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Podcast: #Podgressive EP059

Tatsumi Suzuki

Podgressive EP059 was released this weekend with Tatsumi Suzuki’s live set from the Monday Bar Spring Cruise where he played the warmup set for Bryan Kearney.

The show has been climbing on the Trance and Progressive chart and Progressive EDM chart. So, have a listen and remember to share, repost and like. You can listen to the show at Mixcloud.com/podgressive or at Podgressive.com

Podcast: #Podgressive EP058


Podgressive is finally released after a total makeover. The old website was outdated, not mobile friendly and it was hard to even find tracklists on the old site. When Tatsumi together with his girlfriend Cecilia sat down and tried to figure out the new design and functionality they came up with the ”year picker” design. It had to load content in the background to prevent the player to stop. Nothing could be more frustrating when you listen to someting, click on a link and it all stops. So, it came out really good and it’s now very easy to navigate on both mobile, tablets and computers. The entire show is now also available at Mixcloud.

With us on this episode is a really talented artist from Chicago. RJ Pickens has a nice progressive sound and suits podgressive very well. Tatsumi will be hosting as usual and has gathered a bunch of tunes since January. So, head over to podgressive.com and have a listen and let us know what you think of the re-design and the show.

Podcast: #Podgressive EP056


EPISODE 56! Rolling out once again with a new episode for you. Here is my summer special!
But first some news. It has come to the point where I can’t keep it coming month after month. Podgressive has been rolling out every month since 2010 with over 100 artists. It hasn’t been easy to find good guests lately that are suitable for my show and at the same time looking into my calender, I’m overbooked with both private and job related stuff. I wan’t to keep it coming but still with at least the same quality as before. Therefore, I have decided to keep em’ coming but only four times a year starting with this episode and on October 24th as my autumn special.
I hope that you all understand and hopefully I can pack the next one full of great content.

So grab your copy at Podgressive.com.

Podcast: #Podgressive EP055

Podgressive is finally released. Sorry for the delay! We are heading towards the festival season and with that said we are turning back time to the Monday Bar Black & White cruise and the Kollektivet sun deck. Here is a b2b-set with Tatsumi Suzuki and Kambiz as the vessel left the Stockholm harbor towards the beautiful archipilago of Stockholm. We recorded the entire set but since we have more to air on the podcast there is just the second hour of the set. On the second day at the port of Riga we had a set that made the crowd go nuts. Cally Gage, all over again! So grab your copy at Podgressive.com.

Podcast: #Podgressive ep. 054

EPISODE 54! Time for some podcasting again. Tatsumi have just moved to another flat with his girlfriend and made this podcast in the middle of our boxes and chaos. To make it easier for him, he has invited just one guest this time. With us this time is a great talent from Stockholm, Spaanberg and Tatsumis set building up from techno to progressive trance.
So, grab your copy at Podgressive.com and have a great presummer weekend!

Podcast: #Podgressive EP053

Springtime, happy times and Podgressive! This episode with Bejbi.se’s own Patric aka Stavros and former local hardstyle artist Ferren with his new techno alias Fredrik Redegård. Also with Tatsumis re-made set that got erased from the last gig at Kollektivet Arena, Solidaritet Arena. So, grab your copy at Podgressive.com and have a great springday!

Podcast: #Podgressive EP052


Finally time again for some Podcasting by Tatsumi Suzuki and his friends. Tatsumis set is a bit more laid back than usual with the best type of progressive house of course twisted with his signum. Guests of March/April are both local. Behind the decks presenting JdotP and Marius Andries. So, head over to Podgressive and get your copy!

Podcast: #Podgressive EP051


Podgressive is back once again with a new fresh episode.
This time with a really talented local girl, Linny Hex and Nick Sinner. This will be the first vinyl set from Tatsumi in ages and one of many to come. Vinyl is nice and requires a lot more back to basics thinking. It’s fun and kind of up and coming again. Musically this episode is a bit more laid-back, building progressively and not so much of the arena bass drop action going on. So, grab your copy here or the Podgressive channel on iTunes.