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Pictures: MondayBar XL

MondayBar XL with Tatsumi Suzuki, Austin Leeds and Jace

It was supposed to be a MondayBar XL with Paul van Dyk as headline, but mr. van Dyk cancelled in the very last minute.
MondayBar decided to go through with their party anyway, these are the pictures from that evening!

MondayBar XL, Gamla Tryckeriet – Alvik, Stockholm, Sweden, 20120218
Pictures: 48

Podcast: Podgressive ep. 27

Hey there! Podgressive EP027 is here!

It has been a dark and long winter here in Stockholm, but finally we can feel the changes of nature switching over to spring.
February has been a calm month party wise for bejbi.se part. We went to the MondayBar White Weekend in the end of January and just last week MondayBar had one of their XL-parties, where Paul van Dyk were supposed to play. Unfortunately he had to cancel in the very last minute, but MondayBar decided to go through with the party anyways, and boy! What a party it was!
The pictures from MondayBar XL will be online in a week or so, both me and Lars were there taking pictures.

On the party our host for the Podgressive podcast, Tatsumi Suzuki, got to play. He recorded it and it’s that set we are going to hear in this month episode of Podgressive.
We will also have a pretty awsome artist from the Netherlands, Wezz Devall and a bomb from Finland called Concha!
And I, Patric, has also made an interview with the Swedish based artist Johan Vilborg, so let’s get this paaarteeeyy started!

So jump over to Podgressive.com and download the latest episode!

– Patric


Interview: Johan Vilborg

Johan Vilborg [Photo: Patric Franksson @ bejbi.se]

We continue our interviews of talented Swedish producers and dj’s, this time we sat down at a cafe in central Stockholm with Johan Vilborg to talk about his music producing and thoughts about life.

Before we start can you tell us a little more about yourself, on a non musical front. How is a typical Johan Vilborg day?
A typical day of mine starts with me waking up early, getting ready and then off to work. I work with computers here in Stockholm. After a long day at work, I get home and and start to produce music, or sometimes I just hang out with friends. But it’s all about music when I get home. I spend like 4-5 hours on music every day in some way. Either producing, listening or just scouting.

You latest single ”Altara” has become a huge favorite on Beatport. What does ”Altara” mean?
I think there was a thread on the Anjunabeats-forum where there were many that claimed me to have stolen the name from a Adam Nicky-track also called “Altara”, but when I’m producing music words often spring to my mind, whereas they are often the most obvious names for the tracks. The word Altara comes from a fantasy book by Robert Jordan called “Wheel of Time”. It’s the name of a country in the book.

If you get an idea for a track when you are running about in the city, how do you bring it to life?
I try my best to remember it. I don’t record anything when I get them in my head. All my music really do happen in the studio. I work a lot with chords and my synths. Unfortunately I also have a lot of ideas that didn’t get there… But I guess that’s life.

What would be the perfect recipe to make a hit trance tune ‘today’?
It must be catchy and easy to remember. Something that really gets stuck in your head.
I think it have to sound “new”, not like something from 10 years ago. Something melodic, some vocals…
At the moment I’m actually doing some deeper stuff, where it’s more about getting a lot of passion into the tracks, and to really make it from the heart.

Do you think that your dreams are in any way connected to your music?
Yes, my dreams are often connected to music. I’ve had dreams when I’m at a studio together with some known producers and making music. I think, when you meet someone you tend to get a much more realistic image of that person, and thus they can appear more realistic in the dreams to.

Please tell us something about your forthcoming releases!
I have two releases at Silk Royal Records. One original track that I’ve already played out at dj gigs. Also there is a remix of a track by the owner of Silk, Jacob Henry, that I recently finished. It’s quite different from the original, the name isn’t released yet though, but it’s pretty exciting to have it released.

Who or what do you get your inspiration from?
I get it from my life and how I feel. I’m mostly happy and satisfied with my life, except I don’t work with music full time. But I get a lot of sound influences by Mat Zo and Arty, but mostly life is my inspiration. If I have a really bad day I sit down in my studio and make something. It does not sound good every time, but it’s great to get the emotions out of my system.

Do you have a mentor, or are you the mentor?
I’ve been producing for eight or nine years now, but I’ve never had the same mentor all the time. I’ve always had people around me that’s given me tips, but it’s been various people all the time. When I started out I got a lot of help from a guy in the US called Michel. He helped me out to get things started, but up until now I’ve worked alone except from a few tips from different people around me.

Which is the dream artist or singer you want to work with?
Hard one! Dream artist, would definitely Mat Zo, he is my absolute favorite right now. Can’t wait until his new album comes out!
Dream singer is a bit harder. Usually when I listen to music I don’t pay attention to the vocals that much. I’ll have to think about that one.

Can you take us through what your current studio set up? What does it consist of and what pieces of equipment/software would you say are most essential?
I recently rebuilt my studio at home. It consists of a digital Tascam DM3200 mixer, which is the heart of my system. I use a computer with Fruity Loops-studio. Then I run all the sounds trough the mixer. I want to apply all the compressors and equalizers with my own hands. I also have a Roland JP-8080. It’s one of the first synths that did a supersaw, but I have never used it in my productions so its more of a toy. It sounds too metallic to have in my tracks.

Which is the most essential VST-synth you use?
My favorite is the Z3ta+, then I use the Sylenth1 and the FM8. I also like a lot of FL-studio’s built in synths, but those three are my favorites.
I always create my own sound. I hate the feeling that I didn’t do the track by myself from the beginning. However, if I do use a preset, I try to mix it so the sound is a bit more like my own.

As a producer you’ve produced both vocal and non-vocal tracks. Which do you prefer producing and what are the challenges of producing a vocal track as well as the challenges of producing non-vocal track?
The two vocal tracks I’ve done so far. The first one I did with Aneym, and it’s called Mistaken. I made the track first and then Aneym did the vocals after. For my current track Altara I got a sample pack from my friend Adam Szabo, which I cut and rearranged to get the special vocals in that track.
I’ve never worked with a singer from the beginning of a track’s progress, although I’m actually working on one with a friend of mine right now, where we take an idea and we work out the rest during the creation of the track.
Often a vocal track has a gap between the track and the vocal. I want to have the vocals in early to create a tighter track.

As you’ve grown and matured as a person during your nine years of producing, do you think this has reflected in your music?
When I started, I was a completely different person. I had a hard time in school and started to make music. I’ve always had a huge interest for music. My personality is always about music. I think of it all the time, I listen to it all the time. It’s like an addiction.
I want to work with music full time. I don’t know if would be trance or some other genre, but I want to create music. I’m going to study music at a sound engineering school called SAE pretty soon.

You are a DJ too, how come you started DJing?
Actually it was the first thing I did. My dad was a DJ when he was young, and when I turned nine years old, I got his turntables and mixer. And so it started back then.

So you’ve been a DJ since you were nine!?
Yeah, but I didn’t really know what trance or even dance music was back then. I just scratched with the vinyls. And still today I love vinyls.
In my youth I always had turntables at home. I played at school parties and I think it was when I was in my middle teens I started producing music.

Tell us three classics that you always keep in a CD case while at a gig.
I mostly play new stuff that I like at the moment, but classics.. I like the Oceanlab’s old Satellite and the mash up that Mat Zo made of that track. Mat Zo mashed his track Synapse Dynamics with Satellite and therefore he brought the vocals from Satellite into a whole new track. I play it quite often.
I also like a lot by The Thrillseekers, Oceanlab and an favorite track is the Ehren Stowers mix of Misconceptions.
Otherwise there is a lot of old tracks on Anjunabeats , but the sound I play nowadays don’t fit into a set with older tracks since I don’t want to bring down the tempo too much.

And three must-have current ones!
I’ve been speaking a lot with the Swedish producer Johan Malmgren lately and I really love his sound, and his remix of Thrillseekers “The Last Time” is so good.
And the Mat Zo remix of Tritonal’s “Lifted” is a given newer favorite, and also the Arty mix of Trapeze by Ferry Tale.

What is the best comment you’ve heard after a gig?
Awesome set is the most common I think. I like that word; Awesome!

Do you produce other styles to, under another name than Johan Vilborg?
At first I called myself Feeltz, but when I noticed that DJs where supporting my work and they said in their radio shows “This was a track from Feeltz..” I didn’t feel like it was me. So I decided to use my real name, Johan Vilborg. I want to be remembered by my real name.
I also produce chill out tracks and I’m going to release three of them on Silk Textures later this year. I love the mood in chill out tracks.

Many artists find themselves stuck to one genre throughout their careers, simply because their fan base refuse to accept anything else. This can sometimes push our artists in to a corner that prevents future growth. How important do you feel it is for an artist to stand their ground, evolve and play around with as many genres as they can?
I think it’s very important as an artist to create whatever you feel like. You make music because you want to, and when you are in a corner it just stops. If you get stuck in a corner with something cause you must do it, I don’t think it comes from your heart. I’m quite bad at making remixes since I feel that if I’m stuck in that corner and I can’t get out from it because I cant change what I want in the track. It’s probably because I can’t make it from my heart.
And that is an important thing, because if you don’t create your music from your heart it shines through, and I think you can hear that in some artists’ music.

What do your parents think of what you do?
Both my parents are happy and support me, but my mother doesn’t really understand it as much as my dad does.
Actually my dad didn’t know I was producing music until after four or five years after I got my first record deal. He had just heard some noises coming from my room and didn’t really understand what it was. So he was really surprised when I told him and he was like: “What? Are you making music!?”

If you could listen to just one record for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
Trentemøller – Take me into your skin. I have it on vinyl and I love it.

If you were to put your money on a country for its growing trance scene, which one would it be?
Trance is more underground nowdays. Housemusic is taking over now.
However, Russia and other countries in the former Soviet Union have really created some great artists the last few years. It’s great to see the countries over there loving trance as much as we do, especially since they almost recently got out of wars. They really do look happy when they party.

The Fast questions

Three things you absolutely can’t live without.
My Speakers, my friends and my happy mood. I always see the bright side of life.

Your favorite possession.
My Tascam mixer. I really love it, it took almost four month to get it to work.

Own Productions or own Remixes?
Own Productions.

Other favorite genre after trance?
Progressive, and uplifting.

One thing your fans don’t know about you.
I don’t know what they know really, I just recently made my facebook profile more private. It’s a bad thing when people goes through my old pictures and like them.

Your favorite item of clothing.
I’m not into clothes at all, but I like to wear jeans.

One for all your adoring female fans – blondes or brunettes?
I love when you can see people. Blondes really do stick out from a crowd. If we look out of the window in front of us right now almost everyone is blonde. I like brunettes more though.

Best hangover cure?
Drink water and eat, or drink or eat.. basically keeping yourself awake.

If you weren’t a DJ/producer you’d be a…
I’ve been thinking about that, I work with computers and I think it’s something like that I would do if I didn’t produce music.

What’s the first record you bought?
I think it was Eiffel 65 – Blue

What was your worst gig?
When I was 14-15 or something I had a gig here in Stockholm and no one showed up. That was kinda boring.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve heard about your music?
I got an comment on Altara on YouTube with someone writing: “If he keeps on like this he would be one of the best producer of this year”.
That is quite interesting, I just do what I do and if someone write something like that I’m really glad hearing it.

Which big music style plaguing EDM would you like to cancel right now?
Hardstyle. I really don’t like it at all. I like it when I’m drunk, but otherwise, nah.
I hate the melodies, that brain dead melodies and the beat. I like the older Hardstyle tracks, but the new Hardstyle is too non-serious.

Thank you so much for your time, Johan!
Thanks, it was fun to talk to you Patric!

If you want to hear what Johan can do as a Dj, we got his latest guestmix for Captured Radio here:

[powerpress url=”http://www.bejbi.se/mix/Johan_Vilborg-Captured_Radio.mp3″]


Novaline – Exclusive bejbi.se mix


1. Johan Vilborg – Fall (Original Mix) [Silk Royal]
2. Martire pres. X&Y – New Beginnings (Solid Stone Remix) [Alter Ego]
3. Mango – Good Morning Track (Tom Fall Remix) [Silk Royal]
4. Johan Vilborg – Altara (Original Mix) [Silk Royal]
5. Johan Vilborg – ID (Original Mix) [CDR]
6. Johan Vilborg – Leaving Home (Original Mix) [Silk Royal]

And if you want to hear some of his productions, feel free to check his Soundcloud, where he puts a lot of work in progress.

Classic for the weekend: BT – Flaming June

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jd_B6gOI0MA&w=680&h=491]

This weeks classic is somewhat connected with last weeks piece on Paul Van Dyk as he was a co-producer on this track. Im ofcourse talking about BT – Flaming June (BT & Paul Van Dyk Mix) (Buy on Itunes)

I remember being amazed the first time I heard it. The mixture of the Piano, The flute and the pumping bassline thru the track is really awesome. It’s been 15 years since the original release and it still sounds fresh!.

0:27 when the piano comes in
0:53 when the flute starts
3:02 when the bass-lead starts
4:25 when the breakdown starts
4:39 when the echoing piano kicks in
4:52 when the main Piano kicks in

BT, or Brian Wayne Transeau was born in Rockville, Maryland in the early 70’s. He was early discovered as a prodigal child when it comes to music and first studied music at the Washington Conservatory of Music and later went to Berklee College of Music.

In the beginning of the 90’s he met up with Dubfire and Sharam of Deep Dish and started doing dancemusic. His first releases didn’t get any big response in the US but on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, djs Paul Oakenfold and Sasha played his music at every gig. It wasn’t until Sasha bought BT a planeticket to visit London that BT really witnessed his own success.

Until this time he had released Libra presents TaylorAnomaly (Calling Your Name) with vocalist Jan Johnston and
his own singles Embracing the Future and Nocturnal Transmission.

While in London, he met up with dj/producer Paul Oakenfold and got signed to his label, Perfecto.
The first release on Perfecto was came in 1995 with the single Loving You More with singer Vincent Covello and later the same year BT’s first album, IMA (the title means ”now” in Japanese).

The album contains some cool songs like Embracing The Sunshine, Nocturnal Transmission (which was partially used on the soundtrack to the movie ”The Fast & The Furious”) and Loving You More.
The same year, BT also remixed a couple of tracks. Most memorable is his remix on GraceNot Over Yet.

The US version of the IMA album released in 1996 also contained the hit single Blue Skies with singer Tori Amos. The single also became no1 on the Billboard Dance Chart.

It was around this time I discovered BT after hearing Embracing The Sunshine on MTV. I later bought both Loving You More and Blue Skies on CDM.

In 1997, BT released the singles Flaming June and Remember., both singles were also featured on BT’s second album, ESCM (Electric Sky Church Music).

Compared to the IMA-album, ESCM contained more vocals and a saw more experimental BT with darker sounds and also contained both drum & bass and breakbeat. BT also use live instruments like guitar, bass and drums, all played by himself.

ESCM saw the return of vocalist Jan Johnston who sings on both Remember and Lullaby for Gaia.

1999 saw the release of the third album, Movement In Still Life and contained hit singles Godspeed, Mercury & Solace, Namistai (with Paul Van Dyk), and the US version also contained Never Gonna Come Back Down. The album was heavily influented by the new hip hop-wave in the US so the original UK version was totally remade for the US market.

Tracks like Godspeed and Mercury and Solace did well in the UK, but would not fare well on US radios, where Never Gonna Come Back Down and Shame performed well on American alternative rock stations.

The fourth album, Emotional Technology came out in 2003 and contained hits like Somnambulist (Simply being loved), Force Of Gravity and Superfabulous.

It was also the year that BT got into Guineess world record-book for the Somnambulist-tracks that contains most vocal edits in a single track, with 6,178 in the album version. This technique is called Stutter and uses a program called Bias peak which BT loves to work in. You can hear it being used in loads of BT’s productions including the NSYNC-track Pop which BT produced.

The album, This Binary Universe, was BT’s fifth album and wasnt a typical album but more an experiment into producing in full 5,1 cinema sound. It was actually BT’s 2nd album to do this, the first was the soundtrack to the movie Monster, released back in 2003.

The album, both released as CD and DVD contains a broad mixture of jazz, breakbeats and classical music and even a full 110-piece orchestra. This was a non-vocal album and didnt really contain any hits.

The latest album, These Hopeful Machines, released in 2010 was the biggest success to date. 8 out of 12 tracks from the 2CD album became singles including, The Rose Of Jericho, The Emergency, Every Other Way, Forget Me and A Million Stars. The album featured vocalists Jes, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Christian Burns, BT and Rob Dickinson. Even his daughter, Kaia Transeau sung the lullaby-part on the track Forget Me.

The album also came out as These Humble Machines with radioedits and released as 1CD and later as These Re-imagined Machines as a remix-album with remixes from Adam K & Soha, Marcus Schossow, Ferry Corsten, Tydi, Chicane and Armin Van Buuren just to name a few.

While doing his own thing, BT’s songs has also been featured on loads of film scores including The Jackal, American Pie, Driven, 3000 miles to Graceland, Zoolander and The Core just to name a few. He has also had his tracks featured in videogames as Gran Turismo 3, FIFA 2002, Wipeout Fusion, Need For Speed: Underground, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 and Burnout Revenge just to name a few.

For me personally, These Hopeful Machines was 2010s biggest album by far and I really love the remix-album too. So many beautiful tracks, especially the Josh Gabriel remix of Every Other Way. It is one of those albums that will live on forever.

BT – Embracing The Sunshine
BT feat Tori Amos – Blue Skies (Deep Dish Blue Phunk Mix)
Grace – Not Over Yet (BT Remix)
BT – Godspeed
BT – Mercury & Solace
BT feat JC Chasez – Force Of Gravity (Ferry Corsten Remix)
BT & Jes – Every Other Way (Josh Gabriel Remix)
BT feat Kirsty Hawkshaw – A Million Stars (Myon & Shane 54 Remix)
Tiesto feat BT – Love Comes Again

Classic for the weekend: Paul Van Dyk – For An Angel

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6xb3F9qcdw&w=680&h=491]

The next track is made by one of trance biggest DJ’s. Paul van Dyk (or Matthias Paul which is is real name). First released on his first album, 45RPM, back in 1994 and remixed plenty of times since with latest remixes coming out in 2009. The track i’m thinking of is For An Angel (PvD E-Werk Club Mix) from 1998.

A fun fact is that it was actually my hardrocker-friend that tipped me about this track after hearing it on the local radio. He later bought the CD-maxi.


0:55 when the druma kick in
1:37 when the breakdown comes and the main synth starts
2:33 when the piano starts
4:51 when the breakdown comes
5.33 when the piano starts again

Paul grew up in east Berlin in the early 70’s and his musical intrest came from listening to the pirate western radioprograms broadcasted over the berlin wall, stations like RIAS and SFB. He and his friends occasionally came over some smuggled mixtapes that people visiting the eastern block bring with them.

Paul and his mom got a permit to leave eastern Berlin to live with his aunt in Hamburg just before the berlin wall fell and later in 1990 he moved back to Berlin. His first DJ-gig was at the legendary Berlin club Tresor in 1991 but it wasnt until he teamed up with Kid Paul at the Turbine club that he was discovered. Pauls mixing techniques made producer/DJ Cosmic Baby open his eyes for the young talent. Paul and Cosmic Baby later released 2 singles under the name Visions Of Shiva, Perfect Day in 1992 and How Much Can You Take? In 1993.

1994 was a big year for Paul. It was the year that his first album, 45 RPM came out on the label MFS and also the singles/EPs The Green Valley E.P. , Pumpin’ / Pump This Party , 45 Remixes Per Minute and 45 RPM -The Special Spanish EP Version. The latter cointained the first version of For An Angel, with vocals by Ute Lampka-Konrad.

Meanwhile Paul released his own tracks, he also did some remixed. Most memorable of the older remixes are his version of HumateLove Stimulation entitled Lovemix

With the release of his second studio album Seven Ways, label owner Mark Reeder launched Pauls career in England by licensing the album to Deviant Records. The album later became no1 album of 1996 according to the readers of DJ Magazine.

In 1997, Paul met up with american producer BT (real name Brian Transeau) and together they produced hits like Flaming June & Forbidden Fruit. And 1999 they released Namistai. The same year Paul released version of the epic classic Age Of Love – Age Of Love. This was also the year I personally discovered Paul van Dyk.

With the re-release of the album 45 RPM in the UK and the US, Paul decided to remix his old 1994 track, For An Angel and gave it the name ”E-Werk Club Mix” after a classic club in Cologne, Germany. Paul also got a resident at the world-famous Gatecrasher club in Sheffield, UK where he early stated that he was anti drugs so people did own t-shirts with the tag ”No E, Pure PvD”.

In the middle of 1998, Paul decided to leave his old record label and start his own to control everything that was going on. The new label was named Vandit Records.

The same year his remix of Binary Finarys instant classic 1998 was released which also topped the german dance charts.

The album Out There and Back, released in 2000 contained a bunch of hits like We Are Alive with swedish singer Jennifer Brown, Avenue and Tell me why (The Riddle) with english singer St Etienne. Worth noticing is that many of the track on the album were sung by his wife Natascha van Dyk.

After releasing his mix-album, Politics Of Dancing in 2001, Paul went on a worldwide tour and also saw the release of the live DVD, Global 2 years later.

In 2003 he also released his fourth studio album, Reflections which were inspired by a trip to India. The album contaned the hit Nothing But You and he later was nominated for a grammy-award. Also worth noticing is that many of the tracks from the album later was used in tv-commercials for Motorola, HBO & Land Rover just to name a few.

After releasing his second mix-album, Politics of Dancing 2 in 2005, he dedicated the track The Other Side with singer Wayne Jackson to the victims of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand.

The album, In Between, released in 2007, contained hits like White Lies (with singer Jessica Sutta), New York City, a collab with Starkillers, Austin Leeds and singer Ashley Tomberlin and also Let Go with singer Rea Garvey

Worth noticing is that many of his tracks has also been used in video games like:

1999: Wipeout 3
2003: FIFA Football 2004
2004: Need For Speed: Underground 2
2008: Mirror’s Edge
2009: Grand Slam Tennis
2011: Test Drive Unlimited 2

Also, Paul has also worked on some movie-soundtracks:

2003: Zurdo (which he won an Mexican Oscar)
2004: One Perfect Day
2005: The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants
2005: Into The Blue
2008: The Dark Knight

2012 will see the release of his 6th studio album, Evolution, and a also a tour with the new album.
Planned gigs so far: Tallinn / Estonia, Stockholm / Sweden, Bologna / Italy, Graz / Austria and Brisbane / Australia.

After listening to the new single, Verano, I hear a fresh sound which probably will end up in a really big year for Paul!

Related tracks:

Paul Van Dyk – Verano
Paul Van Dyk featuring Jennifer Brown – We Are Alive (Vandit Vocal Mix)
Humate – Love Stimulation (Paul Van Dyk’s Lovemix)
Paul Van Dyk, Starkillers and Austin Leeds – New York City (Original Mix)
Paul Van Dyk – Tell Me Why (The Riddle)
Paul Van Dyk – For An Angel (1994 Original)
BT – Flaming June (BT & PVD Remix)
The Wombats – Moving To New York (Paul Van Dyk Remix)
Paul Van Dyk – Nothing But You

– Niklas

Classic for the Weekend: Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RiDhy5AIh8&w=680&h=376]

The fifth classic needs no introduction as its one of trance biggest tracks. I’m talking about MotorcycleAs The Rush Comes (Gabriel and Dresden Sweeping Strings Remix) (buy on Itunes)

Motorcycle are american producers Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden together with the singer Jes Brieden. The track came out in 2003 with remixes from Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz and Above and Beyond just to name a few. But the best remix IMHO is the Gabriel and Dresden Remix with the high reverb, the sweet strings and ofcourse the lovely vocals by Jes. The track topped alot of charts including Billboard where it became no1 in 2004.


Travelling somewhere, could be anywhere
There’s a coldness in the air but I don’t care
We drift deeper
Life goes on
We drift deeper
Into the sound

Travelling somewhere, could be anywhere
There’s a coldness in the air but I don’t care
We drift deeper into sound
Life goes on
We drift deeper
Into the sound feeling strong
So bring it on
So bring it on

Embrace me
Surround me as the rush comes
Embrace me
Surround me as the rush comes
Embrace me
Surround me as the rush comes
Oh embrace me
Surround me as the rush comes

So bring it on
So bring it on

We drift deeper into sound
Life goes on
We drift deeper
Into the sound feeling strong
So bring it on
So bring it on

* Repeat (x2)

As the rush comes (repeat)

Goosebump points:

00:57 when the bass starts
01:54 when the first breakdown starts
02:22 when the main vocals kicks in
04:29 when the vocals starts in the break
05:41 when the main chorus starts
06:53 when the bassdrum kicks in after the last breakdown

They only released 2 singles officially under the name Motorcycle, the 2nd single was ”Around You” which came out in 2005. There are 2 other tracks though, one came on the Bloom-album, named ”Imagination” and the other one, ”Deep, Breath, Love” only came out as a demo but was released as a white label with a mashup called ”16 Bit Lolitas vs. Motorcycle – Deep Breath Sedna (Dave Dresden Mash-Up)”

After the single ”Around You”, Jes Brieden, went to work on some other projects with D:Fuse, Deepsky, and Solar Stone just to name a few. She was signed to Tiëstos label, Black Hole Recordings where she released her first Solo-album, ”Disconnect” in 2007.
The album contains the Motorcycle-track ”Imagination” and also the Solar Stone-track ”Like A Waterfall”.

Since then, she has sung on tracks from BT, Tiesto and Cosmic Gate just to name a few. She also released her second album ”High Glow” in 2010.

Gabriel and Dresden started out as a duo back in 2001 as remixers for New Order, Way Out West and later made a name for themselves with the release of their first single, ”Lament”. Since the release of Lament, they have been really busy, as remixers, producers and Djs.

Some favourites remixes:

2001 Way Out West – Mindcircus
2002 Andain – Summer Calling
2002 Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun
2002 Tiësto – In My Memory
2003 Annie Lennox – A Thousand Beautiful Things
2003 Motorcycle – As the Rush Comes
2003 Nalin & Kane – Beachball
2003 Andain – Beautiful Things
2003 Three Drives – Carrera 2
2003 Evanescence – Hello
2004 Above & Beyond – No One On Earth
2004 Dido – Don’t Leave Home
2005 Rachael Starr – Till There Was You
2006 Markus Schulz & Departure with Gabriel & Dresden – Without You Near
2008 Faithless – A Kind of Peace
2011 Andain – Promises

Their mixalbum, ”Bloom”, released in 2004 is legendary and contains loads of own production and remixes.

1. Gabriel & Dresden – Arcadia
2. Gabriel & Dresden – Serendipity
3. Gabriel & Dresden – Lament
4. Andain – Here Is The House
5. Michael Burns – Forwards
6. Sarah McLachlan – World On Fire (Junkie XL Club Mix)
7. Audioholics – External Key
8. Voyager – Someone Else
9. Gabriel & Dresden – Dub Horizon
10. Ferenc – Cronch
11. Guy Gerber – Stoppage Time

1. Pass Into Silence – Voices
2. Elevation + Gabriel & Dresden – Athena
3. Lili Haydn – Anything (Gabriel & Dresden Code 313 Dub)
4. (RND) – Nova Santori (Josh Gabriel Mix)
5. Dido – Don’t Leave Home (Gabriel & Dresden Mix)
6. Bigtop – Sub
7. Above & Beyond – No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix)
8. Josh Gabriel – Alive
9. Josh Gabriel – Switch
10. Push – Electric Eclipse
11. Motorcycle – Imagination (Acoustic Version)

In 2005, Gabriel & Dresden started their own label, Organized Nature and later in 2006 their first self-titled album, Gabriel & Dresden which contains the hit singles, ”Tracking Treasure Down” and ”Dangerous Power”.

While working as a duo, Josh Gabriel also released some track under the projects Andain (with singer and songwriter Mavie Marcos and guitarist David Penner though David Penner later quit) and Winter Kills (with singer Meredith Call).

On the 30th of march 2008 Gabriel & Dresden decided to call it quits and went solo.

Josh Gabriel put all his efforts in his Winter Kills-project while Dave Dresden teamed up with Mikael Johnston to form Dresden and Johnston. The new production Duo went on to remix a number of artists including Nadia Ali’s Love Story and Enrique Iglesias’s Tonight, all of which hit the #1 position in Billboard (Magazine)’s Hot Club Play Dance Chart.

The Winter Kills-album, entitled ”Winter Kills” included the hit singles ”Deep Down” and ”Hot As Hades”, 2 personal favourites, especially the remixes by Alex M.O.R.P.H. And John O’Callaghan.

On NYE 2010 Gabriel & Dresden teamed up for a special gig and has officially been back togheter as a duo since.

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Gabriel & Dresden – Arcadia

Motorcycle – Around You (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
Andain – Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Mix)
Annie Lennox – A Thousand Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
Above & Beyond – No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
Rachel Starr – Till There Was You (Gabriel & Dresden 12 Step Program Remix)
Winter Kills – Hot As Hades (John O’Callaghan Deep Dream Remix)

– Niklas

New releases: Liz Ards – Rainbow Laser

The Japanese newcomers Liz Ards has just released their first single.
Liz Ards is a project started in 2011, centering around Osaka-born DJ Kitten, as you may remember from the excellent exclusive set she did for bejbi.se last year.
They are set to pump genre-less dance music beats from the heart of Osaka to the rest of the world. Rainbow Laser, Liz Ards’ first single, fuses massive grooves with lustrous melodies to create a trancey-progressive track that, like it’s name suggests, will light up the dance floor.

Head over to Beatport to listen to this energic trance tune.

Classic for the Weekend: Solid Sessions – Janeiro

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OhcHDo5zsA&w=680&h=461]

The fourth track in this section is Solid Sessions
feat Pronti & KalmaniJaneiro (Armin van Buuren Remix) from 2002. (Buy on Itunes)

The original came out 2000 and was an instrumental track which later got a vocal-makeover by Pronti and Kalmani who had their studio next door to Solid Sessions. They used a russian vocalist on the version called Vera who also appears on Dash Berlins debut single Till The Sky Falls Down.

According to wikipedia: ”The song is about a girl who falls love with a DJ on tour who visits Icaraí Beach in Nikiti, Rio de Janeiro State during a chance meeting. She loses contact with him when he goes home and pines for him. She meets up with him again at a later date on the same beach, again by chance. She makes her interest known at this time and asserts her wishes to remain with him.”

Janeiro became a huge hit in 2002 after getting remixes from Armin, Kyau & Albert & Marc Et Claude just to name a few.


This is my home
This is where i love to be
Running on the beach
Smiling ’cause you’re next to me

This is my home
This is where i love to be
Running on the beach
Smiling ’cause you’re next to me

This is where you saw my naked soul
In Janeiro, in Janeiro
This is where you saw my naked soul
In Janeiro, in Janeiro
This is where you saw my naked soul
In Janeiro, in Janeiro
This is where you saw my naked soul
In Janeiro

I never wanna lose you again

1:53 when the main background synth kicks in
2:50 when the guitar kicks in
3:19 when the vocals kick in
4:15 when the song start after the breakdown
5:41 when the guitar kicks in again

When I listen to the track, it brings out a summery feeling of joy, a sandy beach and you can almost taste the saltiness of the water. IMHO this is one of trancemusics biggest anthems that most people out there have heard and danced to over the years.

Solid Sessions didn’t really do that much after Janeiro but if we look at Pronti & Kalmani we will find much more interesting story.

Pronti & Kalmani is actually producers Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn which are the men responsible for acts like Alice Deejay and Dash Berlin. The Dutch duo started releasing music back in 1998.

The last years they have putting all their efforts in the group Dash Berlin which also consists of frontman and DJ Jeffrey Sutorius, who became famous back in 2007 when their big hit Till The Sky Falls Down, came out. Armin van Buuren featured it on his Universal Religion-album which became a huge success, even so huge that Armin decided to sign Dash Berlin to his Armada Music-label.

The name Dash Berlin came from Jeffrey Sutorius after playing the huge Love Parade-festival, he decided to incorporate the word ‘Berlin’ in his artist name. ”It’s an ode to a metropolis and her engaging, urban landscape,” he said, ”Where I have seen more then a million people dancing on the streets, in the in the spirit of an ever-evolving Europe”.

Their album ”The New Daylight” which came out in 2009, contained hits like Till The Sky Falls Down, Man On The Run, Never Cry Again and Waiting , all huge vocal-monsters. They also re-released Janeiro on the album, but now under the name Dash Berlin Feat. Solid Sessions.

Dash Berlin has also remixed a bunch of tracks including Cerf, Mitiska and Jaren – You Never Said, Medina – You And I, Armin van Buuren vs Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Not Giving Up On Love just to name a few

Since the release of The New Daylight, Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn have released the singles Disarm Yourself, Better Half Of Me and most recently World Falls Apart.

Dash Berlin is currently touring North-America and is also scheduled to play ASOT 550 in Russia later this spring.

It feels like Dash Berlin has a tight grip on the future of trancemusic and IMHO that grip will stay firm for many years to come. If not, the Dash Berlin-sound will still be remembered with a big smile on my face

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Cerf, Mitiska And Jaren – You Never Said (Dash Berlin Remix)
Medina – You And I (Dash Berlin Remix)
Dash Berlin – World Falls Apart

– Niklas