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News: BouleBass IIII

boulebass pt4

Who wants to party? We want to party! Who wants to boule? We want to boule!
Get ready to celebrate with a fusion of boules, beer, beats and bass, from minimal to progressive electro to tech house. Come play with us, and then dance your ass off!
First, come take advantage of the ridiculously affordable package that BouleBar Globen has put together specifically for this night. Play on one of their 16 newly constructed lanes (max 6 people/lane) and a beer, all for 100kr (regular price is 180kr). This will all go down from 21 to midnight. Then we move into the partying at BouleBar’s nightclub dance floor. This will be a night to remember.
For those of you who don’t know boule, shame on you. Boule is a game played by champions. Similar to horseshoes, boule is all about making your mark on the target. You can read more about the sport here!
After boule play and casual music, the volume will get cranked up to max, and a special assortment of Stockholm’s finest will arrive on the decks.
Come make your mark! Welcome!

For this night only we have a special offer for all of you that is going to Technostate 10-years anniversary!
If you show your Technostate ticket at the door, you get free entrance to our party too!
Come join us and preparty while you play some boule, drink some beer and listen to the bass.

This time we have invited no less than Serkan Denizer! Serkan Denizer is a DJ/Producer & founder of the Sweden-based independent label Bonerizing Records. He will make sure to make the place get hot!
Here is a promovideo recorded at Dans Dakar, where we first got to meet Serkan.

We have also invited Kolizz and WonderjaY, two really talented dj’s that will both start and end the evening with a baaaang!

Serkan Denizer
Tatsumi Suzuki

Where: Boulebar Globen, Charkmästargatan 4, Stockholm
When: 19.00 – 03.00
Entry fee: Free before 23:00, after that, 100:-
BouleBass Special Offer: One Beer + Boule, 100 SEK
Age: 20+

News: Technostate 10 Years Anniversary


10 years ago 4 guys hooked up and started the new Club Technostate.
It was Nick Psarros. Daniel Salan. Matte Björk and Micke Forson and the location was Källaren Diana in Old Town, Stockholm.
At the premier the following played: Hux Flux, Gen 6, Da Hulk and Sebastian Vought

The night was a success. After that they split up and Nick & Daniel continued with Technostate, and, after a while also Daniel dropped out, so now TechnoState is managed by Nick Psarros alone.
With numerous parties, killer bookings and 10 years later the Technostate parties is now the Biggest Psychedelic parties in Sweden.
Over the years they have booked names like: Astral Projection, Astrix, Hallucinogen, Kox Box, Neelix, Ace Ventura, Protoculture, Space Buddha, Etnica, Talamasca and a lot more.

Now its time to celebrate BIG TIME, new BIG venue for up to 3400 people, with Amazing artists, killer sound, decor, laser show and a lot more.


Event info:
Date: 2013-12-07
Open: 21.00 – 05.00
Venue: Annexet at Globe Arenas

Ticket Price: Early Bird 370 Sek + service fee
2nd Round: 410 sek + service fee
At the gates: 460 sek + service fee
Tickets: http://www.globearenas.se/sv/evenemang/18733/23204/technostate-10-years.aspx

ASTRIX – Israel
SKAZI – Israel
DJ ANNELI – Sweden
RITMO – Israel
SPACE CAT – Israel
PERPLEX – Israel
CONNECTION – Connected Network / Noya Rec
LASAK – Sweden
CHAMAN – Sweden

And, since we at bejbi.se, with #Podgressive podcast, Technophobia and BouleBar Globen has a party the same time, we offer everyone with a ticket to Technostate free entrance at our club.
We open our doors at 19.00, so join us for some beer and boule .. and bass, of course!

News: Halloween Masquerade Bonanza


Kollektivet Sthlm with Tillsammans, Socially Hazardous & Rejvnytt is together hosting a wicked Halloween Masquerade party at the newly rebuilt Göta Källare in Stockholm.

THE FREAKSHOW: presented by Tillsammans & Socially Hazardous

Joel Mull
Mikael Jonasson
Danny Deluz

DRACULA’S DUNGEON: presented by Kollektivet Sthlm
Denise Cavalli
Jay van Kay
Fredrik Grass
Amar S
Tatsumi Suzuki

JASON’S CRIB: presented by RejvNytt

Halloween Masquerade Bonanza
Age 21 år
Price 120:-
Venue: Göta Källare, Subway entrance Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm

News: Kollektivet Sthlm Invasion


STHLM Invasion started out as a simple idea as a roadtrip to a club in another town, accompanied with as many friends as possible. Well there the club would be taken over and a dance floor would be filled with the best local talents we could find.

Much thanks to the driving spirits of Tatsumi Suzuki, Dotér and Kambiz, the Idea could become a concept where one bus quickly would be two filled to max and countless of cars from all over the middle part of Sweden.
The concept lasted for two parties, both at the club Pluto in Västerås. Those parties are still talked about by the guests that were there.

It’s now 4 years ago since the last Invasion, and we (Kollektivet Sthlm) thought that it was time once again to fill up Pluto in Västerås and show the locals how to party!

Ofcourse this means that there will be lots of quality dj’s with a massive lineup with both well known and newcomer dj’s:

To get your hands on a ticket you need to pay 250kr.
For that price you get a trip to Västerås, and of course the return trip. You’ll get the entrance to Pluto, a welcome drink and a little snack on the way home.

The downside is that there is only a few available spots, so make sure you get yours!
Info on how to get them is described in the Facebook Event.

There will be tickets available on Kollektivet Sthlm’s Party at Fabriken in July 13th.

Here is a little teaser on how it looked back in June 2009.

And ofcourse some pics:
June 13:th 2009

August 22:nd 2009


News: Kollektivet Sthlm at Fabriken


It’s once again time for Kollektivet Sthlm to have a party.
This time it’s a hot summer night at Fabriken in Stockholm, giving you as a guest everything from deep house, trance and techno.

The doors opens up at 20.00 with great prices in the bar and a barbecue ready for action.

Jay van Kay
Fredrik Grass
Christian Nisan
JdotP and friends.

Time: 20.00 – 03.00
Price: Free before 22.00, after 22.00 it’s 100kr

RSVP on Facebook

News: BouleBass II

Once again it’s time for the club concept that Tatsumi Suzuki, Technophobia, Patric from bejbi.se and BouleBar has come up with.
The idea is as genius as it is simple. Play Boule, drink beer and listen to bass. Boule, Beer & Bass.

The next event is schedule to occur on Saturday the 6:th of July (link to facebook event).
This is the lineup:
Amar S
Fredrik Grass
Tatsumi Suzuki

Just as last time, we will have the super offer of a beer and a game of Boule for just 100 SEK.

Location: BouleBar Globen, Charkmästargatan 4
Subway: (T) Globen
Time: 21.00 – 03.00
Age: 20
Cost: FREE!

Here are some pictures from the last time!
















News: Kollektivet parties all day long


Bejbi’s best friends over at Kollektivet Stockholm has planned an ”all day long” party this Saturday (15/6).

First of, the daytime-party (the location is kept secret until the same day).
As usual, Kollektivet will have the best sound available, and the music will go in the styles of trance.

And after 20, the nighttime party starts at Fabriken.

See you there!

News: Vote for Steve Sundheden!


Bejbi.se’s long time friend Steve Sundheden just got support from one of the biggest names in the business, Armin van Buuren.
So, we would like to make you all out there to pay your attention and vote for his mashup Talla 2XLC vs Richard Bedford – Rise A Thing Called Love (Photographer Dub) to be the Future Favorite on A State Of Trance!

Listen to the track here:
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/90456911″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Vote here:
Future Favorite on A State Of Trance

– Love!

News: Monday Bar Black & White Sundeck takeouts


Kollektivet Sthlm is honored to host the Mondaybar Black & White cruise Future Lounge floor, A concept based on participants who managed to qualify among 52 other DJ:s.
After 54 hours listening & reviewing and 14 chosen, my head and ears are a bit sore.

But let’s go back in time for a while, to the beginning of March 2013.
Kollektivet Sthlm had just got the news that they will host two floors at the upcoming Monday Bar Black & White Cruise and also host the contest where bedroom dj’s get the chance to play an hour at the legendary Sundeck-floor.

In total, Kollektivet Sthlm (where I, Patric, is a part of the jury) got 50 mixes sent to them, as they are the jury.
These 50 mixes were in all different genres, from Uplifting trance and UK Hardcore, to Top 40.

genresflmixesThe different genres represented by the 50 mixes that were sent to the Jury

A fair fight
To make this a fair contest, Kollektivet Sthlm made one member of the jury as a receiver of the mixes.
He was the only one knowing who made the mixes until the jury had settled the lineup and got it confirmed by Monday Bar. First after that the jury got to knew who made the mixes who won the honorable spots.
After a few weeks of listening to every mix and rated them, the jury had a meeting where they decided on which dj’s who would go through the first pick outs. After a lot of discussions, the jury had picked out 25 participants to go through to the next round.

jurydutyThe Jury, from left: Tatsumi Suzuki, Steve Sundheden, Kambiz, Jay van Kay, Amar and me (behind the camera) had some serious discussions over the mixes.


votingThe Jury’s vote is either a 1 or 0, depending on if it makes it through or not.


To make the selection process easier, the jury was informed on which mixes were made on CDJ’s or software, who had played on CDJ’s before and which ones who wanted to use controllers like the Traktor x2 or similar for their gigs.
Naturally, neither the DJ or the crowd wants to see a DJ who can’t use the gear that is provided, that is why the jury had to sort these dj’s out.

For the next round, we picked out the 14 who got a spot, and 3-4 backups if someone of the ones the jury had picked out would say no for some reason.
At this point, the jury still had no idea of who were behind the number of the mix.

After we confirmed every DJ, and replaced the ones that couldn’t play, the lineup consists of eleven different genres, with 16 DJs that will give us 14 sets.

genresflmixesfinalThis is the final representation of the Future Lounge mixes throughout all genres that were represented.

It was at this point the jury got to know who the dj’s behind the numbers were.
We were surprised to see how many of the dj’s that we had heard before, and how many that were all new to us. Almost half of the 14 selected are dj’s at least us at Kollektivet never have heard before.
The jury also picked out, without knowing it, the only two woman that had sent in their mixes, to the final round.

The winners
We are proud to present the final names, here they are (in alphabetical order):
Amin, Berserk Brothers, C.O.J.H, Denise Cavalli, Douchebag, Inchi, JP Bates, Marcus & Stoffe, Progma, Rich Insane, Selma S, Spånberg, Syntse and Tim.Win.

I would like to send a huge thanks to all dj’s who applicated to this.

– Patric