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The fourth track in this section is Solid Sessions
feat Pronti & KalmaniJaneiro (Armin van Buuren Remix) from 2002. (Buy on Itunes)

The original came out 2000 and was an instrumental track which later got a vocal-makeover by Pronti and Kalmani who had their studio next door to Solid Sessions. They used a russian vocalist on the version called Vera who also appears on Dash Berlins debut single Till The Sky Falls Down.

According to wikipedia: ”The song is about a girl who falls love with a DJ on tour who visits Icaraí Beach in Nikiti, Rio de Janeiro State during a chance meeting. She loses contact with him when he goes home and pines for him. She meets up with him again at a later date on the same beach, again by chance. She makes her interest known at this time and asserts her wishes to remain with him.”

Janeiro became a huge hit in 2002 after getting remixes from Armin, Kyau & Albert & Marc Et Claude just to name a few.


This is my home
This is where i love to be
Running on the beach
Smiling ’cause you’re next to me

This is my home
This is where i love to be
Running on the beach
Smiling ’cause you’re next to me

This is where you saw my naked soul
In Janeiro, in Janeiro
This is where you saw my naked soul
In Janeiro, in Janeiro
This is where you saw my naked soul
In Janeiro, in Janeiro
This is where you saw my naked soul
In Janeiro

I never wanna lose you again

1:53 when the main background synth kicks in
2:50 when the guitar kicks in
3:19 when the vocals kick in
4:15 when the song start after the breakdown
5:41 when the guitar kicks in again

When I listen to the track, it brings out a summery feeling of joy, a sandy beach and you can almost taste the saltiness of the water. IMHO this is one of trancemusics biggest anthems that most people out there have heard and danced to over the years.

Solid Sessions didn’t really do that much after Janeiro but if we look at Pronti & Kalmani we will find much more interesting story.

Pronti & Kalmani is actually producers Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn which are the men responsible for acts like Alice Deejay and Dash Berlin. The Dutch duo started releasing music back in 1998.

The last years they have putting all their efforts in the group Dash Berlin which also consists of frontman and DJ Jeffrey Sutorius, who became famous back in 2007 when their big hit Till The Sky Falls Down, came out. Armin van Buuren featured it on his Universal Religion-album which became a huge success, even so huge that Armin decided to sign Dash Berlin to his Armada Music-label.

The name Dash Berlin came from Jeffrey Sutorius after playing the huge Love Parade-festival, he decided to incorporate the word ‘Berlin’ in his artist name. ”It’s an ode to a metropolis and her engaging, urban landscape,” he said, ”Where I have seen more then a million people dancing on the streets, in the in the spirit of an ever-evolving Europe”.

Their album ”The New Daylight” which came out in 2009, contained hits like Till The Sky Falls Down, Man On The Run, Never Cry Again and Waiting , all huge vocal-monsters. They also re-released Janeiro on the album, but now under the name Dash Berlin Feat. Solid Sessions.

Dash Berlin has also remixed a bunch of tracks including Cerf, Mitiska and Jaren – You Never Said, Medina – You And I, Armin van Buuren vs Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Not Giving Up On Love just to name a few

Since the release of The New Daylight, Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn have released the singles Disarm Yourself, Better Half Of Me and most recently World Falls Apart.

Dash Berlin is currently touring North-America and is also scheduled to play ASOT 550 in Russia later this spring.

It feels like Dash Berlin has a tight grip on the future of trancemusic and IMHO that grip will stay firm for many years to come. If not, the Dash Berlin-sound will still be remembered with a big smile on my face

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– Niklas

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