chartsuccess and climbed to no 51 in the UK singles chart.

It was the Three ’N One-remix that got me hooked to the track. I later heard the Olier Lieb-remix which I also find really good. There was even a video made for the Three ’N One-remix. Worth noticing is that the same video were also used for the Nalin & Kane-remix aswell as the 2002-remix by Marco V.

In 1998, the track was re-released with remixes by Hybrid, Kinky Roland and Nalin & Kane. The latter made it into the charts and peaked at no 12. IMHO, the Nalin & Kane-version is too ”dark” for me but still well-produced and not that bad.

The 1999 release contained new remixes by Deepsky, Pure Nova & Dj Eyal and a brand new version from Kid Paul called ’99 rebuild.

The 2000-release had a slow version by Humate and a stunning ambient remix by Michael Woods. IMHO, Michael Woods-remix capture the mood of the song better than Humate. There was also an unofficial bootleg flying around which contained the vocals by Sonique but IMHO, that version was pretty bad.

Next chart-success came in 2002 with the Marco V-remix which peaked at no 24 in the UK singles chart. The release also contained new version by John ’00’ Fleming, Sven Väth and a updated version from Three ’N One which also came with a new video.

2003 saw a remix by Chicane and a new track from Fragma called Man In The Moon which uses Cafe Del Mar as background. When the Fragma-track first did it’s rounds around the DJ’s of the world it was called Mar In The Moon as it was released as white label.

The next remix-batch came in 2006 with remixes by Raul Rincon, Tall Paul, Soul Seekerz, K-Klass and Kenny Hayes. I can’t say that i’ve heard any of them before but now as I was listening thru them, i’d have to say that the Kenny Hayes-remix is the best of them.

The 2008-release contained some stunning version from Michael Woods, Deadmau5, Dabruck & Klein aswell as remixes by Whelan & Di Scala, Oliver Lang, Dave Robertson, David Puentez and Bruckmann.

This year also saw an unofficial release from one of Sweden’s biggest talents, Jonas Hornblad. You can get his version exclusively here.

In 2011, we saw new remixes by Ricardo Villalobos and so far in 2012 we’ve seen remixes by Sidelmann & The Orbiter.

So what will 2013 bring us?

Cafe Del Mar will always be a track that’s talked about with the highest respect as it’s IMHO one of the tracks that defines trance. As I mentioned before, the track was nominated for top 20 of dance tracks over the last 20 years. That’s so wrong. In my book it IS in my top 3 of the best tracks ever made. My personal top 20 varies but one thing is sure. Cafe Del Mar will always be one of the 3 best tracks in the world.

Related tracks:

Energy 52 – Expressions
Energy 52 – State Of Mind
Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (DJ Kid Paul Mix)
Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Cosmic Baby’s Impression)

Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Solar Stone Remix)
Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Oliver Lieb’s L.S.G. Remix)
Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Hybrid’s Time Traveller Remix)
Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Kinky Roland Remix)
Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Nalin & Kane Remix)
Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Deepsky’s Stateside Cannon Remix)
Energy 52 – Cafe del Mar (Humate Remix)
Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Michael Woods Ambient Remix)
Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Marco V Remix)
Energy 52 – Café del Mar (John ”00” Fleming Remix)
Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Sven Väth Remix)
Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Kenny Hayes remix)
Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Michael Woods Out Of Office Remix)
Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Deadmau5 Remix)
Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Dabruck & Klein Remix)
Energy 52 – Cafe del Mar (Ricard Villalobos Remix)
Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Sidelmann 2012 Remix)

Wim Mertens – Struggle For Pleasure
Fragma – Man In The Moon

Pictures: MondayBar Black Weekend

MondayBar held one of their now legendary Black Weekend-parties at Kolingsborg. Dj’s Headhunterz, Wasted Penguinz, Stenis and Ezitsuj performed like there were no tomorrow!

MondayBar Black Weekend pres. Headhunterz, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, 2012-11-10
Pictures: 56

Pictures: Future Sound Of Sweden Label Night

Future Sound Of Sweden entered Kolingsborg in Stockholm to show the audience their wide variety of sublabels and artists.
Djsets from Kim Svärd, Christian Rusch, Ken Kong, Don Dale, Anonymous Hardstylez and Zaitek.

Future Sound Of Sweden Label Night, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, 2012-10-20
Pictures: 33

News: Pre-Podgressive – Behind The Scenes – EP036

Tja tja bloggeeen!

We are moving towards the end of this year. Well there is still a little time left though! I’m always giveing you a pretty good update with the weather here and if you see the cover image to this entry, there hasn’t been any changes since last time or since last spring to be honest.

Let’s take a look at the mirror, reverse back the time. This month started really good with a really great birthday party.
Patric, Julle and Olof (All related to bejbi) turned 30 years and they had done their birthday planning well!
We were up at a tower called Kaknästornet. It’s located here in Stockholm and it’s about 155m high. Somehow they got the top floors booked and my party mood went straight up! Playing decks with Kambiz, Steve Sundheden, Stana and Amar S on that altitude and with a view over the city was just an amazing experience.
And we got that tower rocking, not just with our banging tunes but with the total experience of all the great people that came to celebrate our friends, the yummy, yummy cake and some ASAHI BEEER. So, guy’s.. Let’s do 30 more years more shall we!

Top from left: Swedish Trance Mafia – Patric, Julle & Olof. Bottom from left: Dj’s – Kambiz, Amar S, Steve Sundheden & Tatsumi Suzuki

When it comes to music, I’ve been scrumming the web as usual for some great tunes. This month with some difficulties. There has been some great releases but not as many that I’m used to I’m afraid. Or, did I miss them all?! However, I got a pretty good platform allready, and I have been sorting out my toplist of course!
Just so you know, I’m back in my studio mode again! It took some time since the last bootleg I did with Millaway and Carl Efvergren, but better now than never. Hopefully my new ”ID” will be finished and become a big ”ch00n-er” but as usual, you never know when it comes to music! It’s like 1/1000 but you never know when that day comes. That’s my five cents to all the djs and producers out there. Don’t give up! It takes bloody hard work and time to have this interest and to become a sucessfull artist. It’s not just a click on some buttons thing I’m afraid. But I will get you all updated with my tune so you know!

Podgressive – Roland TB-303 contest together with Analog Sweden and Bejbi is in it’s last week now!

There has been some massive traffic on the contest page and I’m happy to see that. There is a big bunch of answers and I’m actually shocked. Only 50% has answered right on this task. We thought more like 90% or more. This machine has been forming our EDM-scene to what it is today. The Roland TB-303 is something that should be placed in the top of the wall of fame in synths! If you haven’t participated, then put your answer >> HERE << . You might win a Roland-303 pillow and a iPhone 4s case! The winner will be announced next week (Friday, 23 Nov) on podgressive.com Episode 036. Good luck!

Podgressive EP036

If you have missed all the previous episodes, I forgive you but what ever you do, don’t miss this one! This months episode will be shaking the very core of this planet!
Michael Cassette is a musician that I’ve got my eyes and ears on for a long time! He will finally play a guest set for us and I’m so proud to be a part of that! As we always these days have is a two-guest-show and the second name for this episode is Orkidea. This finnish lad has been up in the very top of nordic EDM-scene for more than a decade now and he is truly a legend in trance music. There will also be a short interview by patric this month with our talented friend Millaway. We both are positive to that he is just waiting for the big shot and it might come before we even know it! Then of course also my dj set with the best of November.

TOP10 – November 2012

So, it’s time for the monthly section where I have selected my top 10 tunes of this month. Some of them are released and some not. Here is a little some some that has made my November month.

  1. 1. There is something special with Kaskade. Always nice vocals in the tunes and catchy melodies. It was a hard choise but my ”fall-mood” has become more bright with this one, the number one of November!

  2. Monsta – Holdin’ On (Skrillex & Nero Remix)
  3. Showtek & Justin Prime – Cannonball (Original Mix)
  4. Ørjan Nilsen – Filthy Fandango (Original mix)
  5. Matt Minimal – Retour (Original Mix)
  6. Stefano Noferini – Room 52 (Original Club Mix)
  7. Dave Silcox – Four19 (Toolroom Records)
  8. Knife Party – Rage Valley
  9. Paul van Dyk ft Plumb-I Don’t Deserve You(Maor Levi & Bluestone Remix)
  10. Green Velvet, Harvard Bass – Lazer Beams (Original Mix)

Classic FTW: Scooter – How Much Is The Fish

If you read last week’s article, you read that Ratty was a side-project to the popular german techno-band Scooter. So why not write an article of the main band? The track i’ve chosen for this week is How Much Is The Fish. (buy on Itunes)


The chase is better than the catch

Transforming the tunes
We need your support!
If you’ve got the breath back
It’s the first page of the second chapter

I want you back for the rhythm attack
Coming down on the floor like a maniac
I want you back for the rhythm-attack
Get down in full effect!
I want you back for the rhythm attack
Coming down on the floor like a maniac
I want you back, so clean up the dish
By the way, how much is the fish?
How much is the fish?

Here we go, here we go
Here we go again
Sunshine in the air!

We’re breaking the rules
Ignore the machine
You won’t ever stop this
The chase is better than the catch!

I want you back for the rhythm attack
Coming down on the floor like a maniac
I want you back for the rhythm attack
Get down in full effect!
I want you back for the rhythm attack
Coming down on the floor like a maniac
I want you back, so clean up the dish
By the way, how much is the fish?
How much is the fish?

Sunshine in the air!
Come on! Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na
Everybody! Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na
Come on!
Yeah! Yeah!

How much is the fish?
How much is the fish?
Come on, come on

H.P. Baxxter and Rick J. Jordan had met long before in the synthpop-band Celebrate The Nun (with additional members Britt Maxime (sister of H.P.) and Slin Thompson back in 1987.

Celebrate The Nun hand some hits with the singles Ordinary Town & Will You Be There. The latter peaked at no 5 in the US Billboards Dance/Club play chart in June 1990. Their next hit, She’s A Secretary peaked at no 12 in the same chart in december the same year.

All in all, Celebrate The Nun released 2 albums and 5 singles before H.P and Rick left the project for Scooter.

Scooter was started in 1993 by Hans-Peter Geerdes (a.k.a. H.P. Baxxter), Hendrik Stedler (a.k.a. Rick J. Jordan and Sören Bühler (a.k.a.. Ferris Bueller) as a short term project.

Their first single, Vallée De Larmes was released in 1993 and didn’t get that much notice. It was first after the release of second single, Hyper Hyper that the guys saw that this wouldn’t be a short-term project.

The single did very well, both in the charts where it peaked at no 2 in the German singles chart and within top 10 in most european countries and it also did really well on the dancefloors. Worth noticing is that H.P. mentions most major DJ’s who were popular at the time in the track.

The followup, Move Your Ass! did even better and sold Gold in Germany with over 250.000 singles sold and had the same success in the charts. Worth noticing is that this was the first ever Scooter-track I heard. A friend of mine later bought the Hyper Hyper-single. The track also features the famous line ”It’s nice to be important – but it’s more important to be nice” which is somewhat of my motto.

The 1995 single Friends followed the same recipies as the earlier singles with H.P. Baxxter on vocals, except that they used a pitched up sample for the main song-part.
The track was in the top 20-charts all over europe. The followup, Endless Summer followed the same recipy and did as well in the charts.

The first Scooter-album, …And The Beat Goes On which featured 11 tracks including the ones mentioned above and some tracks which were featured on the b-sides to the singles.

With their second album, Our Happy Hardcore their influences can easily be spotted.
For instance, first single, Let Me Be Your Valentine samples ”Mu Mu” from The KLF. You can hear loads of KLF-influences when you listen thru material from 1996 and onwards.

The next track, Rebel Yell is a remake of Billy Idol’s track with the same name.
You can find more Billy Idol-influences when listening thru their albums.

I’m Raving is also a remake of Marc Cohn’s track Walking In Memphis (which many artists since have covered). The track did really well and peaked at no 4 in the German chart and even sold Gold. You can also hear a tempo-change from 160-190 bpm in earlier tracks to 138 bpm in this one. The track was featured on their third album, Wicked.

The single Break It Up is actually a ballad which was a big change from the bmp-pumped harddance-tracks they’ve done before and later became the first of many ballads.

The Age Of Love, the title track of the album with the same name is really influenced by the movie Terminator 2 and can easily be spotted in this track.

The next single, Fire was featured on the soundtrack to Mortal Kombat – Annhiliation and the single sold gold in Germany. It was also the last track that featured Ferris Bueller who left the band to pursue his solo career. Ferris Bueller was replaced by Axel Coon.

The fifth album, the 1998 release No Time To Chill featured Scooter’s biggest hit, How Much Is The Fish. The flute-melody was sampled from the track Zeven Dagen Lang by the Dutch band Bots.

The seconds single off the album, Call Me Manana samples the old L.A. Style-track James Brown Is Dead.

The sixth album, Back To The Heavyweight Jam (the title is influented by The KLF’s track Last Train To Transcentral) was released in 1999 and the first single off the album, Faster Harder Scooter did really well chart-wise and peaked at no 3 in Sweden and no 2 in Finland.

The second single, Fuck The Millennium (another KLF-reference as The KLF released a single as 2K called Fuck The Millennium) and did almost as well, peaked at no 4 in Sweden and no 3 in Finland. The single sold Gold in Sweden with over 20.000 units.

Their 7th album, the 2000 release Sheffield contained the hit single I’m Your Pusher.

In the track, H.P. calls himself Dave From Sheffield. Why Dave and Sheffield, nobody knows. Rumor has it that he was once interviewed by a guy who greeted H.P. As ”Hi, i’m Dave. Dave From Sheffield” but who knows why and what influented them.

Worth noticing is that this album was the first of many released on the label Sheffield Tunes which is a sublabel to Kontor Records and founded by Scooter.

Their second single, She’s The Sun is a slow track. The drumloop is sampled from an old Led Zeppelin-track called When The Levee Breaks.

Scooter actually got an award for Most Successful Dance Act at the 2000 Viva Comet Awards which IMHO is a big leap for bands like this. It’s not often that you see a group like this get an award as their music isn’t exactly radiomusic.

The single Posse (I Need You On The Floor) was the first track off the 2001 album We Bring The Noise. You can clearly hear the KLF-influences with the main sample taken from the KLF’s hit What Time Is Love. Also, parts of the vocals are taken from the track Human ResourceDominator.

The next single, Aiii Shot The DJ was a pretty good track but it was with the next single Ramp (The Logical Song) that they saw chart-success again.

Ramp peaked at no 2 in the UK where it sold Gold with over 400.000 copies. The track was featured on the best of-album, Push The Beat For This Jam (The Singles 94-02) which was 19 of the best tracks so far and included 3 new tracks. Ramp was a remake of Supertramp’s 1979 track The Logical Song

In 2002, Alex Coon quit the band to pursue his DJ career and Jay Frog took his place.
The first track released with Jay Frog in the band was Nessaja. The track was influented by a track from German Peter Maffay called Tabaluga. The track did really well and peaked at no 1 in the German chart and sold gold with over 250.000 units and did really well in most european countries.

The followup, Weekend uses the main sample from PushStrange World. There’s also a reference to The KLF with the line ”Respect the man in the ice cream van” The track did really well chart-wise and peaked at no 2 in the German chart and did top no 10 in many european countries. Worth noticing is the topless dancers in the video

Weekend was also the first track off Scooter’s 9th studio album, The Stadium Techno Experience.

Second single, The Night was the last who featured a high pitched voice sung by Nikk (married to Rick J. Jordan). The track did fairly well and got a top 10 spot in the german chart.

The third single, Maria (I Like It Loud) was a remake from Marc Acardipane’s track I Like It Loud and even uses the same MC (Dick Rules).

A fun fact about track is that during the shoot of the music video, H.P. Met his future wife.

The track did really well and peaked at no 1 in both Austria and Hungary and also reached no 4 in Germany

It was around this time I stoped listening to Scooter, especially after the single Shake That which was more disco-ish. If I hadn’t stoped listening at this time, I surely had stoped later.

After 2006 when Jay Frog left the band and Michael Simon joined they were heavily influented by Jumpstyle which I personally loathe. They did have some success after this though but they had lost me as a follower. I know many more who has said the same thing.

But again, you win some, you loose some as the old saying goes.

I was watching the DVD Scooter Live In Hamburg the other day and I realise that (except for the Jumpstyle-parts) that I really miss the good old Scooter. I only wish I’d have seen them live. For that would be the ultimate Scooter experience.

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