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News: Autumn newsflash!

Hey everyone!

The summer is on it’s way to some otherplace now and we embrace for the cold, dark winter!
But not everything is bad with the cold, dark winter!
Cold, dark winters usually means that there are some totally awesome parties in hot venues to keep us away from the dark and cold. And of course, we are there to take pictures!

To ease up everyone’s winter, we did a few tweeks and changes to bejbi during the summer.

The first thing is that we decided to change our weekly podcast to a monthly, so you get a whole month to listen to it! :D
The second thing is that we from now on is uploading the pictures in 1280px (instead of 1024px before).
The third thing is not a new feature, but we did the page fully view-able from a mobile device like iPad, iPhone and any Android devices! Wohoo!

So, see you in the dark!
//bejbi.se Crew