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NorbergFestival 2011

A little late on, but this is the pictures from the Experimental Electronica Festival; NorbergFestival.
Norbergfestival is an electronica/art festival held in the deepest forest of Sweden in a big old iron mine. Electronica, experimental, 8-bit, dub, grime, modern composition, drum&bass, breakcore, dubstep, ambient, noise, drone, nothing is too big, nothing is too small.

This 12th edition of Norbergfestival took place on July 28-29-30 2011
Our photographer Patric was there taking pictures for a magazine called Hilfe.

This years edition of NorbergFestival takes place July 26-27-28.
Be sure to check it out, it is an really cool experience and the Venue is one of the coolest I’ve ever been to!

NorbergFestival, The Old Ironmine, Norberg, Sweden, 20110729
Pictures: 69

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