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Classic FTW: Ascension – Someone (The Thrillseekers Remix)

This week’s article is about another small project that did great things. They only released 2 tracks but both of them became really huge. So which track am I talking about? It’s ofcourse AscensionSomeone (The Thrillseekers Remix). (Buy on Itunes)


I need a spirit who can touch my life. 
I need a voice to speak the truth. 
I need a soul who will be on my side. 
I need a heart I´ll never loose. 

Someone like you… 
Somebody like you… 
Someone like you… 
Someone like you… 

Sometimes I wonder if my dreams are right. 
Sometimes I know they’ll all come true. 
I need somebody who can move my world. 
Someone who knows just what to do. 
Someone like you… 


EeH… (2x) 
Aah… (2x) 

I need a spirit who can touch my life. 
I need a voice to speak the truth. 
I need a soul who will be on my side. 
I need a heart I´ll never loose. 


Ascension was Rick SimmondsStephen Jones, both well known in the trance-genre under aliases like ChakraLustral, Simmonds & Jones and The Space Brothers just to name a few.

The Ascension-project was started in 1997 and their first track, Someone (with vocalist Joanna Law) was signed to Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto-label although Rick and Stephen had planned to release all their various releases under Judge Jules’s Manifesto-label.

The initial 1997-release contained Original Vocal Mix together with Slacker’s Rolling Mix and Slacker’s Elevation Vocal and eventually a few new remixes appeared from producers like The Thrillseekers, Signum, Space Brothers, Binary Finary & Robert Vadney just to name a few.

What I really like is the soothing vocals by Joanna which gives the track that special feeling. The 1997 original vocal was long one of my favourite until the release of The Thrillseekers remix in 2000. Was quite an experience to see The Thrillseekers play this in his classic set on Luminosity Beach Festival last year.

Lately though, i’ve been listening to the fresher Signum Remix as I really love what they did with the darker and fuller strings in the background.

Someone has been released on a total of 16 different releases whereof the latest was in 2011 on Armada Digital with fresh remixes by Signum and Robert Vadney.

Ascension’s second track, the 2002 release, For A Lifetime (with vocalist Erin Lordan) was signed to Alex Gold’s Xtravaganza-label and came with a bunch of interesting remixes by Oceanlab, Lustral and Alex Gold vs Coast 2 Coast.

The release was later re-released in 2011 on Armada Digital with fresh remixes by Roger Shah and a brand new chillout-version.

So what happened to Rick and Stephen since the Ascension-project ended? Well, they founded the online music store, Audiojelly where you can find all their tracks under various aliases together with many of your favourite producers.

Most of their aliases has been droped since 2005 but Lustral is still going strong and released a single last year.

When it comes to Ascension’s music, I believe that the track Someone is one of those early trance-tracks that people recognize and have fond memories of so my guess is that will live on in most of the older clubbers memories.

A cool thing that i’ve seen lately is that many of the older dj’s have been doing loads of classics sets which both the older and the newer audience likes. And if one track gets stuck in the newcomers brains, the DJ’s have definitely done their job. There are so many awesome classical tracks out there that will be forgotten if no one listens to them. So keep on playing classics!

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Podcast: #Podgressive EP038

#Podgressive selebrates 4 years!

Has it already went four years since episode 1?!
Tatsumi Suzuki and Kambiz released the first episode in January 2010.
The show started with very few subscribers and has grown bigger and bigger since then. We are happy to have two really talanted Danish artists on this special episode. Head over to podgressive.com and listen to the new show hosted by Tatsumi Suzuki and guests Daniel Kandi and Kris O’Neil!

News: Pre-Podgressive – Behind The Scenes EP038

Tja tja bloggeeen!

January, 2013.. Dark, cold January! Well there is hope. #Podgressive EP038 is soon here. We have been in Finland and in Norway. This time it’s time to listen to what our neighbors in Denmark has to give us. We have a couple of really talented artists that I will get to shortly but let’s turn back the time a little bit. Actually 4 years from now!

Podgressive 4 Years Aniversary

I think it was in December. Both me and Kambiz did’nt have so many gigs at the moment and I was, as I always do with my nearest artist friends, try to come up with new cool ideas. And so it was. Some how we came up with this idea. Let’s build up our names with a podcast and let’s make it the best independent edm-show ever! Here we are, 4 years later, with aprox. 4000 listeners each and every month from around the frekkin’ globe! I don’t think none of us really believed that this could get so big. Or hmm, big compared to Armin.. NO! But, for us local Swedish dj’s It’s a huge thing. Of course there has been a lot of work and loss of energy but it has been so worth it! So, as I keep saying. There would’nt be any Podgressive without listeners. So big up to you all and keep up with the feedback and let’s continue spreading the word!

We are trying our best to make this show and bejbi a better experience for you. I wish we could clone ourselves but that aint possible. We have so many good ideas but most of them are too big to make in short notice. If you have any good ideas for the show or bejbi, don’t hesitate. Contact us at info@podgressive.com or patric@bejbi.se.

January 2013

This year started with a big explosion of champagne, my last cigarette, fantastic seafood and great company! The first week was like a big hangover but then I started to grab on to some music again. I made a couple of mash-ups and got a nice gig with my mates Steve Sundheden, JP Bates and Jay van Kay. All three very talented by the decks. The gig is on the 26th January (Make sure to drop by early. My playtime is 22.00-23.30). The day after my release of this months podcast. And somewhere there it got me thinking of how many tracks I will need to get for the end of this month. I don’t want to release a podcast and play the same tunes the day after and I need to keep up with the quality. So, there has been many hours searching for the right material but I think I’m on to some real bangers now!

(Click banner for more info at the Facebook event!)

Podgressive EP038

As I mentioned, this is the fourth year anniversary and we have some phat ”ch00ns” for you. From Denmark, we present Daniel Kandi and Kris O Neil!! As you see, it’s a heavy line up and pretty much melodic tunes coming up. I hope that you like it! Well you know me right.. Starting up with some housyer stuff and there is some really good releases this month. Climbing towards progressive that I found on the MINIMAL section at Beatport.. What’s wrong with the categories!? Since when was progressive house minimal and progressive house SHM, Avicii, Guetta etc? Okay, what ever.. Moving on! Then I got hold to some awesome Techno beats mainly from the Drumcode label and some great demos from my friends that have come a long way since they started to collaborate. We will take a short break with our interviews this month but I think we have something really tasty for you for the February episode. So, 25th January around 12:00 CET at #Podgressive!

TOP10 – January 2013

Okay here we go again! My most played tunes and tracks that has made Stockholm a little bit warmer on January 2013!

  1. 1. My god, Techno as it’s best behaviour, hard and nasty! Turn it up!

  2. Kollektiv Trumstrasse – Tristesse

    A fantastic video. Turn it up and just feel it!!

  3. Major Lazer – Get Free ft. Amber Coffman (Andy C Remix)
  4. Fedde Le Grand – RAW (Original Mix)
  5. Alesso – Clash (Original Mix)
  6. Filterheadz – The Game (Original Mix)
  7. Mark Dekoda – Cold Cuz (Original Mix)
  8. Mike Koglin vs 7 Skies – Vision (Original Mix)
  9. Jonas Hörnblad – Leeloo
  10. Sied van Riel feat. Temper Heart – Carwed by your hands (Wezz Devall Remilf)

Pictures: MondayBar Lucia Cruise 2012

Better late than never, here are our pictures from Mondaybar Lucia Cruise!
Lineup: Markus Schulz, John O’Callaghan, Eric Sneo Live, Sergei Shkuroff, Jochen Miller, Josba, Heatbeat, Tempo Giusto & Jace, O.B.I., Stenis & Ezitsuj, Da Tweekaz, Tatanka, Zany, Panic, Dyprax, Miss K8, Alter Nature Live and Electro Sun Live

MondayBar Lucia Cruise, Silja Galaxy, Stockholm – Åbo, Sweden – Finland, 2012.12.15
Pictures: 129

Pictures: MondayBar Lucia Cruise 2012

Better late than never, here are our pictures from Mondaybar Lucia Cruise!
Lineup: Markus Schulz, John O’Callaghan, Eric Sneo Live, Sergei Shkuroff, Jochen Miller, Josba, Heatbeat, Tempo Giusto & Jace, O.B.I., Stenis & Ezitsuj, Da Tweekaz, Tatanka, Zany, Panic, Dyprax, Miss K8, Alter Nature Live and Electro Sun Live

MondayBar Lucia Cruise, Silja Galaxy, Stockholm – Åbo, Sweden – Finland, 2012.12.15
Pictures: 121

New releases: Christian Rusch – The Arp

The guys and girls over att Future Sound Of Sweden Records just announced their fourth and latest release.
This time it’s from the legendary Christian Rusch.
Christian Rusch started producing EDM back in year 2000, and had a huge breakthrough with the magic tune Epic, co-produced with Greg Murray.
The last years he has been tutoring Tïesto in producing music, and has been working on his own material for a while.

We first heard this tune at Luminosity Beach Festival last summer, and it sure has an summerish wibe. ”Uplifting, driving, and very much in to the point, The Arp delivers an intense journey through rough bass-frills, lush pads, ambient piano landscapes, and its namesake focal-point: the arp.” (FSOS Records)
The b-side is a remix by the up-and-coming producers Sande and Acler.

Beatport Exclusive: 3.2.2013
Release Date: 17.2.2013
Label: FSOS Records™
Catalogue: FSOS004
UPC: 811868215778
Artist: Christian Rusch
Title: The Arp

Music written & composed by: Christian Rusch
Produced by: Christian Rusch
Remixes by: Joakim Sande & Fredrik Åkerstrand

1. The Arp (Original Mix) | 8:22
2. The Arp (Sande & Acler Remix) | 8:17

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/3344157″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Classic FTW: B.B.E. – Seven Days And One Week

Let’s go all the way back to 1996. Trance music was on the rise and especially one track took the world by storm. The track ended up as a top 10-track in more than 15 european countries. It even sold Gold in Germany and also sold Silver in France and the UK with an amazing 200.000 copies sold only in the UK. So which track am I talking about? It’s ofcourse B.B.E.Seven Days And One Week. (buy on Itunes)

Goosebump points:

00:55 when the orchestral hit comes.
01.50 when Oh Yeah is heard just before the main melody comes on.
02.45 after the second Oh Yeah and when the hypnotic bassline starts.
04:38 when the breakdown starts and starts to fade.
05:06 when its all quiet except for the lead instrument.
06:01 after the orchestral explosion and the drums start playing again.

B.B.E. were french producer Emmanuel Top together with italian producers Bruno Sanchioni and Bruno Quartier. Emmanuel Top had done some acid-influented techno before the project and Bruno Sanchioni had quite some fame with various projects like Age Of Love which should be pretty well-known to you guys. Bruno Quartier had also done quite a bunch of various tracks under quite a few aliases.

The name B.B.E. comes from the first letters of their names.

B.B.E.’s first track was actually Seven Days And One Week. First released as an EP called Seven Days And One Week / Hypnose and later released as an own single with various remixes.

Over the years, the track has been released on various labels like Positiva, Urban, EMI and Armada Digital just to name a few. When it comes to remixes, i’d say that I still prefer the original club mix which still sounds pretty fresh even today.

A top tip: Listen to Hypnose, a really dark and hypnotizing track which reminds you of Eric Prydz alias Pryda.

The follow up to Seven Days was the amazing single Flash. Although released in late 1996, the major breakthough came in 1997 when it made it’s way into the UK top 10.

Worth noticing is that on a few versions, the track Photo (which is a personal favourite) appears. The track was later re-released as Enter – Load & Save. Also worth noticing that a few versions of Flash also contained the Rollo & Sister Bliss remix of Seven Days And One Week.

As I mentioned above, the track Photo was re-released as EnterLoad And Save. What they tried to do is to take the dark Photo and make it more ”fluffy”, more atmospheric.
What I really liked about Photo was that it was bang on dark and moody.

The fourth single, Desire was another chart-topper and made it’s way into the top 20 in Ireland and the UK. The Age Of Club-mix is worth a listening.

Deeper Love from 1998 was the first vocal track so far. The vocalist used was Joy Rose from the british house-collective Incognito. The track became another top 20 track in the UK.
Worth noticing is that on the album, the track is called Symphonic Paradise so the single is sometimes called Deeper Love (Symphonic Paradise).

This was also the year that B.B.E. released their debut album, Games, a 13-track monster which had all the tracks to date and a few more. The album did decent chart-wise and made it into the top 60 in the UK. I still got my album somewhere but haven’t really listened to it in quite some time.

After the albumrelease, the guys took some time off. They tried to restart the project after Emmanuel had finished his new studio in 2001 and even released 3 more singles which never made it into the charts.

The 2001 track, B.B.E. Vs Emmanuel TopOrion was the first track. It isn’t bad at all. More trance-sounding than previous track which probably was a sign of the times when it was released.

The second track, Free, follows in the footsteps of Orion. I love the pumping bassline though.

The last track, Hollywood was more house than trance but still kept that simple bassline that many tranceartists at the time used.

So how to sum this up?

For me personally, B.B.E. were a big part of my listening back in 1996 when Seven Days first came out. I was all into the dream trance-sound that came with Robert Miles – Children in 1995 which I really loved.

The first 2 singles, Seven Days and Flash (and Photo) was easily in my top 10 tracks of 1996 as they represented a fresh new sound. I honestly can’t say that the tracks that followed was in the same league, not even by a long shot. I did love the album though which sounded really fresh for 1998.

The thing with classics like this is that they will always live on as long as people keep playing them. It’s really awesome to hear the classics, especially played by your favourite DJ. I know that I will keep on playing them for quite some time as I concider them true classics.

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B.B.E. – Hypnose
B.B.E. – Flash
B.B.E. – Photo
B.B.E. – Enter, Load & Save
B.B.E. – Desire (Age Of Club)
B.B.E – Deeper Love (Trancy House Mix)
B.B.E. vs Emmanuel Top – Orion (B.B.E. Mix)
B.B.E. – Free
B.B.E. – Hollywood

News: Above & Beyond Tour hits Stockholm

The legendary Above & Beyond comes to Stockholm with their Group Therapy Tour 2013.
The venue is Münchenbryggeriet and the tickets are 275SEK each and Jeremy Olander will be the support act.
The warm-up dj’s will be Jonas Hornblad, and Damien Eie and the second floor will have Kambiz, JP Bates, Jay van Kay and Kenuna.

Here is a snipplet from the article about Above & Beyond that Niklas wrote for the Classic For The Weekend in 2012.

The Above & Beyond-story started in 1999 when Jono Grant & Paavo Siljamäki studied electronic engineering at the University of Westminister where they discovered a mutual interest in electronic music.
After working together writing music, Paavo suggested that they should start their own record label, and Anjunabeats was started, mainly to release their own material and later became one of the most influentual trancemusic-labels in the world.

The inspiration for the name Above & Beyond came from a website for an american motvation trainer, who’s name coincidentally also was Jono Grant and used the name Above & Beyond as a slogan and it eventually stuck. The remix was eventually picked over the more established names as Rob Searle & Tilt to be the a-side and later peaked at no 1 in the UK club charts and got loads of support by the major dj’s.

Their biggest commercial success came with the remix of Madonna – What It Feels Like For A Girl. Madonna was so impressed with the track that Above & Beyonds version was used in the official video over Madonnas album-version. The video, directed by Guy Ritchie was pretty violent so MTV couldn’t play it before 9pm. The track had good chart-success all over the world except in the US where it only reached no 23 in the Billboard Hot 100.

Who? Above & Beyond Group Therapy Tour
When? March 1:st 2013
Where? Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm
How much? 275 SEK
More info: Facebook | Luger | Above & Beyond