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Podcast: #Podgressive ep. 054

EPISODE 54! Time for some podcasting again. Tatsumi have just moved to another flat with his girlfriend and made this podcast in the middle of our boxes and chaos. To make it easier for him, he has invited just one guest this time. With us this time is a great talent from Stockholm, Spaanberg and Tatsumis set building up from techno to progressive trance.
So, grab your copy at Podgressive.com and have a great presummer weekend!

Podcast: #Podgressive EP053

Springtime, happy times and Podgressive! This episode with Bejbi.se’s own Patric aka Stavros and former local hardstyle artist Ferren with his new techno alias Fredrik Redegård. Also with Tatsumis re-made set that got erased from the last gig at Kollektivet Arena, Solidaritet Arena. So, grab your copy at Podgressive.com and have a great springday!

Podcast: #Podgressive EP052


Finally time again for some Podcasting by Tatsumi Suzuki and his friends. Tatsumis set is a bit more laid back than usual with the best type of progressive house of course twisted with his signum. Guests of March/April are both local. Behind the decks presenting JdotP and Marius Andries. So, head over to Podgressive and get your copy!

Podcast: #Podgressive EP051


Podgressive is back once again with a new fresh episode.
This time with a really talented local girl, Linny Hex and Nick Sinner. This will be the first vinyl set from Tatsumi in ages and one of many to come. Vinyl is nice and requires a lot more back to basics thinking. It’s fun and kind of up and coming again. Musically this episode is a bit more laid-back, building progressively and not so much of the arena bass drop action going on. So, grab your copy here or the Podgressive channel on iTunes.

Podcast: #Podgressive EP050


Podgressive celebrates 50 episodes! Starting in 2010 with Kambiz, Tatsumi has taken that show to a known monthly event with aprox. 3000-4000 monthly listeners these past four years. With a blend of local and more known artists and the wide variety of EDM-styles, Podgressive might be here to stay for sometime. Can It reach 100 episodes? Time will tell but for now, let’s celebrate the first fifty!

In this episode we will hear Tatsumis live-set from Monday Bar XMAS party at Kolingsborg, local talents WonderjaY and Tim-Win! So, head to www.podgressive.com and grab your copy!

Podcast: #Podgressive Episode 049 EOYC


Christmas is here and the new year 2014 is coming up. As previous years I have made a very special episode for you. Together with Kambiz, we took the best tunes of this year and made a mega mix to you! Patric is also with us looking back in the mirror and speaking of his best memories of this year. So after many weeks of hard work, this was our 2013!

So, merry christmas and a happy new year! Grab your copy and enjoy the hollidays! www.podgressive.com

Podcast: Podgressive Ep.048


Hi guys and girls!
We have come to the end of November and the winter is soon upon us here in Sweden, this means it’s time for Podgressive, episode 48.
This time with a deep house-set from Eddy Cabrera, a live recording from Tatsumi Suzuki’s set at Kollektivet Sthlm’s Halloween party and an energic set from Stana.

So, head over to #podgressive.com and grab your copy and enjoy!

Podcast: #Podgressive EP047


Podgressive is back! The october episode is released with a wide range of EDM. This time with a full Swedish lineup starting with some groove techno sounds from Roberto Gonzalez followed by Tatsumi Suzukis set that starts off with house, passing by some techno and building up to trance music. Finally, ending this episode will be C.O.J.H. with his uplifting trance and techtrance. So, grab a copy at podgressive.com and enjoy the ride!:)

Podcast: Podgressive Episode 046


So, it’s time again for Tatsumi Suzuki’s monthly podcast, #Podgressive! This month with a really interesting local artist, Maydoshi. He is one of few vinyl djs left and he does it really good. We have also a popular artist who actually played at the last Monday Bar Cruise. Tatsumi’s favorite for this summer, Menno de Jong! Tatsumi’s set has a clear injection of electro and breakbeat touch but still very techy and progressive as usual. So, head over to Podgressive.com and grab your copy!

Remember to share this episode to your friends and post your feedback at the site, enjoy!