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Once again MondayBar set sail with their legendary Black & White Cruises. This time the lineup was massive, with dj’s like Argy, Organ Donors, Scot Project, Cally & Juice, Activator, Mark EG, Johan Vilborg, Tom Fall, Omnia, Orjan Nilsen, Roger Shah, Andrew Rayel, Rebourne, Waverider, Brennan Heart, Noisecontrollers, Frequencerz, Outblast, Angerfist, Aladdin, Douchebag, Fredrik Grass, Syntse, Spaanberg, Selma S, Berserk Brothers, Amin Violin, Tatsumi Suzuki, Amar S, Marcus & Stoffe, Inchi, Steve Sundheden, JP Bates, Tim.Win, Technophobia meets G. Larsson, Kambiz, Jay Van Kay, Denise Cavalli, C.O.J.H and Progma

MondayBar Black & White Cruise, M/S Romantika, Stockholm-Riga, Sweden-Lativa, 2013.06.05 – 2013.06.07
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