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Do you want Above & Beyond’s latest album ”We are all we need”? and Kidson Media Production got two albums signed by Jono & Tony when they were in Stockholm in January.

Follow the instructions in this picture on facebook ( <- link to it), and you might get your own signed We are all we need-album! Dont't forget to press that like button on facebook to follow us for more good stuff like this!
This is open worldwide, but only until May 7th!

While you wait for us to announce your name, check out the deep and personal interview we did with them!

Interview: Above & Beyond

It’s HERE! The long awaited interview with Tony McGuinness and Jono Grant from Above & Beyond, together with Viktor Kidson did, earlier this year when they visited Sweden on the Scandinavian leg of their We Are All We Need-tour.

CONNECTION. If one word sums up the phenomenon of Above & Beyond then that is surely it. Whether it’s the thousands of A&B fans singing their lyrics back at them at gigs from Beirut to Brixton, or the millions that tune in for their weekly Group Therapy radio show, connection – real human connection – is at the heart of all things that define Above & Beyond.

Above & Beyond find themselves embedded at the heart of their fans’ lives. Some walk down the wedding aisle to their songs, others ink their bodies with their lyrics, often a proud couple will choose to get engaged at one of their gigs. All that pledge their loyalty to them are moved in a way that goes beyond most electronic music out there.

Above & Beyond is Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamaki and their story is one of constant movement. From their early days as hotly tipped producers to their current global standing, Jono, Tony and Paavo have remained as down-to-earth and determined as ever – always focused on the next goal. Over their 13-year history, this dedication has continually paid off.

We caught up with Tony and Jono right before their gig in Stockholm. We get a deep down, intimate chat with them about their music, and how it feels to create something that touches hearts all over the world. Ours included.

Learn how they see and love the ’Anjunafamily’, and how they don’t produce for people but somehow manage to produce with people. Get a view on their careers before they were Above & Beyond, how both Jono and Tony were in different bands. And how Tony still is! Find out what the music sounds like.

In the summer of 2013 Jono, Tony & Paavo launched another bold musical project, Above & Beyond Acoustic. Rewriting a selection of their back catalogue for a 15 piece ensemble, complete with a full string section, a harp and even a broom, they sold out three intimate shows at the impressive Porchester Hall in London, and in October 2013 will bring Above & Beyond Acoustic to Los Angeles.

Find out how frightening that really was. And what they have planned for the future.

And like just about everything they turn their attentions to, it is a labour of love as well as a collaboration of the trio’s energies. De La Soul weren’t wrong. Three really is the magic number: and in Above & Beyond’s case the magic is spreading faster than ever before. & Kidson Media Production presents Above & Beyond!

Interview, research & article: Viktor Kidson, Kidson Media Production
Production & editing: Patric Franksson,
Sound: Lars Johnsson,

Thank You Jono & Tony of Above & Beyond.

Also thanks to:
Universal Music
Caroline International
Stockholm Waterfront Building





If you want to see the pictures Patric took during the concert, check them out here

Pictures: Above & Beyond ”We Are All We Need” Tour


The super-trio of Above & Beyond made a stop in Stockholm in January. This is how it looked like.
Lineup: Above & Beyond, Grum, Ilan Bluestone & Johan Vilborg

Stay put for the release of the exclusive interview with Tony and Jono from Above & Beyond did together with Kidson Media Productions.

Above & Beyond ”We Are All We Need” Tour, Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden, 2015.01.24
Pictures: 23

News: & Kidson Media interview with Above & Beyond

So, if a record company calls you and ask you if you want to do an interview with one of your highest ranked groups in music, what do you answer?
Of course Patric, from, answered YES!

10929545_10153113494263573_8812564763180027474_n & Kidson Media Productions are proud to announce that we have made an exclusive interview with the legends Jono Grant and Tony McGuinness from Above & Beyond when they visited Stockholm last weekend.
The interview is currently in the editing, but we can guarantee that it will be something extra when it will be released.


Here is a short sample of it :D

News: Above & Beyond Acoustic Concert


Livestream starts 22:00 CET+1

On January 24, the full film of Above & Beyond Acoustic at London’s Porchester Hall debuts on THUMP—it’s a high-def concert film that captures the outfit’s sold-out shows as they decided to reinterpret their dance beats using a 24-piece orchestra.

In 2013, Above & Beyond performed some of their best-loved songs acoustically as part of a 15-piece band, selling out four shows at London’s famous Porchester Hall. The response from fans was so overwhelming it led to two sold-out nights across the pond at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles in October, described by Billboard Magazine as ”one of the finest and more memorable shows in EDM history.”
For those not in the know, Above & Beyond is Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki. Over the years they’ve gone from remixing Madonna and Radiohead and running the Anjunabeats label to their current global standing as ”the biggest electronic DJing and production collective the UK has ever produced,” according to DJ Mag anyway. The trio have played to one million people on Barra Beach in Rio de Janeiro, soundtracked the launch of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo in the Mojave desert, and sold out the Hollywood Palladium faster than anyone in history. Every week, their Group Therapy radio show reaches over 25 million people worldwide. Wild!

Thump partnered with Above & Beyond to create a concert film unlike any other, capturing the Porchester Hall performances and the story behind the acoustic project in riveting detail. You can get a brief taste of the movie here before we drop the full-length on January 24.
The film showcases acoustic performances of 12 Above & Beyond classics:

Small Moments
You Gotta Go
Satellite / Stealing Time
Thing Called Love
Can’t Sleep
Sun & Moon
Good for Me
Sirens of the Sea
Love Is Not Enough
On a Good Day
Alone Tonight
Making Plans

The songs performed at Porchester Hall also form the basis of the ”Above & Beyond Acoustic” studio album, which was recorded in the spring and summer of 2013 and features a 24-piece orchestra. The album is available now for pre-order as CD, Digital Download and Limited Edition Photographic Book with CD / DVD of the film at

Pictures: Above & Beyond Group Therapy


Above & Beyond hit Stockholm with their Group Therapy.
Alongside they had Jeremy Olander, Jonas Hörnblad, Kambiz, Jay van Kay, Kenuna, JP Bates and Damien Eie.

Luger pres. Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy, Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.03.01
Pictures: 50

Pictures: Above & Beyond – Group Therapy

Above & Beyond hit Stockholm with their Group Therapy.
Alongside they had Jeremy Olander, Jonas Hörnblad, Kambiz, Jay van Kay, Kenuna, JP Bates and Damien Eie.

Bonus Video from Above & Beyond’s set-ending.

Luger pres. Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy, Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.03.01
Pictures: 42

News: Above & Beyond Tour hits Stockholm

The legendary Above & Beyond comes to Stockholm with their Group Therapy Tour 2013.
The venue is Münchenbryggeriet and the tickets are 275SEK each and Jeremy Olander will be the support act.
The warm-up dj’s will be Jonas Hornblad, and Damien Eie and the second floor will have Kambiz, JP Bates, Jay van Kay and Kenuna.

Here is a snipplet from the article about Above & Beyond that Niklas wrote for the Classic For The Weekend in 2012.

The Above & Beyond-story started in 1999 when Jono Grant & Paavo Siljamäki studied electronic engineering at the University of Westminister where they discovered a mutual interest in electronic music.
After working together writing music, Paavo suggested that they should start their own record label, and Anjunabeats was started, mainly to release their own material and later became one of the most influentual trancemusic-labels in the world.

The inspiration for the name Above & Beyond came from a website for an american motvation trainer, who’s name coincidentally also was Jono Grant and used the name Above & Beyond as a slogan and it eventually stuck. The remix was eventually picked over the more established names as Rob Searle & Tilt to be the a-side and later peaked at no 1 in the UK club charts and got loads of support by the major dj’s.

Their biggest commercial success came with the remix of Madonna – What It Feels Like For A Girl. Madonna was so impressed with the track that Above & Beyonds version was used in the official video over Madonnas album-version. The video, directed by Guy Ritchie was pretty violent so MTV couldn’t play it before 9pm. The track had good chart-success all over the world except in the US where it only reached no 23 in the Billboard Hot 100.

Who? Above & Beyond Group Therapy Tour
When? March 1:st 2013
Where? Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm
How much? 275 SEK
More info: Facebook | Luger | Above & Beyond

Classic FTW: Commercial radio hits vs Trance remixes

This week’s article is somewhat different than the others. Instead of writing about one track or one artist, this article will be about alot of tracks with one common thing.
All tracks are trance- or other EDM-versions of ordinary commercial pop-tracks.

My fascination with electronic dancemusic started at an early age. Could have to do with that my brother was into synthmusic or that my family had MTV already back in 1984.

I have never been a radio-person as I think that most tracks played there (especially the commercial radio stations) is played over and over until people are fed up with the tracks.

What I wanted to hear was something else than the ordinary radio-listener heard. I wanted to hear the club mixes or remixes of the tracks. So I started buying 12” singles and later CD-maxis to feed my brain with stuff that most people never heard (if they didn’t go to a club).

I started listening to clubmusic long before I started frequenting clubs as there’s usually an 18 year minimum on swedish clubs. But when my time was in, me and my friends used to go out 1-2 days every week, both to dance and to drink.

Enough about me, now let’s get back to the music.

I got this idea of this article while listening to Evanescence – Hello (Trifactor vs Gabriel & Dresden Remix). If you compare the remix to the original, the original is somewhat of an emo-ballad while the remix seems abit happier but still keeps the original piano and voice.

When you come to think about it, there has been alot of beautiful tranceversions which originated from radiomusic/commercial pop.


Another track that’s highly thought of in the trance community is Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan – Silence (Tiesto’s In Search Of Sunrise Remix) which is a bang-on trancer while the original is a slow track with gregorian chants but still danceable.



When we’re on the subject of Delerium, they have been the remixers choice the last 10 years. The Delerium-single After All came in 2 versions. Original and Svenson & Gielen-remix. The latter usually found its way onto compliation albums whereas the original was only available on the album or as a single.


Another example is the Madonna-hit What It Feels Like For A Girl where the official radio/video-version was the Above & Beyond Remix. Madonnas music has always been dance-oriented and the last few albums has been produced by the elite in the music industry to give her that dancefloor edge she’s always had strived for.


Speaking of ladies, another remix favourite is Dido. Her original tracks has always been well-produced as her brother is the all-famous Rollo (from Faithless). Her track Sand In My Shoes got a well-deserved remix-work from Above & Beyond.


Dido’s Don’t Leave Home got a treatment from Gabriel & Dresden. Both Dido-tracks are personal favourites.


Another Dido-track to take a look at is Stoned (Deep Dish Remix) which is more housy than the original.


Last but not least, the Armin Van Buuren-remix of Dido’s Everything To Loose.


When mentioning Gabriel & Dresden, it’s hard not to mention their fabulous remix of Annie Lennox’s old ballad A Thousand Beautiful Things.


Also worth mentioning is the Kuffdam & Plant-remix of Annie’s The Saddest Song.


It’s hard to forget one of the first tracks that made the remix bigger than the original. 99% of the times when you hear Everything But The Girl’s smash hit Missing, it’s the Todd Terry Remix you’re hearing. It was one of those tracks that showed the music industry what power a remix can have.


Another early crossover-track was the William Orbit remake of classical musician Samuel Barber’s track Adagio For Strings which got an awesome Ferry Corsten-makeover.


Ferry Corsten also remixed a couple of Moby’s tracks, amongst others Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad.


Ferry also did a tremendous job on Lighthouse Family – Happy


It’s not only pop music that gets the dancefloor-treatment. For instance dutch rockers Kane got a sweet remix from Tiesto on their track Rain Down On Me.


Tiesto also did a faboulous job on Skin’s track Faithfulness.


I mentioned the Evanescence-track further up and also worth listening to is the Leama & Moor remix of Avril Lavigne – I’m With You.


Even pop-synth artists like Depeche Mode has some really nice remixes out there.
Only When I Loose Myself gets a progressive remix by Lexicon Avenue


Depeche Mode’s Peace gets a remix-treatment by Sander Van Doorn.


The last remix I heard of their material that I liked was the Eric Prydz-remix of Personal Jesus.


To sum it up. The artists original tracks are made for their original audience while the remixes are made usually to fit a dancefloor or to get the usual radiolistener a chance to hear their favourite track made in a different way to fit other moods. What we have heard the last 10 years or so is that most artists are getting more dancefloor-friendly.

A big example of this is the big crossover for american rap-artists to the european dancefloor with helps of DJs like David Guetta & Calvin Harris. No wonder that David Guetta was chosen the no1 DJ from the readers of DJMAG last year.

We can also see that big Trancemusic-names like Tiesto, Ferry Corsten & Armin Van Buuren is moving more towards housemusic nowadays as the big ”mass” which is into housemusic has taken over the dancefloors. Just look at the big parties like Energy or Sensation White which is more house-oriented nowadays than their origins in trancemusic.

My hope for the future is that some of the people listening to popmusic on the radio could find new listening grounds in housemusic or trancemusic when listening to their favourite artist thru the remixes. If only 5% of the listeners gets inspired, i’m more than satisfied. And I guess the remixers will feel the same.