månadsarkiv: juli 2014

Pictures: MondayBar After Dark


It’s payday for most Swedes and time for Part Deux of the success from this Spring. Three floors with hot, steaming and pumping music.

The Lineup:
➤ MONDAY BAR White presents
Björn Åkesson
Super 8 & Tab

Denise Cavalli
D-Block & S-TE-FAN
Main Concern

➤ Technostate & Aftermath presents
Anthony Drone
Nick Psarros vs. Perplex
Alter Nature (Live)

MondayBar After Dark, Slakthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014.07.25
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Podcast: #Podgressive EP056


EPISODE 56! Rolling out once again with a new episode for you. Here is my summer special!
But first some news. It has come to the point where I can’t keep it coming month after month. Podgressive has been rolling out every month since 2010 with over 100 artists. It hasn’t been easy to find good guests lately that are suitable for my show and at the same time looking into my calender, I’m overbooked with both private and job related stuff. I wan’t to keep it coming but still with at least the same quality as before. Therefore, I have decided to keep em’ coming but only four times a year starting with this episode and on October 24th as my autumn special.
I hope that you all understand and hopefully I can pack the next one full of great content.

So grab your copy at Podgressive.com.

Pictures: MondayBar Homegrown


The Swedish promoter MondayBar asked on their facebook-group if there was an interest if their members wanted to go to a party with only ”local” dj’s.
The response was almost united, so together with Technostate and Parklife, they held an party at Slakthuset in Stockholm with only Swedish dj’s.

The Lineup:
➤ MONDAY BAR presents
Johan Vilborg
Jonas Hörnblad

➤ TECHNOSTATE presents
Wizack Twizack
Dj Anneli

➤ PARKLIFE presents
Andreas och Vincent
Samis 303

MondayBar Homegrown, Slakthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014.06.27
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