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Our friends at Art Of Sound / Tillsammans is having a major trance-booking this coming weekend, an event that you dont want to miss out on!

They have booked the internationally famous Ummet Özcan together with local talents for a gig that won’t be forgotten for a long time!

Warmup-dj’s will be Jonas Hörnblad, JP Bates and Steve Sundheden, all of them pretty known in the Swedish trance-community.

Art Of Sound / Tillsammans usually book artists who play in the Techno, Deep & Tech-House, Progressive & Psytrance-genres and will have their second dancefloor dedicated to the latter with artists like Gaudium, Tegma, Bakke & Mama Gaia

The third floor will be dedicated to two of the local partyproviders BZO and Tribalism where Jakob Westling and Kenneth Kenuna will play some true progressive classics from 1992 until today.Expect major goosebumps if you’re into old heroes in the genre like James Holden and Sasha.

Except for the major DJ’s. there will be stunning decors, wicked visuals and amazing 3d-mappings + phat lasers. So even if you don’t like the music, come for the visuals!!

The timetable isn’t 100% set at the moment but to give you a glimpse into who plays when, check this out:

Floor 1 (in order of play)

JP Bates
Jonas Hörnblad
Ummet Özcan

Floor 2 (in order of play)

Mama Gaia

Floor 3
B2B Jakob Westling / Kenneth Kenuna (+ friends)


The event is next friday (the 26th) and the venue is open from 22.00 – 05.00
Adress: Palmfeltsvägen 1B.
Nearest subway: Globen. About 100 meter to walk.
Entrance-fee: 180 sek. You can buy a 2-day ticket for another party on saturday (the 27th) at the same location and pay 300 sek for both. The party on saturday is more techno-influented with acts like Function, Oliver Bondzio (one half of legendary duo Hardfloor), Jesper Dahlbäck and Nima Khak.
Age limit: 20 year and older

Feel free to join Art Of Sound and Tillsammans / Suburbias facebook pages for more info on the next coming parties.

Tillsammans has had some quite big names in their bookings over the years. Click this link for a complete list.


Ummet Özcan

Short bio on Ummet Özcan.

DJ & producer from Putten, Gelderland, the Netherlands with turkish parents.
Aside from making music, Ummet is also a sound designer and have been working with some of the major sound bank designers like Rob Papen (Albino, Predator) and Acces Music (Virus).

His musical career started back in 2006 with the release of the single Chica God but his major breakthrough as a producer came in 2009 with the release of Time Wave Zero. Since then, he’s released some 30 releases and collaborated with acts like W&W, Sied Van Riel, MEM, El Toro just to name a few.

Meantime, while producing tracks and sounds, Ummet has frequeted many of the hottest clubs around the world. So far this year Ummet have toured Canada, USA, Egypt, The Netherlands, Malaysia and the UK just to name a few and his touring will continue most of this year.

As a DJ, Ummet usually plays really energetic trance and has a strong stageprecence and drives the crowd wild with his choice of tracks. His gigs at Luminosity Beach Festival over the years has been legendary and the most remeberable gigs of the whole festival.

Hope to see you at the party!

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  1. Steve skriver:

    Headlining DJs
    Timetable mainfloor
    22-00 JP Bates
    00-01.30 Jonas Hornblad
    01.30-03.30 Ummet Ozcan
    03.30-05 Steve Sundheden

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