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We are moving towards the end of this year. Well there is still a little time left though! I’m always giveing you a pretty good update with the weather here and if you see the cover image to this entry, there hasn’t been any changes since last time or since last spring to be honest.

Let’s take a look at the mirror, reverse back the time. This month started really good with a really great birthday party.
Patric, Julle and Olof (All related to bejbi) turned 30 years and they had done their birthday planning well!
We were up at a tower called Kaknästornet. It’s located here in Stockholm and it’s about 155m high. Somehow they got the top floors booked and my party mood went straight up! Playing decks with Kambiz, Steve Sundheden, Stana and Amar S on that altitude and with a view over the city was just an amazing experience.
And we got that tower rocking, not just with our banging tunes but with the total experience of all the great people that came to celebrate our friends, the yummy, yummy cake and some ASAHI BEEER. So, guy’s.. Let’s do 30 more years more shall we!

Top from left: Swedish Trance Mafia – Patric, Julle & Olof. Bottom from left: Dj’s – Kambiz, Amar S, Steve Sundheden & Tatsumi Suzuki

When it comes to music, I’ve been scrumming the web as usual for some great tunes. This month with some difficulties. There has been some great releases but not as many that I’m used to I’m afraid. Or, did I miss them all?! However, I got a pretty good platform allready, and I have been sorting out my toplist of course!
Just so you know, I’m back in my studio mode again! It took some time since the last bootleg I did with Millaway and Carl Efvergren, but better now than never. Hopefully my new ”ID” will be finished and become a big ”ch00n-er” but as usual, you never know when it comes to music! It’s like 1/1000 but you never know when that day comes. That’s my five cents to all the djs and producers out there. Don’t give up! It takes bloody hard work and time to have this interest and to become a sucessfull artist. It’s not just a click on some buttons thing I’m afraid. But I will get you all updated with my tune so you know!

Podgressive – Roland TB-303 contest together with Analog Sweden and Bejbi is in it’s last week now!

There has been some massive traffic on the contest page and I’m happy to see that. There is a big bunch of answers and I’m actually shocked. Only 50% has answered right on this task. We thought more like 90% or more. This machine has been forming our EDM-scene to what it is today. The Roland TB-303 is something that should be placed in the top of the wall of fame in synths! If you haven’t participated, then put your answer >> HERE << . You might win a Roland-303 pillow and a iPhone 4s case! The winner will be announced next week (Friday, 23 Nov) on Episode 036. Good luck!

Podgressive EP036

If you have missed all the previous episodes, I forgive you but what ever you do, don’t miss this one! This months episode will be shaking the very core of this planet!
Michael Cassette is a musician that I’ve got my eyes and ears on for a long time! He will finally play a guest set for us and I’m so proud to be a part of that! As we always these days have is a two-guest-show and the second name for this episode is Orkidea. This finnish lad has been up in the very top of nordic EDM-scene for more than a decade now and he is truly a legend in trance music. There will also be a short interview by patric this month with our talented friend Millaway. We both are positive to that he is just waiting for the big shot and it might come before we even know it! Then of course also my dj set with the best of November.

TOP10 – November 2012

So, it’s time for the monthly section where I have selected my top 10 tunes of this month. Some of them are released and some not. Here is a little some some that has made my November month.

  1. 1. There is something special with Kaskade. Always nice vocals in the tunes and catchy melodies. It was a hard choise but my ”fall-mood” has become more bright with this one, the number one of November!

  2. Monsta – Holdin’ On (Skrillex & Nero Remix)
  3. Showtek & Justin Prime – Cannonball (Original Mix)
  4. Ørjan Nilsen – Filthy Fandango (Original mix)
  5. Matt Minimal – Retour (Original Mix)
  6. Stefano Noferini – Room 52 (Original Club Mix)
  7. Dave Silcox – Four19 (Toolroom Records)
  8. Knife Party – Rage Valley
  9. Paul van Dyk ft Plumb-I Don’t Deserve You(Maor Levi & Bluestone Remix)
  10. Green Velvet, Harvard Bass – Lazer Beams (Original Mix)

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