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Contest: Roland TB-303 cushion

We are the EDM generation. Our scene has been affected by different musical styles, trends and instruments over the years. There has been several drum machines and synthesizers that has made it all possible. Some forgotten and some not. The Roland TB-303 is the most iconic synthesizer in dance music and celebrates 30 years in buisness.
Together with Analog Sweden and Podgressive, bejbi.se invites you to enter a contest to win the Roland TB-303 Cushion and iPhone 4 case gold edition in collectors box from Analog Sweden!

Answer the question, share to your friends, you might be the lucky winner of these two really cool products!

Podcast: #Podgressive EP035

After a month of hard work with the podcast, music, progamming the contest and roadtrip with interviews it’s finally out! #Podgressive EP035 might be our biggest project so far and we truly hope that you will like the episode. This time with a 90’s classic techno set mixed by our swedish local veteran Marcus Stork and one of the biggest swedish trance exports mr Marcus Schössow! As always, #Podgressive is hosted by me, Tatsumi Suzuki and I have been collecting smashing tunes for some while for this show.

As you see on the banner, we have our first contest going on! Click on the banner to enter the contest. You have now the opportunity to win the Roland TB-303 Cushion and iPhone 4 case gold edition in collectors box by Analog Sweden!! The winner will be announced on the next months podcast, good luck!

Now, head over to >>Podgressive.com << and listen to the #Podgressive EP035!

Interview: Lily V Nine

Lily V Nine, photo: Patric Franksson / bejbi.se

We continue our interviews here on bejbi.se, this time with the talented Lily V Nine!
Tatsumi and I, Patric, got into Tatsumis car and drove through a colorful landscape, all the way from Stockholm to Hedemora.
When we got there we sat down with Lily in her studio and had a great interview.

Before we start can you tell us a little more about yourself, on a non musical front?
Where did you grow up? where do you currently reside?

I grew up South of Stockholm with my family, and about eight years ago we moved up to Dalarna where I currently live.
Besides my music I’m studying graphic design at college, and I work extra in a store.
I see myself as an ordinary girl, but I guess if I didn’t have my music, I would seem really boring.

It’s really difficult to make it as a successful woman producing especially when EDM is still reaching other parts of the world. When did the fascination with knobs and production begin?
It was early, I started to play the piano when I was nine years old, but I thought it was boring to play alone.
But then I heard my first EDM song when I was around 14 years old. It was Infected Mushroom, and I couldn’t help wondering how they did that wonderful music, so I started to research and I began producing music with Propellerheads Reason around 2005, not at a professional level but I learned a lot. But I switched to Cubase last year after a friend recommended it because I wanted to produce more trancier tunes, rather than the hardstyle and psytrance I did before, and Cubase has a lot more to offer with all synths and addons that is available than Reason.

Did your parents get bothered with your music making?
Yes they actually did! Since I grew up in a musical family, with my father being a rock musician. He thinks I should play the piano as it should be played, with Beethoven and such. He thinks that ”techno” just sounds like a lot of noise, but he doesn’t have any problems with me making the music on the computer. I, on the other hand, think it’s more fun to combine the piano sound with the trance-beats, it’s more my style rather than the classical tunes I’ve learned to play when I was younger.
My mother is very proud of me, she thinks I’m really strong to take on this all by myself.

Can you take us through your current studio set up? What does it consist of and what pieces of equipment/software would you say are most essential?
I use Yamaha HS5, it’s the worlds most honest speakers. In these everything sounds like crap if you can’t master the tracks right. I also have a M-Audio Fasttrack Pro, it’s a very cheap studio sound card but it works like a charm. The computer is a heavy loaded PC, and there is this (she says and points at a CME M-key midi-keyboard), which I won’t even mention because it broke down on me last week.
I really can’t live without my sound card and the speakers. It’s the most important part of a studio, you can’t make music without a pair of decent speakers!

We can see you have a old beautiful and huge Grand Piano in your studio too, tell us a little more about this piece.
Yes, this is a 200 year old Grand Piano made in Germany by Friedrich Wieck and I got it from my father when we moved to Dalarna.
I was a teenager and I really hated to move from everything I had back in Stockholm, so he bought me this so I could concentrate more on the music and less on the life I left in Stockholm. It has a really beautiful sound, but it can be difficult to play on because the keys are really hard to press down. I love it, cause the sound is so unique!
Everything I write I write on this piano, but It’s hard to get the sound of it to match the trance-style so I can’t use it in a faster track.

As a female Producer in the male dominated EDM scene, how do you draw the line with your productions? We’ve found your productions emotionally gratifying as well as banging too!
I want to be as characteristic as possible, and since I’m a classically trained pianist I want to show it in my productions with a lot of uplifting sounds. I don’t want to be mainstream as everyone else seems to want to be. I want to give the listener a emotional feeling of the track, just like the one I had when I produced it.

Diving into the creative process for a moment, can you tell us how long does it take to produce a track for you and where you get the inspiration from?
I get most of my inspiration from my life, people I’ve met and from places I’ve been to. Most of my titles comes from my everyday life. Like my upcoming track ”My love story” is about my boyfriend.
It takes about a week to make the production, if I’m in the studio for a whole week that is. But the mixing and mastering of the track could take longer. I’m not that good at that part yet, haha.
But music should take time, it’s about feelings, not technique.

If you get an idea for a track when you are running about in the city, how do you bring it to life?
It’s hard to write a melody down, so I record it on my phone, singing the melody. Then I go to the studio and listen through the recording and try to recreate it on the piano. Sometimes the idea isn’t a melody, like a feeling, so I’ll write it down like: It’s dark, lost in the woods.. just words that helps to create the feeling I got for the idea.

If you were given the opportunity to work with any producer as well as to collaborate with any vocalist who would it be and why?
I think Raphael Frost is a really good producer, he mixes his music with a emotional melody, but I also like darker music to, like Indecent Noise and John Askew.
There are some persons I would like to work with, but it’s a little hard since they’ve all been dead for the last 200 years. Names like Chopin and Schubert would be a dream to work with but it’s of course impossible. Therefore I rely on the talents of the modern times instead. I also listen to a lot of women to, just to see how they work, like Claudia Cazacu.

I want to work with vocalists, like Jonathan Mendelson. I love his work and I think his dark voice would fit my bright melodies perfect.

How do you define a beautiful voice and melody?
– Do you record your own vocals for your tracks, or have you made a vocal track?

I have humblings in productions that I’ve recorded myself. Although I have done one vocal track, I think my own voice is to dark to fit my own music and I really had to tweak the vocals with reverbs and such.

How do you feel about chopped vocals? Is it a cool effect or a butchering of the vocal talent of the singer?
I love it! I think it gives a better effect than a synth sometimes. I want to use it in some of my own tracks but I haven’t found any good vocals to use yet. I think it works as a teaser for the real vocals that comes after in the chorus. Really cool!

Since Hedemora is a small town in the countryside of Sweden, do you have the possibility to collaborate with other producers and do you have a mentor, or are you the mentor for someone?
I don’t have any mentor. If I want help I ask my old teacher, but he can only help me with the technical part on the computer, not the musical part on how I can sound better or do a thing differently. If I want to make a collab with someone, everyone lives in Stockholm so I have to plan weeks before to match their schedule.
I actually did a collab with Novaline, but that one is put on ice since we both got a little short on time.

Many artists find themselves stuck to one genre throughout their careers, simply because their fan base refuse to accept anything else. This can sometimes push our artists in to a corner that prevents future growth. How important do you feel it is for an artist to stand their ground, evolve and play around with as many genres as they can?
If the audience expects Armin van Buuren, for example, to produce one style, and he does something that doesn’t fit the expectations from the crowd.. he should change his name.
If you are a product, as most of the producers of today is, you should live up to it. And if you want to make another style, you should come up with another product name.

So when Ferry Corsten remixed Justin Bieber did he sold his soul to the devil or is he just trying out some new grounds?
I think Ferry Corsten is a great musician. I think he heard this song and made an remix of it cause he liked it wanted to do something with it.

Anything you would like to tell us on your upcoming projects? You actually have “My love story” open in Cubase on your computer in front of us. Can you tell us more about it?
It’s a really big production, it’s about the story of when I met my boyfriend.
I sat by the grand piano, just playing around, a normal day in the studio and the melody just came, my fingers did all the job and I didn’t have to think much at all.
So I thought it was love, and it is a really uplifting track, but with a lot of different parts in it.
It’s more like a story than a regular “trance” buildup, and I did it like this to tell the specific story of this track.
Regular trance is very much thinking inside the box, but this is a bit different, even if everything is in it.
It’s a nice track to listen to in your mp3-player, but it’s a little to slow and emotional for some dancefloors.
When I’ve showed this for people, they are both “too much emotions”, “it’s awesome!” and “I’ve got goosebumps from the piano melody”. It makes me want to continue and to eventually get it to be played on a club.
I work with both “happy parts” and “sad parts” in this track, since I love classical music from Mozart, Chopin and Schubert, and they work a lot with this technique. It took one minute to complete the piano melody and I think it’s really cool that my fingers did all the work, like if they were under a spell.

Here’s rather a strange question – do you aspire to spin behind the decks some day?
Yes, I really want to be a DJ someday, but I have a little stage fright. But I have no gear and I have to practice a lot before I go out and do it in front of a crowd.

If you could listen to just one record for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
Wow, that is a really hard question. It won’t be a trance track, but I think it would be Chopin’s Nocturne Opus 9 No.2. A classical piece.

Listen to music in the club or relaxed home listening, which do you prefer?
If I listen to music at home, I hear the details in the music and I can understand the story the artist is trying to tell, but I love to listen to music in the club to, to feel the beat and to just go crazy.

Do you attend to party’s to? Which do you prefer, the Swedish party’s or the party’s in other countries?
I prefer the Swedish party’s any day! The party’s outside Sweden is bigger, louder and cooler, but the Swedish party’s are more about meeting the friends and to listen to really good music.

If Electronic Dance Music didn’t exist, and you were given the key to create it and the scene around, would you make it as it was in the beginning with the PLUR (Peace Love Unity and Respect) everywhere, or as it is today where PLUR more or less doesn’t exist and a whole lot of different variations of styles, or would you do something completely different with it?
I think the beginning of the culture was really good but I think I would’ve made the scene a little bit more public, and not have kept it away from other people. The music would still be the same, the beat would still be the important part of the tracks.
If I could rewind everything I would do so much techno, I love every kind of EDM, but techno, I really love it!
But if I created everything I could never have guessed that it would be this big. I think it’s because other peoples preconception with EDM and the history of it that have made it so closed for the outside world, and I would have made it more open, so people would see that it’s more about the music and scene rather than the drugs and shit.

As you’ve grown and matured as a person, do you think this has reflected in your music? Why your style has changed for example?
When you start making music everything is fun, and you just play around. But when you grow older and listen to those tracks you think “Oh My God, this sounds like crap!”, and you think that no one would buy this.
When I make a production today, I feel that I have to be more critical to myself. I really want people to like my work. It hurts to hear other people to criticize your work but you can take the criticism and work with it.

If you were converted into a song, which one would it be and why?
Haha! Does it have to be a song, can I be a sound?
In that case I would be a base drum. Everyone would love me!

Do you prefer to use hardware or software?
Software, since I don’t have much hardware, but I would love to have a Virus-synth!

What is the best comment you’ve heard when you’ve uploaded a new tune on the social networks?
“You’re better than Swedish House Mafia!” hahaha.. It was strange to hear that.
But when someone told me that my music gave him goosebumps it was really satisfying for me.

Have you been given support for your tracks from a big DJ/producer?
No I don’t think so, only from friends here in Sweden who has their own podcast and smaller radio shows.

If we look way into the future, when you are old and talking to your grandchildren, what would you say was the biggest goal or achievement with your musical career?
That I wanted to show the world my music, and my feelings around it. And I hope I will get there.. I will! Someday!

Do you create other styles of music too, under another name than Lily V Nine?
Yes! I am the pianist in a recently created pop group, but I use my own given name in that group.

Have you ever done something music wise that you feel ashamed of?
I have done a lot of bad tracks, but I don’t feel that I have to be ashamed of anything. I’m only a beginner so far.

Which is the song that changed your life?
Infected mushrooms “Frog machine”. It was the track I heard that got me interested in everything about making my own music.

When you are not doing music what can u be found doing?
Painting and drawing a lot on the computer, I edit and manipulate a lot of pictures that my brother and sister takes.

Name 3 things you absolutely can’t live without?
1. My computer and internet
2. Music
3. All of my family and friends and my boyfriend.

One thing you would like to change or develop about yourself?
I want to have more power to believe in my own music creations.

Most embarrassing moment?
I walked straight up to Sean Tyas and asked him to marry me. I was drunk.

What was his answer?
He just laughed. I think he is used to it, he has probably met a lot of crazy woman.
Hopefully he doesn’t remember me if I ever run into him again!

Best hangover cure?
An iced lolly called “Twister”, with fruit taste. I eat three of those and then I’m cured

What´s the first record you bought?
I think it was a Swedish group called Caramell, “Om du var min” on single. I was so young, I went to the store and listened to music every day and that was the first one I bought.
My father was a DJ back then, so he had a lot of music at home that I took and listened to it in my room.
I think the best Greatest Hits Cd I bought was “Replay Dance Mania 3

Thank you so much for this interview!
You are very welcome, it was fun!

You can hear a short preview of this interview and the full version of her track ”My love story” in Podgressive ep. 35.

– Patric

Classic FTW: Binary Finary – 1999 (Gouryella Remix)

It’s hard to talk about trance classic and don’t mention this next track. It was one of those track that got re-released tons of times and is still getting new versions today. The track i’ve selected for this week’s article is Binary Finary1998 (Gouryella Remix). (buy on Itunes)

Goosebump moments:

00:41 when that fabulous Gouryella-bassline kicks in
01:09 when more of the melody comes in.
01:51 when the full melody kicks in.
02:47 when the lead comes into the breakdown.
03:01 when the strings come in.
03:27 when the lead goes up in tone.
04:24 when the full melody starts up again.

Australian born Matt Laws, Stuart Matheson started producing tracks in 1997. They were later joined by Sasha Vatoff who is their live-dj who tours the world.

The first version of 1998 actually came out in 1997 on a 2-track EP called 1998 / Zapya on UK label Aquarius

The track was later picked up by most major labels and remixed by many of the big names in the trance community.

In fact, 1998 was the first trance track that made it into the UK top 30. The 1998-version got as high as 24 whereas the 1999 version peaked at no 11.

The 1998-release got official remixes by Paul Van Dyk, Matt Darey & Dave Ralph, the 1999-release got remixed by Marc Et Claude, Kaycee & Gouryella and the 2000-release was remixed by Dumonde.

Of the lot, i’d have to say that I really love the original although it feels abit too fast for me. The first version I ever heard was the Paul Van Dyk-version which is more spot on what I liked at the time. It has those signature Paul Van Dyk drums and overall Paul Van Dyk-sound.

The version I fell in love with though was the Gouryella-version, but again, I’ve always been a big Ferry Corsten-fan and together with Tiesto, he made such beautiful tracks. That thumping baseline, that signature snaredrum, those melodies. It almost gives me a hardon just thinking about those tracks, too bad Gouryella isn’t around anymore.

I also like the Dumonde-remix as it has that harder Dumonde-edge to it.

On the Positiva-release of 1998/1999 (released in 2003), you can also find a Ronski Speed-remix of 1998 which was never release as a single.

Armada Digital later re-released it in 2010 with fresh remixes by Alex M.O.R.P.H., Tydi & Dennis Sheperd, Vadim Soloviev, Dabruck & Klein, Vegas Baby! and Kaimo K.

Since the release of 1998, there hasn’t been that many releases from Binary Finary. I guess that it was pretty hard to pick up producing after such success with the first single.

The 2001 release, Niterider is a pretty decent track. Feels more like goatrance than ordinary trance.

Together with Jose Amnesia, Binary Finary released CloudbreakDifference. A complex but still sweet track.

Binary Finary released their only album in 2006, called The Lost Tracks which contains 16 tracks that they’ve written since 1998, released on Armada Digital.

Lately, Binary Finary has been quite busy and released some 7 tracks since 2011. Most of them are collaborations with artists like Daniel Wanrooy, Rodrigo Deem, Matthew Nagle, Trent McDermott and Genix.

When you listen through the new material, you can easily hear that they have gone for a more modern style in trance. My guess is that most of the collaborations were made to find new inspirations on which way expand their music.

Next track to be released is Binary Finary & Vegas Baby! – Folded & Molded which you can hear a preview of here.

They have also been touring alot this year all over the world. I was supposed to see them perform this June but their gig got cancelled.

So to sum it up. Binary Finary has been around for quite some time. Although it’s been pretty quiet from them up to last year, they have still been busy producing and touring.

Their signature track, 1998 will forever be known as one of trance music first big hits and will hopefully live on forever as the record companies will keep on remixing the track for a fresh new audience.
Or atleast I hope so.

Related tracks:

Binary Finary – 1998 (Original Mix)
Binary Finary – 1998 (Paul Van Dyk Remix)
Binary Finary – 1998 (Matt Darey Remix)
Binary Finary – 1999 (Kay Cee Remix)
Binary Finary – 2000 (Dj JamX de Leon’s Dumonde Remix)
Binary Finary – 1998 (Ronski Speed Remix)
Binary Finary – 1998 (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
Binary Finary – 1998 (Dabruck & Klein Remix)
Binary Finary – Niterider (Original Mix)
Binary Finary & Jose Amnesia pres. Cloudbreak – Difference (Original Mix)
Binary Finary & Daniel Wanrooy – Isle Of Lies (Original Mix)
Binary Finary and Rodrigo Deem – Carbon Fibre
Binary Finary & Matthew Nagle – Replode (Original Mix)
Binary Finary ft. Trent McDermott – Freedom Seekers (Arctic Moon Remix)
Binary Finary & Genix – Smoking Gun (Original Mix)

Classic FTW: Mirco De Govia – Voller Sterne (Super 8 Remix)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94wxYsv6VA0&w=680&h=383]

This week’s article is about a producer that has been pretty quiet the last few years. I discussed it with some friends and everyone said the same thing. Where has Mirco De Govia gone? So I decided to listen thru some of his stuff and landed on a true classic: Mirco De GoviaVoller Sterne (Super8 Remix). (Buy on Itunes)

Goosebump moments:

00:26 when you hear the hypnotic bassline fade in slowly and builds for another 40 seconds
02:32 when the second breakdown comes in.
02:59 when the music comes to an halt.
03:13 when the strings come in
03:41 when the synthstabs come in
04:23 when the full music starts again
05:19 when the guitar kicks in

German born Mirko Zettl started producing trance and techno back in 1991 but his first own release came in 1994 under his alias Mirco De Govia with the EP Romantic EP. After the release, Mirco took some time off to study computer science On on the release, there is a remix by his good friend Ralph Kyau (from Kyau & Albert).

When Ralph Kyau and Steven Moebius Albert started their record label, Euphonic in 1997, Mirco decided to start producing again.

His first release on Euphonic came in 1998 with the track Firebird which was featured Euphonic Compilation – We Come In Peace.

The first own single on Euphonic was Clubspring Meets Mindspring, a 2-track EP, both tracks are wellproduced tb303-monsters but I prefer Mindspring as it’s more in my taste.

The second single, Epic Monolith (co-produced with Ronski Speed) follows the earlier singles recept with a major tb303-bassline and a complex buildup. The piano in the breakdown makes this an complete epic trancer. Epic Monolith was later signed to Alex Gold’s label, Xtravaganza.

Things That Matter (co-produced by Ronski Speed) follows the earlier recipy and is a really epic trancer. Love the lead-instrument in the track.

Mirco’s first album, Chronoscale came out in 2003 and contained 2 cd’s. The first CD contained original tracks and the second CD contained Mirco’s remixes of other artists tracks. The album was co-produced by Kyau & Albert and Ronski Speed.

The featured track, Voller Sterne came out in 2004. It keeps that complex buildup from his previous tracks with a hypnotic bassline and warm pads.That breakdown is to die for. The album version is somewhat of a Chicane-ripoff with that balearic feeling and breakbeat drums. I prefer the Super8 Remix as its more driving but still keeps the warmth of Mirco’s original track.

Asarja was another collaboration with Ronski Speed. They each made a version of the track. Mirco’s version has a strong buildup, a balearic breakdown with piano and still that complexity over it. Ronski’s version is abit harder, it still keeps that balearic feeling in the breakdown and even has wave-sounds in it.

The 2008 album, Iconic Path was an all new album and contained loads of gems like Vital Spark and Evolution Part II along with 11 other well-produced tracks. All tracks were produced by himself and mastered by Rough Mullar a.k.a. Sonorous.

The last release we saw from Mirco was the 2011 track, Sleeping Beauty. While the album version is somewhat of a chillout-track, the Ronski Speed-remix is a techy monster. Love the piano in the breakdown.

Over the years, Mirco has also remixed track by Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor,
Super8, Kyau & Albert, Sonorous, Sun Decade, Ralphie B & Lasgo with good success.

Although Mirco hasn’t quit producing yet, many of my friends asked if he quit the business as there has been quite quiet from him. I hope Mirco will keep producing for a few more years as I believe he still has some tracks in him before he retires.

His formula for producing still works, his tracks complexity is really awesome and the depth in his productions will still be modern for another decade. I love his use of the TB303-synth which was more frequent on his earlier releases.
I hope to hear some new tracks from him soon. If not, his old productions will live on forever.

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Mirco de Govia – Mindspring
Mirco de Govia – Epic Monolith
Mirco De Govia – Things That Matter
Mirco De Govia & Ronski Speed — Asarja (Mirco De Govia Mix)
Mirco de Govia – Vital Spark
Mirco De Govia – Evolution Part II (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
Mirco de Govia – Sleeping Beauty [Ronski Speed Remix]
Above & Beyond vs Andy Moor – Air for life (Mirco de Govia remix)
Super8 – Cre8 (Mirco De Govia Remix)
Kyau vs. Albert – Velvet Morning (Mirco de Govia Remix)
Sonorous – Second Sun (Mirco de Govia Remix)
Sun Decade – I’m Alone (Mirco de Govia Vocal Remix)
Lasgo – Something (Mirco De Govia Remix)

News: Pre-Podgressive – Behind The Scenes EP035

Hey there or as we say in swedish, Tja tja bloggeeen!

Welcome back to my second ”Pre-Podgressive” blog. I hope that you liked the last episode and my blog post. If you are listening to my shows and reading my stuff here and are from a place where the sun is shining and the temperature is above 20 celcius. Could you send us cold and wet sweedes a sun, Please?! Remember not to wrap it in to something that might be flamable. As I told you last time about the rain.. Yeah, it has been raining since then and we are not singing in the rain!!
Let’s just talk about some happy stuff and forget about the weather..

The Super Awesome Contest

I had an fantastic surprise for not so long ago. I was participating in a contest at Facebook where the task was simple. Just share a link and then wait a while for a random winner. The winner got a super cool Roland TB-303, TR-909 & TR-808 pillow bundle. So one day, just on an ordinary monday in my office. I was checking out some new tweets and got a really surprised. Analog Sweden (The Company behind the pillows) had sent me a tweet and asking me to contact them and claim my pillows. SUPERFRÄÄÄSHT! That’s a pretty awsome word in swedish btw.

I was talking to Patric about this and he told me to contact them again and ask if they would like to collaborate with us and have a similar contest on the podcast. Aand yeah, there will be a pillow contest in the upcoming podcast!

Question Regarding Podcast Subscription – What Is It, How Does It Work?

I’ve got many questions about subscriptions and I think it’s time for me to make this clear for you that doesn’t really know what it is.

So, the basics of podcasting is that you can listen when you wan’t and go back and listen to earlier episodes and so on.
But think that if you would like to just click a button for an automatic update when you are sitting on a bus, subway or by foot to check if there are any new episodes aviable on your favorite podcasts. Aaah! That’s the beauty of subscriptions. And the best part is that it’s really simple to set up.
I bet that the majority of you have a smartphone. An iPhone, Android device or even a Windows mobile. Let’s start with the popular iPhone. Simlply click on the ”subscribe on iTunes” button on my site (Click on the button ”Tracklists and Comments” button to get all the alternatives for listening) and it’s done. Follow instructions and the podcast will be downloaded and followed. The best part is that if you subscribe to several podcasts. Just click on the update button on your iPhones iTunes and it will check for new episodes for all your subscriptions. Great isn’t it!?
If you are on a Android device. Just get your favorite mediaplayer with podcast support for an example search for google listen on the google play market. Click, ”set up a new podcast” and write http://podgressive.com/feed/. Thats it!

Roadtrip To Hedemora

We have been talking about the interviews again. It’s always such a massive project and takes a lot of effort to get it really good. Patric and me have been planning to do some different types of them in the future. Some big and some small and more easy. Just to have them more often. Sometimes an article and other times just for the podcast. I have been following a fantastic talent and an really good pianist for some time and we just had to see her studio irl. So, this project got even bigger than before. We took my car and went to Hedemora (Small town in Sweden) to visit miss Lily V Nine. I’m really looking forward to the final result that Patric is actually working on it right this moment. There will be some of that in the podcast as well so don’t miss it!

#Podgressive EP035 – Artists

I’m really glad to announce theese two lads for the podcast. Both of them are seniors in the scene and has been around for a while. First up is our local artist, Marcus Stork. Dusting of his old techno records we will be pulled back in time to the very heart of the swedish techno era! Next up in line is our local super artist. I remember Kambiz booking him to his club Ambition for a long time ago and there where like 8 people in the ”crowd”. Well, his curve peak is in the top and by playing in huge arenas and touring around the world, delivering fantastic tunes mr Marcus Schossow is a lift for this show! As for me, well.. There will be a part of lovely progressive tunes that has been on repeat while working these past months together with some dark techno-ish beats and building up to uplifting. I was also listening to some old classic tunes and I just had to follow the stream and start to pick a classic tune for each month. Let’s see if it works :)

TOP10 – October 2012

So, it’s time for the monthly section where I have selected my top 10 tunes of this month. Some of them are released and some not. I’m not just after the newest stuff. This is just something that has made my month.

  1. 1. It took me some time for me to come into the right mood and decide this months nr uno. But this track is just faaantastic! It grows each and every time I listen to the tune! Jeremy Olander is a local talent from Stockholm, Sweden. He is born 1987 in the US and he’s truly a forthcoming star and has all ready a guestmix at the BBC Radio 1 show by Tall Paul. I heard this for the first time on the Eric Prydz podcast and just had to have it!
  2. Markus Schulz feat. Seri – Love Rain Down (Myon & Shane 54 Summer of love Mix) [Couldn’t find the dub mix at YT. Check it out!]
  3. Porter Robinson – Language (Original Mix)
  4. Kent – Taxmannen (Eric Prydz Private Remix)
  5. Deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner – Channel 42
  6. Hardwell – Encoded (Dada Life Remix)
  7. Deadmau5 – Fn Pig (Original Mix)
  8. Hot Chip – Flutes (Sasha Remix)
  9. Koen Groeneveld – Ditsjz (2012 Remix)
  10. Spektre, Miniminds – Lashback (Filterheadz Remix)

Don’t forget the release of #Podgressive EP035 on the 26th October (Share + Feedback = <3 ) and I will be back here with a new pre-podcast blog post 16th November!

See ya!

Pictures: MondayBar White Weekend

Do you remember some time ago, MondayBar had their last party ever at the legendary Venue Kolingsborg in Stockholm?
Well.. Kolingsborg got some lifesupport and will stand for atleast one more year, so, Mondaybar has booked some weekends there this fall.

This MondayBar White Weekend was with dj’s Marcus Schössow, Artento Divini and Technophobia

Monday Bar White Weekend, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, 2012-10-05
Pictures: 42

Classic FTW: Commercial radio hits vs Trance remixes

This week’s article is somewhat different than the others. Instead of writing about one track or one artist, this article will be about alot of tracks with one common thing.
All tracks are trance- or other EDM-versions of ordinary commercial pop-tracks.

My fascination with electronic dancemusic started at an early age. Could have to do with that my brother was into synthmusic or that my family had MTV already back in 1984.

I have never been a radio-person as I think that most tracks played there (especially the commercial radio stations) is played over and over until people are fed up with the tracks.

What I wanted to hear was something else than the ordinary radio-listener heard. I wanted to hear the club mixes or remixes of the tracks. So I started buying 12” singles and later CD-maxis to feed my brain with stuff that most people never heard (if they didn’t go to a club).

I started listening to clubmusic long before I started frequenting clubs as there’s usually an 18 year minimum on swedish clubs. But when my time was in, me and my friends used to go out 1-2 days every week, both to dance and to drink.

Enough about me, now let’s get back to the music.

I got this idea of this article while listening to Evanescence – Hello (Trifactor vs Gabriel & Dresden Remix). If you compare the remix to the original, the original is somewhat of an emo-ballad while the remix seems abit happier but still keeps the original piano and voice.

When you come to think about it, there has been alot of beautiful tranceversions which originated from radiomusic/commercial pop.


Another track that’s highly thought of in the trance community is Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan – Silence (Tiesto’s In Search Of Sunrise Remix) which is a bang-on trancer while the original is a slow track with gregorian chants but still danceable.



When we’re on the subject of Delerium, they have been the remixers choice the last 10 years. The Delerium-single After All came in 2 versions. Original and Svenson & Gielen-remix. The latter usually found its way onto compliation albums whereas the original was only available on the album or as a single.


Another example is the Madonna-hit What It Feels Like For A Girl where the official radio/video-version was the Above & Beyond Remix. Madonnas music has always been dance-oriented and the last few albums has been produced by the elite in the music industry to give her that dancefloor edge she’s always had strived for.


Speaking of ladies, another remix favourite is Dido. Her original tracks has always been well-produced as her brother is the all-famous Rollo (from Faithless). Her track Sand In My Shoes got a well-deserved remix-work from Above & Beyond.


Dido’s Don’t Leave Home got a treatment from Gabriel & Dresden. Both Dido-tracks are personal favourites.


Another Dido-track to take a look at is Stoned (Deep Dish Remix) which is more housy than the original.


Last but not least, the Armin Van Buuren-remix of Dido’s Everything To Loose.


When mentioning Gabriel & Dresden, it’s hard not to mention their fabulous remix of Annie Lennox’s old ballad A Thousand Beautiful Things.


Also worth mentioning is the Kuffdam & Plant-remix of Annie’s The Saddest Song.


It’s hard to forget one of the first tracks that made the remix bigger than the original. 99% of the times when you hear Everything But The Girl’s smash hit Missing, it’s the Todd Terry Remix you’re hearing. It was one of those tracks that showed the music industry what power a remix can have.


Another early crossover-track was the William Orbit remake of classical musician Samuel Barber’s track Adagio For Strings which got an awesome Ferry Corsten-makeover.


Ferry Corsten also remixed a couple of Moby’s tracks, amongst others Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad.


Ferry also did a tremendous job on Lighthouse Family – Happy


It’s not only pop music that gets the dancefloor-treatment. For instance dutch rockers Kane got a sweet remix from Tiesto on their track Rain Down On Me.


Tiesto also did a faboulous job on Skin’s track Faithfulness.


I mentioned the Evanescence-track further up and also worth listening to is the Leama & Moor remix of Avril Lavigne – I’m With You.


Even pop-synth artists like Depeche Mode has some really nice remixes out there.
Only When I Loose Myself gets a progressive remix by Lexicon Avenue


Depeche Mode’s Peace gets a remix-treatment by Sander Van Doorn.


The last remix I heard of their material that I liked was the Eric Prydz-remix of Personal Jesus.


To sum it up. The artists original tracks are made for their original audience while the remixes are made usually to fit a dancefloor or to get the usual radiolistener a chance to hear their favourite track made in a different way to fit other moods. What we have heard the last 10 years or so is that most artists are getting more dancefloor-friendly.

A big example of this is the big crossover for american rap-artists to the european dancefloor with helps of DJs like David Guetta & Calvin Harris. No wonder that David Guetta was chosen the no1 DJ from the readers of DJMAG last year.

We can also see that big Trancemusic-names like Tiesto, Ferry Corsten & Armin Van Buuren is moving more towards housemusic nowadays as the big ”mass” which is into housemusic has taken over the dancefloors. Just look at the big parties like Energy or Sensation White which is more house-oriented nowadays than their origins in trancemusic.

My hope for the future is that some of the people listening to popmusic on the radio could find new listening grounds in housemusic or trancemusic when listening to their favourite artist thru the remixes. If only 5% of the listeners gets inspired, i’m more than satisfied. And I guess the remixers will feel the same.

News: FSOS Records label-night 20 October

FSOS Events enters Kolingsborg once again, this time for an evening with their own artists and music featured from their label and one of their sub-labels.

They have several interesting Swedish musicians in a variety of genres within the electronic dance music. The 20th of October, FSOS will present some newcomers as well as international established performers. You will get everything from House with Electro influences to Progressive and Trance by artists from their main label FSOS Records and all the way to Hardstyle from FSOS HARD.

Dondale (FSOS Resident)

Kim Svärd (FSOS Records, Magic Island, Armada)
Christian Rusch (FSOS Records, Anjunabeats, Vandig)
Ken Kong (FSOS Records)
Anonymous Hardstylez (FSOS HARD)
Zaitek (FSOS HARD, Faster Harder Digital)

Saturday, October 20
21:00 to 3:00
Kolingsborg, Stockholm

Age limit 18
Admission 100 SEK (free entrance 21:00-22:00)

Promo video:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n56hYsAufYA&w=680&h=383]