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After three years of silence, Kollektivet Sthlm arranged a bustrip with a busload of partypeople to a town in Sweden, to invade a nightclub there and party for six hours and then go back to Stockholm again, leaving the town wondering what happened. Like the last two times, this Invasions destination was Västerås, and the club Pluto.
When Kollektivet Sthlm Invasion arrived JP Bates, Michael Dupé, Steve Sundheden, Kambiz, Tatsumi Suzuki, Jay van Kay, Stavros and Raphael Olivares gave the visitors some bangin music to dance to.

Kollektivet Sthlm Invasion, Pluto, Västerås, Sweden, 2013.07.27
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News: Kollektivet Sthlm Invasion


STHLM Invasion started out as a simple idea as a roadtrip to a club in another town, accompanied with as many friends as possible. Well there the club would be taken over and a dance floor would be filled with the best local talents we could find.

Much thanks to the driving spirits of Tatsumi Suzuki, Dotér and Kambiz, the Idea could become a concept where one bus quickly would be two filled to max and countless of cars from all over the middle part of Sweden.
The concept lasted for two parties, both at the club Pluto in Västerås. Those parties are still talked about by the guests that were there.

It’s now 4 years ago since the last Invasion, and we (Kollektivet Sthlm) thought that it was time once again to fill up Pluto in Västerås and show the locals how to party!

Ofcourse this means that there will be lots of quality dj’s with a massive lineup with both well known and newcomer dj’s:

To get your hands on a ticket you need to pay 250kr.
For that price you get a trip to Västerås, and of course the return trip. You’ll get the entrance to Pluto, a welcome drink and a little snack on the way home.

The downside is that there is only a few available spots, so make sure you get yours!
Info on how to get them is described in the Facebook Event.

There will be tickets available on Kollektivet Sthlm’s Party at Fabriken in July 13th.

Here is a little teaser on how it looked back in June 2009.

And ofcourse some pics:
June 13:th 2009

August 22:nd 2009