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Pictures: Fab05 After Hood Residency Night


The recently reopened and reconstructed venue Fabriken in Stockholm held an Residency Night with their resident dj’s from their clubs currently housing there.
With clubs like Club Ascension, Techtribe, Kameleont, 420 group and K.I.K.A the lineup was filled with names: Tiffany Rowles & Therese Boom-Baam, Fredrik Grass, Jay van Kay, Seb Mover & Andy Frazz, Anderas Andersson, Vincent Rydel & Jeff Cooper and Niklas Paus & Eric Timpelton.

Fab05, Fabriken, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014.01.25
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Pictures: Kollektivet Sthlm SommarKollektivet part 3


Kollektivet Sthlm arranged their third and last of three indoor parties at Fabriken this summer, with dj’s making the floor sweat: Tim Win, Tatsumi Suzuki, JP Bates, C.O.J.H., Progma, Ty’Style and Ossian Reynolds

Kollektivet Sthlm SommarKollektivet Part 3, Fabriken, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.08.10
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Pictures: Kollektivet Sthlm pres. SommarKollektivet


Kollektivet Sthlm arranged their second of three indoor parties at Fabriken this summer, with dj’s such as Jay van Kay, Puppan, Fredrik Grass, Spaanberg, Christian Nisan, Kambiz, JdotP and Stavros.

Kollektivet Sthlm SommarKollektivet, Fabriken, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.07.13
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Pictures: Sommarkollektivet pt.2


SommarKollektivet had their second outdoor party for the summer and a afterparty at Fabriken the same night.
Lineup was massive, WonderjaY, Fredrik Grass vs Tatsumi Suzuki, Ninjaz, JdotP, Glombak, Steve Sundheden, Jonas Hörnblad and Tim-win did their thing at the day-time party and Jonas Hörnblad, Jay van Kay, Kambiz, Amar S, Daniel Boxberg, JdotP, Pundits and Hangover Boy did their thing at the afterparty

Kollektivet Sthlm, Sommar pt.2 + Afterparty, Årstafältet/Fabriken, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.06.15
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News: Kollektivet Sthlm at Fabriken


It’s once again time for Kollektivet Sthlm to have a party.
This time it’s a hot summer night at Fabriken in Stockholm, giving you as a guest everything from deep house, trance and techno.

The doors opens up at 20.00 with great prices in the bar and a barbecue ready for action.

Jay van Kay
Fredrik Grass
Christian Nisan
JdotP and friends.

Time: 20.00 – 03.00
Price: Free before 22.00, after 22.00 it’s 100kr

RSVP on Facebook

News: Kollektivet parties all day long


Bejbi’s best friends over at Kollektivet Stockholm has planned an ”all day long” party this Saturday (15/6).

First of, the daytime-party (the location is kept secret until the same day).
As usual, Kollektivet will have the best sound available, and the music will go in the styles of trance.

And after 20, the nighttime party starts at Fabriken.

See you there!

Pictures: TranceClubber 10 years with Kai Tracid

The legendary trance-forum and partysite TranceClubber had their 10 year anniversary at Fabriken in Stockholm. This time they invited Kai Tracid, Tatsumi Suzuki and Fabian Kempe to play at the main floor. It was a great night with lots of old and golden tracks!

TranceClubber 10 year anniversary, Fabriken, Stockholm, Sweden, 20120602
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