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Pictures: NorbergFestival 2011

NorbergFestival 2011

A little late on, but this is the pictures from the Experimental Electronica Festival; NorbergFestival.
Norbergfestival is an electronica/art festival held in the deepest forest of Sweden in a big old iron mine. Electronica, experimental, 8-bit, dub, grime, modern composition, drum&bass, breakcore, dubstep, ambient, noise, drone, nothing is too big, nothing is too small.

This 12th edition of Norbergfestival took place on July 28-29-30 2011
Our photographer Patric was there taking pictures for a magazine called Hilfe.

This years edition of NorbergFestival takes place July 26-27-28.
Be sure to check it out, it is an really cool experience and the Venue is one of the coolest I’ve ever been to!

NorbergFestival, The Old Ironmine, Norberg, Sweden, 20110729
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Pictures: Club Aqua – Time to re-emerge

Club Aqua had a party in the shadows of the Cancelled Majestiq 12 together with Club Sessions in Linköping, with Tatanka, Activator, Dutchmaster, Albin and Main Concern.

Club Aqua – Time to re-emerge, Pitch Black, Linköping, Sweden, 20111105
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Pictures: MondayBar LuciaCruise 2011

The annual LuciaCruise by MondayBar came as a bright light in the Scandinavian darkness.
This time with Dj’s such as Ashley Wallbridge, Aly & Fila, Myon & Shane54, Mark Sherry, Kolizz, Zatox, Jace, DJ Anneli, Fredrik Grass, Digital Punk, Hardstyle Masterz, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Titan vs Jack of Sound, Tha Playah, Aladdin, Tava, Organ Donors, Slim Vic, Anuga, Emil Segerdahl, Kebbe, Mad Fool, Melvin Honda / True North, Diamanic, Amini and MC Villain.

MondayBar LuciaCruise, M/S Silja Galaxy, Baltic Sea,, 20111208 – 20111209
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News: The rumors were true!


We’ve just found out the line-up for the upcoming MondayBar Springbreak Cruise in March 2012.
This party is a 20-year celebration for MondayBar, so they are not saving up on anything and it will be held on the Cruise ship M/S Silja Symphony. This boat got a shopping street going through the whole boat and it’s over 100m long.

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Pictures: MondayBar SummerCruise 2011

The legendary MondayBar SummerCruise with a massive Lineup.
Dj’s like Hodel, Tatsumi Suzuki, Ayda, Fred Acler, JP Bates, Jonas Hörnblad, Stalker, Fabian Kempe, B-Front, Wildstylez, The Prophet, Ophidian, Psyfighter, WonderjaY, Tatsumi Suzuki, Mike Shiver, Steve, WonderjaY, Back 2 Bananas, Fred Acler, kolizz, RMX Mike, Sergei Shkuroff, Ørjan Nilsen, Arty, Daniel Kandi, Greg Downey, Nitrous Oxide, Cally Gage, Chaman, Espark & Hiawata, Klopfgeister, Azax Syndrome, Mad Actors and Astral Projection

MondayBar SummerCruise 2011, Tallink Festival, Stockholm-Riga, Östersjön, 20110828-20110830
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News: Autumn newsflash!

Hey everyone!

The summer is on it’s way to some otherplace now and we embrace for the cold, dark winter!
But not everything is bad with the cold, dark winter!
Cold, dark winters usually means that there are some totally awesome parties in hot venues to keep us away from the dark and cold. And of course, we are there to take pictures!

To ease up everyone’s winter, we did a few tweeks and changes to bejbi during the summer.

The first thing is that we decided to change our weekly podcast to a monthly, so you get a whole month to listen to it! :D
The second thing is that we from now on is uploading the pictures in 1280px (instead of 1024px before).
The third thing is not a new feature, but we did the page fully view-able from a mobile device like iPad, iPhone and any Android devices! Wohoo!

So, see you in the dark!
//bejbi.se Crew