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This week’s article is about a singer that i’ve mentioned a couple of times before. On her first collaborations, she wasn’t even credited but since then she’s released 2 albums and have done tonnes of collaborations with most of the major DJ’s. I’m ofcourse talking of Susana and her track together with Armin Van Buuren called Shivers. (Buy on Itunes)


A little bit just a little bit… [x4] 

World’s on turn around 
Music make no sound 
Where is sweetness found 
Where love is gone 

Sun don’t come around 
Don’t make a sound 
Where can love be found 
If your heart won’t feel 

Up and down my spine 
Not on my mind 

A little bit just a little bit… [x4] 

How could it end this way 
Don’t leave me, love me 
Just a little bit longer [x3] 

They don’t turn tonight 
Morning don’t bring light 
Where is sweetness found 
Where love is gone 

Won’t you stay tonight 
Let the truth shine bright 
Where can love be found 
If your heart won’t feel 

Emotions that we share 
Signing my face 

How could it end this way 
Don’t leave me, love me 
Just a little bit longer [x4] 

A little bit just a little bit… [x4] 


00:51 when the vocal part ”A Little bit, just a little bit” starts
01:19 when the main vocal starts.
02:31 when the main breakdown starts and fades out.
03:00 when the full breakdown starts.
03:12 when the main chorus starts.
03:56 when the full music starts.
04:53 when the mini-break comes with the piano.
05:06 when the second chorus start with the full music.

Susana Boomhouwer started her singing career in 2004 as a vocalist on Ernest vs Bastian’s hit single Dark Side Of The Moon. The track was officially released in 2005 but had already done it’s rounds among the DJ’s as a promo. IMHO, the Dogzilla-remix is the one you should listen to.

She later appeared on Armin Van Buuren’s hit single Shivers and also signed to Armin’s label Armada Digital. 2005 was also the first year that Armin set up his liveshow Armin Only where Susana sung live.

She also appeared on Re:Locate’s album Rouge where she sung on the track Escape.

The next collaboration with Armin Van Buuren was with the 2008 hit single If You Should Go and has since then been featured on all Armin’s albums. On Armin’s last album, Mirage, Susana sung on the intro-track Desiderium 207. The single If You Should Go was also the first release that Susanas vocals were credited on.

Since then, she has done some amazing tracks with most of the world’s biggest names in dancemusic.

Susana did a collaboration with Talla 2XLC on the track I Know. The original track is pretty good but I really love the more uplifting Paul Miller-remix.

Nothing At All, together with Rex Mundi has some really beautiful lyrics and an awesome remix by Beat Service.

Susana & Bart ClaessenIf I Could isn’t a favourite but came with a pretty decent Dan Stone-remix.

Susanas first album, Closer featured all the tracks above + some new tracks like the title track, Closer with Omnia and The Blizzard which was truely one of 2010’s best tracks. Just love the Closer-vocals together with the beautiful track by Omnia and The Blizzard, especially the bass which is an Omnia-signature.

Other collaborations from the album features Mike Shiver, Josh Gabriel, Dark Matters, Dash Berlin, Tenishia, Stoneface & Terminal, Jorn Van Deynhoven, A Force, Julian Vincent & Espen Gulbrandsen.

All the tracks are really good and a few sticks out like the collaboration with Josh Gabriel on Frozen (especially the Nic Chagall Remix)

In 2012 she has so far released 4 singles, Only You (with Shogun), Brave (with Ernesto vs Bastian and Wezz Deval, All Time Low (with Rex Mundi) and Down To Nothing (with Max Graham).

Of the lot i’d have to say that Down To Nothing is the best of them. All tracks were also feature on Susana’s second album, Brave along with a bunch of others from Beat Service, Aurosonic, Leon Bolier, Alexander Popov, Dark Matters, Ronski Speed, Snatt & Vix and Dark Matters & Eller Van Buren.

Worth noticing is that Home (together with Dark Matters) is a remake of Coast 2 Coast featuring DiscoveryHome from 2000. I warmly recommend the Daniel Kandi Remix.

Susana has a really distinctive voice and you can easily hear that it’s her singing on all those collaborations. Ever since I first heard Dark Side Of The Moon, i’ve liked her voice. I hope to see more collaborations in the future and who knows which DJ she’s gonna perform with next. As long as she keeps up with the good work, she has a bright future. I hope to hear more from her soon!

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Re:Locate & Susana – Escape
Armin van Buuren feat. Susana – If You Should Go (Aly & Fila Remix)
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Rex Mundi Feat. Susana – Nothing At All (Beat Service Juicy Remix)
Susana & Bart Claessen – If I Could (Dan Stone remix)
Susana Closer ft. Omnia and The Blizzard (Original Extended)
Susana & Josh Gabriel – Frozen (Nic Chagall Remix)
Susana & Shogun – Only You (Original Mix)
Susana & Ernesto vs Bastian with Wezz Devall – Brave
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Susana – Home (Daniel Kandi Retrofit Remix)

Coast 2 Coast feat Discovery – Home (DJ Tiësto Remix)

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