Imajica – Exclusive mix

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Imajica – Exclusive mix for
The 43rd of our series of exclusive mixes..

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The Swedish trance project Imajica is the result of the musical collaboration between two good friends (Fredrik Jansson & Emma Rydell) who together have been exploring the psycadelic and wonderful land of Imajica. They are trying to describe these journeys as music and invite everyone who will give their music a listen to experience this wonderful land of imagination.

The two met in 2003 when they decided to put together a show and in 2004 they both went to the VooV Experience and decided that since they both loved music, they felt that was what the project should be about. One month later Imajica was formed. Soon after that their first track, Sun One was made. The first of many to come.

After this successful collaboration Emma and Fredrik wanted to collaborate on a new project, but a unfortunate accident destroyed their studio and after the studio was refurbished, their computer broke down.
But now they have new tools in their studio so they can improve their workflow.

You will be hearing more from them soon. If you like the melodic intense psytrance with lots of contrasts and storytelling they have done so far, you are going to love the place their music going to next.
They are currently planning gigs for this summer so keep your eyes on their facebook page to se where you can catch them playing live.

We hope you will enjoy this live set , it’s A voyage through melodic psytrance, exclusively dub mixed for the listeners.

Now they are the 43rd out for a series of exclusive mixes recorded for by our favorite dj´s, both well known, and unknown, that we will publish once a week untill we run dry.

Download Imajica’s Exclusive mix here (right click and save as) or listen to it live on Soundcloud or just press play below here.

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Imajica exclusive bejbi se mix by bejbi

Imajica – Exclusive mix


01. PlanetDust
02. Luftvarg(Imajica RMX)
03. Dreamspeaker
04. SecondSun
05. Wired
06. The Imajica
07. MonkeyMen
08. Majestic 12
09. DigitalAnimal
10. Protostar(Imajica RMX)

If you want to hear more of Imajica, check out their facebook-fanpage, their myspace or their tracks on Spotify.

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