C.Lindell – Exclusive bejbi.se mix

C.Lindell (Photo by: Patric Franksson | bejbi.se)

C.Lindell – Exclusive mix for bejbi.se.
The eleventh of our series of exclusive mixes..

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C. Lindell (or Conny Lindell as his birth name is) started his DJ career as a thirteen year old boy when he nag himself into a dj-course where the age limit actually were fifteen.

His interest in Electronic Dance Music started early when he started to listen to Goa and above all Etnica at age 11.. and since then he has been hooked.

At the age of sixteen he got his first “real” Dj-gig. It was at a club in Stockholm, Sweden, and after that he have played all over Sweden on clubs arranged by Future Sound Of Sweden, 420group and MondayBar to mention a few.

He sees the mixer and cd-players more as instruments, rather than a piece of equipment with which to change songs.

To get an unique sound he often uses four, or up to six players, simultaneously, to make two or more songs become one, unique, continuous live remix.
This has become one of his trademarks when he plays at clubs.

Earlier he played everything from house to hardstyle, practically everything in the EDM-genre, but now his main focus is on techno, and he wants to mediate the feeling of being in a dark, sweaty concreteclub in Berlin.

He has also started to take the first steps to produce his own tracks, so watch out for some really different mixes and own productions in the imminent future.

Now he´s the eleventh one out for a series of exclusive mixes recorded for bejbi.se by our favorite dj´s, both well known, and unknown, that we will publish once a week untill we run dry.

Download C.Lindell´s Exclusive mix here (right click and save as) or listen to it live on Soundcloud or just press play below here.

Sorry, the Soundcloudlink is no longer active, use the downloadlink instead.

[powerpress url=”http://www.bejbi.se/mix/c_lindell-exclusive_bejbi_se_mix.mp3″]

C.Lindell – Exclusive bejbi.se mix


1. Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djinns (Trentemoller Remix)
2. Dosem – Beach Kisses (Joris Voorn Green Mix)
3. David Londono Control (original mix)
4. Phunk Investigation – Acid Slider (Original Mix)
5. Miki Litvak – Pollinator (Gary Beck Remix)
6. Erphun – Blue Flame
7. Dubfire – Rejekt (Original Mix)
8. Alan Fitzpatrick – Gridlock
9. Slam – Maffaking
10. Karo – Der Taucher – AnGy KoRe & Juan Kue Mix
11. Ozgur Can – Jattedansen – Original Mix
12. Tocadisco – 2 Many Shots of Jägermeister (Koen Groeneveld Remix)
13. Woo York – Imperial Droid (Spiros Kaloumenos Remix)
14. Steve Parker – Fenix The Rat – Dyno Remix

If you want more of C.Lindell, check out his homepage myspace.com/connylindell for more info.

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