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Classic FTW: Goldenscan – Sunrise (Pulser’s 6AM Vocal Mix)

This week’s article is about one of those tracks that is just classic. The trio only released 4 singles and all of them became pretty huge. I’m ofcourse talking about GoldenscanSunrise (Pulser 6 AM Vocal Remix). (Buy on Itunes)

UK-based Ed Goring and Mark McCormick met in 1999 and formed Goldenscan.

Both had a career in music before. Ed was part of the multi hit-making Elevatorman as for Mark, he was part of FXU, the first UK act to be signed to NYC’s highly prestigious Strictly Rhythm.

Their first (and biggest) success came with the 2000 single Sunrise (with vocalist Maggie). The track was actually out on White Label already in 1999 but it was in 2000 where it got it’s major breakthrough.

The version that usually got the most airplay was the Pulser remix, but there was also an remix by Tiesto. Later in 2003, there was a re-release with an Ronski Speed remix.

The last remix to be released was the 2011 Neptune Project remix.

What I really like about the Pulser remix is that it’s smoother and got more depth than the original. While both Tiesto’s and Ronski Speed’s remix are more floating and light, the Pulser remix is more colder and darker.

I remember when first hearing it on a roadtrip early in the morning while the sun came up. So magical!


After the success with Sunrise, Goldenscan released their second release, Of Our Time (with vocalist Nicki Evans) was pretty decent. I do love the original mix over the remixes by Super8 and Randy Katana as it keeps some of the original sounds that made Sunrise so good.

Their next success came with the release of the EP Halcyon / Only With You where both tracks were successes. This was also their last release before they quit making music.

Halcyon (with singer Sally Doherty) is a really pumping and well produced track.
Only With You (with singer Miriam Stockley) uses the same recipy as Halcyon which makes the track really good.

Goldenscan got back together in 2011 and re-released got signed to Armin Van Buuren’s label, Armada Music and eventually started their own label, Goldenscan music

When I listen to Sunrise, I dream back to the moment when I first heard it, in the warm summer morning just around sunrise in the south of Sweden. Since then, i’ve probably heard it a thousand times and I still think it’s absolutely fantastic.

I hope that Goldenscan will continue releasing new tracks on their label and the magic will continue, if not, to let the youngsters know what great music sounds like.

For I am a believer in Goldenscan!

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Classic FTW: Cygnus X – The Orange Theme (Bervoets & De Goeij Remix)

You very often find an artist/project that makes one hit and then disappears. The next project had 2 major hits in the trance community, 2 big tracks that defined early trance. So which track am I talking about? It’s ofcourse Cygnus XThe Orange Theme (Bervoets & De Goeij Remix).

Cygnus X started out as a project with German producers Ralf Hildenbeutel & Matthias Hoffmann in early 1993.

Matthias Hoffmann started out as an studio guitarist for artists like Quincy Jones and Sheila E but changed his musical interest after listening to dancemusic. Matthias started releasing his own material from 1988 and onwards.

He was also one of the founders of the Eye Q-label together with Sven Väth and Heinz Roth. It was also around that time that he met Ralf Hildenbeutel for the first time as Ralf worked as a studio partner for Sven Väth.

The Cygnus X-project took shape in early 1993 and released their first single, Superstring on Eye Q Records.

The first releases were an EP with Superstring and Positron and later in 1994 you saw remixes from Oliver Lieb and Cygnus X themselves. The big breakthrough for Superstring came in 2000 when Rank 1 made their famous remix. Rank 1’s remix got them a top 40 hit and peaked at no 33 in the UK chart.

Worth noticing is that Superstring (Rank 1 Remix) was the Sensation 2000 Theme.

What I really like is that Rank 1 made the track warmer than the original which is abit cold and dry. Superstring was released on a total of 26 releases and licensed to labels like Xtravaganza and Bonzai just to name a few.


Their next big track came in 1994 with The Orange Theme. By this time Ralf has already left the project.

The Orange Theme was based on the thememusic to the movie A Clockwork Orange by Walther Carlos.

The original track was pretty huge but it was first in 1999 with remixes by Ferry Corsten, Solarstone, Bervoets & De Goeij (a.k.a Rank 1) and Man With No Name that the major breakthrough came.

The new remixes also gave Cygnus X another chart position, this time at no 43 in the UK chart. I just love how the track builds and builds and then a major breakdown. Major Goosebumps!

The Orange Theme has since been remixed by many more and reworked by artists like Deadmau5
Cygnus X version has been released on a total of 31 versions and licensed labels like Hooj, ID&T and Bonzai just to name a few.

In 1995 Cygnus X released their only album, Hypermetrical.

A fun fact is that the album doesn’t contain Superstring at all. The only track produced with Ralf on the record is Turn Around.

The album also spawned a few singles like Kinderlied (1995), Turn Around (1995), Synchronism (1995), Hypermetrical (1996) and Positron (2002) but none of the were the range of the ever so popular Superstring and The Orange Theme.

A cool fact is that Positron became the anthem for Trance Energy 2003

Cygnus X also released Collected Works in 2003 with all the hits to date (including Superstring) plus remixes from Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren, Marco V, Rank 1 and Future Breeze just to name a few.

For me, the 1999/2000-remixes of Superstring and The Orange Theme were 2 tracks that defined trance when I first started listening on a major scale. I was more into house at the end of the 90’s. What fascinated me back then was the major effort the remixes put on their work. When you saw a track from Cygnus X you knew that cool remixes would follow.
And most often, it did!

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Classic FTW: Ascension – Someone (The Thrillseekers Remix)

This week’s article is about another small project that did great things. They only released 2 tracks but both of them became really huge. So which track am I talking about? It’s ofcourse AscensionSomeone (The Thrillseekers Remix). (Buy on Itunes)


I need a spirit who can touch my life. 
I need a voice to speak the truth. 
I need a soul who will be on my side. 
I need a heart I´ll never loose. 

Someone like you… 
Somebody like you… 
Someone like you… 
Someone like you… 

Sometimes I wonder if my dreams are right. 
Sometimes I know they’ll all come true. 
I need somebody who can move my world. 
Someone who knows just what to do. 
Someone like you… 


EeH… (2x) 
Aah… (2x) 

I need a spirit who can touch my life. 
I need a voice to speak the truth. 
I need a soul who will be on my side. 
I need a heart I´ll never loose. 


Ascension was Rick SimmondsStephen Jones, both well known in the trance-genre under aliases like ChakraLustral, Simmonds & Jones and The Space Brothers just to name a few.

The Ascension-project was started in 1997 and their first track, Someone (with vocalist Joanna Law) was signed to Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto-label although Rick and Stephen had planned to release all their various releases under Judge Jules’s Manifesto-label.

The initial 1997-release contained Original Vocal Mix together with Slacker’s Rolling Mix and Slacker’s Elevation Vocal and eventually a few new remixes appeared from producers like The Thrillseekers, Signum, Space Brothers, Binary Finary & Robert Vadney just to name a few.

What I really like is the soothing vocals by Joanna which gives the track that special feeling. The 1997 original vocal was long one of my favourite until the release of The Thrillseekers remix in 2000. Was quite an experience to see The Thrillseekers play this in his classic set on Luminosity Beach Festival last year.

Lately though, i’ve been listening to the fresher Signum Remix as I really love what they did with the darker and fuller strings in the background.

Someone has been released on a total of 16 different releases whereof the latest was in 2011 on Armada Digital with fresh remixes by Signum and Robert Vadney.

Ascension’s second track, the 2002 release, For A Lifetime (with vocalist Erin Lordan) was signed to Alex Gold’s Xtravaganza-label and came with a bunch of interesting remixes by Oceanlab, Lustral and Alex Gold vs Coast 2 Coast.

The release was later re-released in 2011 on Armada Digital with fresh remixes by Roger Shah and a brand new chillout-version.

So what happened to Rick and Stephen since the Ascension-project ended? Well, they founded the online music store, Audiojelly where you can find all their tracks under various aliases together with many of your favourite producers.

Most of their aliases has been droped since 2005 but Lustral is still going strong and released a single last year.

When it comes to Ascension’s music, I believe that the track Someone is one of those early trance-tracks that people recognize and have fond memories of so my guess is that will live on in most of the older clubbers memories.

A cool thing that i’ve seen lately is that many of the older dj’s have been doing loads of classics sets which both the older and the newer audience likes. And if one track gets stuck in the newcomers brains, the DJ’s have definitely done their job. There are so many awesome classical tracks out there that will be forgotten if no one listens to them. So keep on playing classics!

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Classic FTW: B.B.E. – Seven Days And One Week

Let’s go all the way back to 1996. Trance music was on the rise and especially one track took the world by storm. The track ended up as a top 10-track in more than 15 european countries. It even sold Gold in Germany and also sold Silver in France and the UK with an amazing 200.000 copies sold only in the UK. So which track am I talking about? It’s ofcourse B.B.E.Seven Days And One Week. (buy on Itunes)

Goosebump points:

00:55 when the orchestral hit comes.
01.50 when Oh Yeah is heard just before the main melody comes on.
02.45 after the second Oh Yeah and when the hypnotic bassline starts.
04:38 when the breakdown starts and starts to fade.
05:06 when its all quiet except for the lead instrument.
06:01 after the orchestral explosion and the drums start playing again.

B.B.E. were french producer Emmanuel Top together with italian producers Bruno Sanchioni and Bruno Quartier. Emmanuel Top had done some acid-influented techno before the project and Bruno Sanchioni had quite some fame with various projects like Age Of Love which should be pretty well-known to you guys. Bruno Quartier had also done quite a bunch of various tracks under quite a few aliases.

The name B.B.E. comes from the first letters of their names.

B.B.E.’s first track was actually Seven Days And One Week. First released as an EP called Seven Days And One Week / Hypnose and later released as an own single with various remixes.

Over the years, the track has been released on various labels like Positiva, Urban, EMI and Armada Digital just to name a few. When it comes to remixes, i’d say that I still prefer the original club mix which still sounds pretty fresh even today.

A top tip: Listen to Hypnose, a really dark and hypnotizing track which reminds you of Eric Prydz alias Pryda.

The follow up to Seven Days was the amazing single Flash. Although released in late 1996, the major breakthough came in 1997 when it made it’s way into the UK top 10.

Worth noticing is that on a few versions, the track Photo (which is a personal favourite) appears. The track was later re-released as Enter – Load & Save. Also worth noticing that a few versions of Flash also contained the Rollo & Sister Bliss remix of Seven Days And One Week.

As I mentioned above, the track Photo was re-released as EnterLoad And Save. What they tried to do is to take the dark Photo and make it more ”fluffy”, more atmospheric.
What I really liked about Photo was that it was bang on dark and moody.

The fourth single, Desire was another chart-topper and made it’s way into the top 20 in Ireland and the UK. The Age Of Club-mix is worth a listening.

Deeper Love from 1998 was the first vocal track so far. The vocalist used was Joy Rose from the british house-collective Incognito. The track became another top 20 track in the UK.
Worth noticing is that on the album, the track is called Symphonic Paradise so the single is sometimes called Deeper Love (Symphonic Paradise).

This was also the year that B.B.E. released their debut album, Games, a 13-track monster which had all the tracks to date and a few more. The album did decent chart-wise and made it into the top 60 in the UK. I still got my album somewhere but haven’t really listened to it in quite some time.

After the albumrelease, the guys took some time off. They tried to restart the project after Emmanuel had finished his new studio in 2001 and even released 3 more singles which never made it into the charts.

The 2001 track, B.B.E. Vs Emmanuel TopOrion was the first track. It isn’t bad at all. More trance-sounding than previous track which probably was a sign of the times when it was released.

The second track, Free, follows in the footsteps of Orion. I love the pumping bassline though.

The last track, Hollywood was more house than trance but still kept that simple bassline that many tranceartists at the time used.

So how to sum this up?

For me personally, B.B.E. were a big part of my listening back in 1996 when Seven Days first came out. I was all into the dream trance-sound that came with Robert Miles – Children in 1995 which I really loved.

The first 2 singles, Seven Days and Flash (and Photo) was easily in my top 10 tracks of 1996 as they represented a fresh new sound. I honestly can’t say that the tracks that followed was in the same league, not even by a long shot. I did love the album though which sounded really fresh for 1998.

The thing with classics like this is that they will always live on as long as people keep playing them. It’s really awesome to hear the classics, especially played by your favourite DJ. I know that I will keep on playing them for quite some time as I concider them true classics.

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Classic FTW: Luminary – Amsterdam (Super8 & Tab Remix)

This next track is a must-listen in the trance world. It’s from a small project and only released 5 tracks but this main track have been played by most major dj’s and is probably still being played every now and then. So which track am I thinking of? It’s ofcourse LuminaryAmsterdam (Super8 & Tab Remix).


Underground or Aeroplane 
Doesn’t matter in the end 
I know it has to be this way 
You’re leaving me again 

So I’ll write my little love song 
And I’ll sing it to the wind 
You’re out there on the road tonight 
London, New York, Amsterdam 

And I’m lonely here without you 
Miss your breath against my skin 
You love me then you leave me still I lie here 
Pressing fingers, where your kisses have been 
And I miss you 
And I miss you 
And I miss you 

I know that I should be in bed 
It’s almost 3am 
But when I close my eyes I can only see miles of headlights 
Fleshing out the distance 

So I’ll sing my little lonely songs 
It’s just part of who I am 
Cause I know that its been calling to you 
London, New York, Amsterdam


00:55 in the small break when you first hear Ashley’s vocals
01:50 in the next mini-break before the full melody comes on.
02:20 when the music starts to fade just before the vocals.
02:33 when the vocals start.
03:16 when the breakdown comes and that bass.
03:43 when the music starts to build up again.
03:57 ”And I Miss You” while slowly building,
04:40 when the drums start.

Luminary was british producer Laurence Rapaccioli and american singer Ashley Tomberlin.
Laurence was already known for his Arksun and Hidden Logic-aliases and at the time Ashley was really unknown in the scene.

They started working together as early as 2003 but their first release under the name Luminary came in 2005 with the track My World.

Ashleys vocals over Laurence’s track is really smooth, especially in the progressive Andy Moor-remix. The track was released as a 3×12” set whereas the first contained Original Mix and Nikola Gala Mix, the second an Andy Moor Mix and an Arksun Mix and the third a Pesh Mix and a Hydroid Mix.

First released on Tiesto’s mixalbum In Search Of Sunrise 4 and later picked up by the label Lost Language, the track got huge supports by many of the best dj’s like Armin Van Buuren.

The second single, Wasting was signed to Armin Van Buuren’s label Soundpiercing and featured on Armin’s A State Of Trance-compilation before the ink had dried.

Wasting also came with an Andy Moor-remix and like My World, both tracks are sweet progressive tracks and Ashleys soothing vocals fits the tracks like a glove.

But it was with the third single, Amsterdam that got the big attention. This time, signed to Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats and released with remixes by Smith & Pledger and Maor Levi. Super8 & Tab’s remix isn’t featured on any singles, just as a track on various compilations like Anjunabeats Catalogue CD 33.

All mixes of this track is simply amazing but i’d say that Super8 & Tab’s remix is the one that I prefer, a pure trancer.

Above & Beyond loved Ashley’s voice so much that they even let her sing on the amazing track Can’t Sleep off their legendary debut album, Tri-state.

Their fourth and last release, Dark Eyes was signed to Solarstone’s label, Solaris Recordings. While the original mix is somewhat of an ambient chillout-track, the Funabashi remix is really a pumping trancetrack. The release also came with a Gift Remix which is pretty decent, although too electro for me.

On the 17th October 2007 Luminary announced that they have decided to split. They decided to leave a last fingerprint to their loyal followers with the track Believe which was available as free-to-download on their webpage. Laurence himself describes Believe as ”(believe) which for me personally is the best track we ever created” and I can almost agree. The track (as the others) are really well produced and got a really sweet melody under the amazing vocals by Ashley.

So, what happened after this? Well, Ashley started to sing for various dj’s like Paul Van Dyk, Boom Jinx and Matt Darey, only to name a few and Laurence hasn’t really released anything since Luminary quit.

It’s hard to describe a track and what it’s effects are to you. The easiest for me is goosebumps. If you’ve followed my posts since the beginning you’ll see the goosebump-points marked in the post. That if nothing describes really well what I feel when I hear a really good track. And Amsterdam is just one of those tracks that does it for me.
For it’s a true classic for me.

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Top 10 classic-list of 2012

I hope everyone had a really good new years eve! What better way to spend your new years day than writing about your top ten classics of 2012. I don’t mean the tracks from 2012, but my most current top 10 classic tracks of all time.

Last time I actually did a top 10 of classics were in 2008 and then the list looked like this:

1. Chicane – Offshore (Disco Citizens Remix)
2. Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Three ’N One Remix)
3. Gat Decor – Passion (Original Mix)
4. Veracocha – Carte Blanche
5. Subliminal Cuts – Le Voie Le Soleil (1996 Way Out West Club Mix)
6. Y Trax – Mystery Land (Original Mix)
7. BT – Flaming June (BT & PVD Mix)
8. Dumonde – Tomorrow (Moogwai Remix)
9. Solid Sessions – Janeiro (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
10. Solarstone – Seven Cities (Atlantis Mix)

So what has happen since then? Which track has climbed? Which new track has entered the list? Which track has left the list?

Well, let’s start from the top:

1. Chicane – Offshore (Disco Citizens Remix)

Still my number one of all time, so timeless. So simple but yet so advanced. I’m really intrigued with the smash hit that Nick Bracegirdle managed to make. Big in the charts aswell as to the clubgoers and still driving clubbers to madness when dropped by their favourite DJ.

2. Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Three ’N One Remix)

Still no 2 on my list. The great buildup before the amazing breakdown is still giving me major goosebumps. Many have tried to make a better remix but none has made it (so far)..

3. Veracocha – Carte Blanche (Original Mix)

Climbed one position since last list and such an amazing track. Ferry Corsten and Vincet De Moor’s classic track will always be in my top 5. The explosion after the piano-breakdown is simply a masterpiece!

4. Cosmic Gate – Body Of Conflict (Club Mix)

The first newcomer on the list. The original track is really good but the Club Mix is something completely different. All the small effects, the sweet bass and I just love what they did with the vocals.

5. Ferry Corsten vs The Thrillseekers – Sublime (The Thrillseekers Remix)

New on the list and actually a track that I completely forgot about. The warm sounds from The Thrillseekers makes this track simply amazing. I just love the disted lead-synth. So epic!

6. Solid Sessions featuring Pronti & Kalmani – Janeiro (Armin Van Buuren Remix)

Climbing 3 positions and getting a well deserved place just outside the top 5. Remember the firt time I heard that track on Armin’s radioshow, A State Of Trance. Blew my mind! The vocals together with Armin’s buildup will always keep a legendary-status in my book.

7. BT – Flaming June (BT & PVD Remix)

Flaming June keeps it’s position from the old list. Just love the piano in the track and the amazing work that BT and Paul Van Dyk put into the track. So old and yet so fresh.

8. Solarstone & Jes – Like A Waterfall (Deeper Sunrise Mix)

A newcomer to the list and so magical. Just love the buildup with all the effects aswell as Jes’s amazing voice. Did I mention that I love the piano? The Deeper Sunrise-remix isn’t available on youtube so I had to go for the club mix instead.

9. Gouryella – Walhalla (Original Mix)

Ferry has always been my biggest idol when it comes to trancemusic and together with Tiesto he accomplished some really nice gems. Although only releasing 3 tracks togehter, all of them are still legendary. What I really love with this track is the amazing buildup after the breakdown with the piano.

10. Oceanlab – Satellite

Another new entry. Above & Beyond’s music has always fascinated me, especially the Oceanlab-moniker together with Justine Suissa. Her amazing voice together with Above & Beyond’s music is simply a match made in heaven.

So what do you think? What does your top 10 classic list look like?

Classic FTW: Mike Foyle – Love Theme Dusk

If you have read my articles, you should probably know that i’m hooked on tracks using pianos. So there shouldn’t be any surprise when i feature an artist that is famous for using acoustic instruments in his tracks.
I’m ofcourse thinking of Mike Foyle and his lovely collaboration with Signalrunners on the lovely track Love Theme Dusk.

English born Mike Foyle started his musical career at the age of 8, playing the Violin. Being raised in a musical family with his father playing the cello, bass guitar and acoustic guitar, there was no question that Mike should play acoustic instruments. His great success as a musician in Southhamptons Youth Sinfonetta Orchestra at an age of 15 eventually gave him the title Concertmaster and first violinist. He continued to study music at De Montfort University in Leicester and finally earned a degree in Music Technology and Innovation in 2009.

The first musical release came in 2005. His first release, Mike Foyle Presents Statica ‎– For Your Eyes Only / Space Guitar was a really decent release. For Your Eyes Only has some great progressive melodies and Space Guitar has some really sweet guitar-playing in it.

Space Guitar was first featured on Markus Schulz’s Coldharbour Sessions before the initial single-release and the single eventually ended up on the Electronic Elements-label, a sublabel to Armin Van Buuren’s Armada Music.

But it was with the second single, Love Theme Dusk that his big success came. The track, co-produced with Signalrunners did get major support by Armin Van Buuren who used it as a signature tune in his playlist. The track was released with a more progressive remix from Mike Foyle and a more trancy remix by Signalrunners.

I just love the use of Piano in this track, you can easily hear that this is made by a guy schooled in classical instruments. A fun fact is that the piano melody was actually written by Dave Schonauer and interpretated by Mike Foyle to a complete success.

The next release, the collaboration with Filo & Peri on Luana is another trancy track. You can easily spot the Filo & Peri-buildup together with Mike’s melodies. This is one of those tracks that i’ve forgot about. Might have to put this on my playlist again.

Another favourite, the 2006 hit single Shipwrecked is simply amazing. The piano in this is to die for. John O’Callaghan vs Mike Foyle’s remix is my favourite version, a massive dancefloor filler. Also take a listen at the Sean Tyas and Gareth Emery’s versions.

Worth noticing is that Armin Van Buuren used a sligthly different version as intro on his A State Of Trance 2006 yearmix. Armin’s version used elements from the chillout-version combined with the John O’Callaghan vs Mike Foyle-version and was simply amazing.

There was also a re-release of Love Theme Dusk in 2006 called Space Theme Dusk. IMHO they destroyed the track, too many layers and what mostly made the original good, drowned in the advanced background music.

The 2007 single, Firefly sounds like a russian lullaby on drugs. Tight buildup, amazing piano in the breakdown which explodes into a pumping dancetrack.

The track Hex under his Bolt-moniker is just crazy. Starts off really techy with some wierd sound effects no real melody, just a wobbly bassline. Don’t know if I love it or hate it.

The next hit, Pandora was a really sweet piano-driven track.It also has a lead that sounds like a violin. The original is really good but i prefer the Blizzard-remix which is more progressive.

Bittersweet Nightshade was another hit single though not using any piano on this. It’s more progressive than the last few tracks. A fun fact is that Blake Jarrel’s version exchanged the lead instrument to a piano.

Sweet Sammy Jane was another piano-driven track and the some girl-sighing/moaning which fits the track perfectly. The piano reminds me of the early Love Theme Dusk/Shipwrecked.

The next collaboration, this time with Augustine Leudar on De Bells Of Nafin is somewhat of a chillout/ambient track. Very different from the other tracks. Only released as a single track on the compilation Armada Lounge vol 2.

Chords Of Life, together with Sparx was a really good uplifting track, although pretty slow. Simply amazing and really well-produced.

Deadly Nightshade was a dark progressive track and came with a really sweet hi-energy remix by Phynn.

Sundown (with Akino Arai on vocals) was the first vocal track from Mike. Though he used bits in the Nightshade-tracks, he has never used full vocals so far. The b-side, Blossom uses really warm pads and a really original melody. Reminds me somewhat of another favourite of mine, Sunny LaxReborn (Nitrous Oxide Remix).

In Silver Lake, you can hear Mikes early year as a violinist, the sweet classical breakdown is a true masterpiece along with the edgier darker sounds in the beginning and after the breakdown. A future favourite for sure! It’s very different from all other trance tracks out there.

The collaboration with DNS Project on Cayo Norte is a match made in heaven. The progressive beats together with Mikes classical breakdown is so epic. Just love how well produced the track is.

Mike released a 2-track EP under his Bolt-moniker, Buff Monkey / Rascal. Both are a bit darker than his usual stuff. Also, they are more jumpy and not the smooth productions that you are used to hear from him.

Shades Of Red and Shades Of Blue were both a step back to the more progressive side of Mike Foyle. I just love his melodies.

The collaboration with ReFeel on Universal Language is another sweet trancer and used an acoustic guitar as lead instrument.

The collaboration with Mat Zo on Simple Things is back to the more progressive and jumpy side with a really wonderful piano breakdown.

The last track from Mike Foyle was a collaboration with Leon Bolier on Placebo. The track uses Leon’s signature buildup with an amazing viiolin and piano breakdown. There is also a sample of a woman chanting in the track with fits the track perfectly.

I have to say after listening through Mike’s dense material, he has collected quite a bunch of real gems over the years. Many of the well-produced and piano-driven productions he’s released over the years deserves legendary-status. The many collaborations over the years has made his productions tighter and I guess we will hear alot more from Mike Foyle in the future. For a really bright future he has.

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Classic FTW: Watergate – Heart Of Asia

This week’s article is about a small project who only released 4 tracks. Their biggest success was known under 2 names, the initial name and the soundtrack-name. So which track am I thinking of? It’s ofcourse WatergateHeart Of Asia (DJ Quicksilver Remix)

Watergate is David Haid, Orhan Terzi and Tommaso De Donatis. Orhan is most known as DJ Quicksilver and Tommaso is the producer behind DJ Quicksilver and also known under some additional 25 aliases/projects.

The Watergate-project was started in 1998 and heir first release, The Battle (also known as Mull Of Kintyre) contains a bagpipe-sample inspired from the hit single Mull Of Kintyre by The Wings (ex-Beatle Paul McCartney’s old band). The track peaked at no 20 in the German singles chart.

Their second release, Watergate EP contained 3 new tracks. Maid Of Orleans (The Battle 2), Chi Mai and Fire ’n Spice. Maid Of Orleans was a cover of an old OMD-track with the same name and Chi Mai was a cover of Ennio Morricone’s track with the same name

But it was with the third release, Heart Of Asia that the big success came. The track was heavily inspired by Ryuichi Sakamotos 1983 track Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence which was on the soundtrack to the movie with the same name (starring David Bowie and Ryuichi Sakamoto amongst others).

The track came with remixes by Dj Quicksilver, Hemstock & Jennings, Des Mitchell, James Holden, Rising Sun & Astro.

Heart Of Asia peaked at no 3 in the UK singles chart. It was later re-released as Merry Christmas Mr Laurence (Heart Of Asia) in 2001.

It was later covered by Jamaster A as Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence.

Worth noticing is that there was a bootleg floating around called Waiting For Tonight In Asia mashed with Jennifer Lopez’s popular track, Waiting For Tonight. The bootleg was done by a guy called Mixmachine. He did some nice mashups back in the days.

There was even an album, the 1999 title The World Of… which contained 13 tracks including the singles mentioned above.

The last release from Watergate was the 2002 collaboration with Mythos (of Mythos ’N Dj Cosmo-fame) called A Neverending Dream which was a vocal track. The track got pretty catchy lyrics and came with a pretty hard remix by Hennes & Cold.

So what can be said about Watergate which I havent mentioned above? Well, not much I guess. When I first heard Heart Of Asia, i was blown away with the track, especially in the breakdown. When I later heard the Jennifer Lopez-bootleg I fell in love again.
And that love has so far lasted for more than a decade.

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Classic FTW: Tenth Planet – Ghosts (Vincent De Moor Remix)

This week’s article will not be the usual lenght as this track is a one-hit-wonder and actually a cover from a popular 80s-band. So which track am I thinking of? Tenth PlanetGhosts (Vincent De Moor Remix).


When the room is quiet 
and the daylight´s almost gone 
It seems there´s something I should know 

Well I ought to leave, 
the rain it never stops 
with no particular place to go 

Just when I think I´m winning 
when I´ve broken every door 
the ghosts of my life, they´re wilder – than before 

Just when i thought i could not be stopped 
when my chance came to be king 
the ghosts of my life, they´re wilder – than the wind 

But I´m feeling nervous 
now I find myself alone 
the simple life´s no longer there 
Once I was so sure 
now the doubt inside my mind 
comes and goes but leads nowhere 

Just when I think I´m winning 
when I´ve broken every door 
the ghosts of my life, they´re wilder – than before 

Just when i thought i could not be stopped 
when my chance came to be king 
the ghosts of my life, they´re wilder – than the wind

Tenth Planet was a project by Gez Dewar and Nick Hale, also know under the guises Barraka, Doi-Oing, The Experiment, Heliotropic, Rhythm Thieves and Vengeance. Their biggest hit to date is their remake of 80’s band Japan’s popular song Ghosts.

The singer on the Tenth Planet’s version is Clare Pearce, who’s a member in their other project, Barraka. I really love the tiny flanger they put on her vocals.

Although the original 1982 UK Top 5 hit by Japan is abit dark and moody, the Tenth Planet-release feels a bit happier.

Originally released in 1998 in the US on promo-cd but made popular in 2000 when releaserd in the UK and the rest of Europe.

A cool fact about the 1998 promo-cd is that the original listing only had 6 tracks but the actual release had 7 tracks. The version not listed was the Redanka’s Spooky Disco Vocal Mix.

The version I prefer is the Vincent De Moor-remix which IMHO is a really well-produced trancetrack, especially the bassline which also can be heard in Vincent’s project Veracocha (together with Ferry Corsten).

After the success of Ghosts, Tenth Planet released a second single, the 2002 single Walk On Water which didn’t do any good so the project was scrapped after that.

Although the track is nearly 15 years old, I still find the track quite fresh. The track has ben re-released over the years and was even featured as classic of the week on Armin Van Buuren’s radio show A State Of Trance. And that’s what I concider it to be. A true classic.

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