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Contest: Signed We are all we need-album


Do you want Above & Beyond’s latest album ”We are all we need”?
bejbi.se and Kidson Media Production got two albums signed by Jono & Tony when they were in Stockholm in January.

Follow the instructions in this picture on facebook ( <- link to it), and you might get your own signed We are all we need-album! Dont't forget to press that like button on facebook to follow us for more good stuff like this!
This is open worldwide, but only until May 7th!

While you wait for us to announce your name, check out the deep and personal interview we did with them!

News: Monday Bar Black & White Sundeck takeouts


Kollektivet Sthlm is honored to host the Mondaybar Black & White cruise Future Lounge floor, A concept based on participants who managed to qualify among 52 other DJ:s.
After 54 hours listening & reviewing and 14 chosen, my head and ears are a bit sore.

But let’s go back in time for a while, to the beginning of March 2013.
Kollektivet Sthlm had just got the news that they will host two floors at the upcoming Monday Bar Black & White Cruise and also host the contest where bedroom dj’s get the chance to play an hour at the legendary Sundeck-floor.

In total, Kollektivet Sthlm (where I, Patric, is a part of the jury) got 50 mixes sent to them, as they are the jury.
These 50 mixes were in all different genres, from Uplifting trance and UK Hardcore, to Top 40.

genresflmixesThe different genres represented by the 50 mixes that were sent to the Jury

A fair fight
To make this a fair contest, Kollektivet Sthlm made one member of the jury as a receiver of the mixes.
He was the only one knowing who made the mixes until the jury had settled the lineup and got it confirmed by Monday Bar. First after that the jury got to knew who made the mixes who won the honorable spots.
After a few weeks of listening to every mix and rated them, the jury had a meeting where they decided on which dj’s who would go through the first pick outs. After a lot of discussions, the jury had picked out 25 participants to go through to the next round.

jurydutyThe Jury, from left: Tatsumi Suzuki, Steve Sundheden, Kambiz, Jay van Kay, Amar and me (behind the camera) had some serious discussions over the mixes.


votingThe Jury’s vote is either a 1 or 0, depending on if it makes it through or not.


To make the selection process easier, the jury was informed on which mixes were made on CDJ’s or software, who had played on CDJ’s before and which ones who wanted to use controllers like the Traktor x2 or similar for their gigs.
Naturally, neither the DJ or the crowd wants to see a DJ who can’t use the gear that is provided, that is why the jury had to sort these dj’s out.

For the next round, we picked out the 14 who got a spot, and 3-4 backups if someone of the ones the jury had picked out would say no for some reason.
At this point, the jury still had no idea of who were behind the number of the mix.

After we confirmed every DJ, and replaced the ones that couldn’t play, the lineup consists of eleven different genres, with 16 DJs that will give us 14 sets.

genresflmixesfinalThis is the final representation of the Future Lounge mixes throughout all genres that were represented.

It was at this point the jury got to know who the dj’s behind the numbers were.
We were surprised to see how many of the dj’s that we had heard before, and how many that were all new to us. Almost half of the 14 selected are dj’s at least us at Kollektivet never have heard before.
The jury also picked out, without knowing it, the only two woman that had sent in their mixes, to the final round.

The winners
We are proud to present the final names, here they are (in alphabetical order):
Amin, Berserk Brothers, C.O.J.H, Denise Cavalli, Douchebag, Inchi, JP Bates, Marcus & Stoffe, Progma, Rich Insane, Selma S, Spånberg, Syntse and Tim.Win.

I would like to send a huge thanks to all dj’s who applicated to this.

– Patric

News: Kollektivet hosts Sundeck and Future Lounge


Kollektivet, a newly formed group of DJ’s, Promoters, Media and other people with a huge heart for the EDM-scene and Music, has recently been given the opportunity to host the popular Sundeck-floor and the Future Lounge floor at the upcoming MondayBar Black & White Cruise.

Future Lounge is a popular feature on the MondayBar Cruises since 2005, where bedroom-dj’s and producers is given a chance to play, very often this is the first time, in front of a crowd.
Previous years this has ended with over 50 contestants for the attractive place.

As one of the members of the Crew of Kollektivet, bejbi.se’s Patric has been included in the jury where the Future Lounge mixes will be sorted out and hopefully gets a spot to play on at the Cruise.
To make this a fair contest, one member outside the Jury receives all contributions and renames the mixes. After that all 6 persons in the jury is only given the mix as a anonymous file, ex. 2.mp3, with no ID3-tag or anything that will give away on who has done the mix.
Together with a excel-document, the Jury will give every mix a total score. This way no one gets special treatment.
When the entry time has ended, the jury have an audition meeting where they decide on who gets the attractive spot.

This is a Screenshot of Patric’s desktop after 7 contestants has been sent out to the Jury for reviewing.

Do you want to be a part of this?
Feel like trying your luck and play here, send a mix to us at max an hour via file transfer or email to the following email address, as last of Sunday, April 28.
We want all types of electronic dance music like house, techno, trance, psy, hard trance, hardstyle etc.

These are the rules for Future Lounge
To be eligible, you must have booked a cabin by yourself, and no compensation is included, but we will give you a number of drink tickets, etc.. Whoever we select will get to play 45-60 minutes on the sun deck between 12:00 to 04:00.
If, against all odds, the weather gets really bad, we will keep the Future Lounge indoor instead.

Do not forget to write how we can contact you by email, postal address and phone number and what you call yourself as a DJ. Gladly also a presentation of yourself and the type of music you are going to play. The file you send may not exceed 150 mb heavy and preferably mp3.

This time it’s DJ collective, the group will hold auditions so the mix will be sent to this email address:

– P

Contest: Roland TB-303 cushion

We are the EDM generation. Our scene has been affected by different musical styles, trends and instruments over the years. There has been several drum machines and synthesizers that has made it all possible. Some forgotten and some not. The Roland TB-303 is the most iconic synthesizer in dance music and celebrates 30 years in buisness.
Together with Analog Sweden and Podgressive, bejbi.se invites you to enter a contest to win the Roland TB-303 Cushion and iPhone 4 case gold edition in collectors box from Analog Sweden!

Answer the question, share to your friends, you might be the lucky winner of these two really cool products!