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This wekends featured artist need no introduction. With projects like En-Motion, Hydra, The Thrillseekers, Insigma (with Pulser) and Rapid Eye (with Tim Stark) just to name a few, Steve Helstrip is a household name in the trance-scene.

Steve has produced so many quality tracks over the years so it was pretty hard to choose. I wouldn’t wanna go with the most common choice so I chose The ThrillseekersDreaming Of You (with singer Alexis Strum). (Buy on Itunes)


Dreaming Of You

Dreaming of you, yeah
Dreaming of you
Dreaming of you, yeah
Dreaming of you

I wish that, I could be
The one thing, that you really need
I’m broken, and bitter
You left me, with nothing underneath
I drove you, too far
I see that, but I can’t find my peace
And I’d fake it, if I thought it
Would make it, easier to breath

I tell you baby all my dreams come true
When I’m laying next to you
Is that so wrong
I tell you baby all my dreams come true
Wanna be the way you are
So why hold on

Dreaming of you, yeah
Dreaming of you
Dreaming of you, yeah
Dreaming of you

Didn’t know what just to do
When you said we could be friends
I lied to you
Could it be the last goodbye
When this feeling never ends
You need me too

I tell you baby all my dreams come true
When I’m laying next to you
Is that so wrong
I tell you baby all my dreams come true
Wanna be the way you are
So why hold on

Dreaming of you, yeah
Dreaming of you
Dreaming of you, yeah
Dreaming of you
Dreaming of you, you’re my dream come true

I’ll hold on to you
I’ll never let you go
I’ll never let you go

English-born Steven Robin Helstrip music career started around 1998, but the big breakthrough came in 1999 with the release of Synaesthesia on Neo Records. Although the track had been produced on a pretty simple home recording studio, the track eventually peaked at no 28 in the UK Singles Chart and sold more than 12.000 copies on its initial UK release.

The track became huge in the club scene and was hammered by most major dj’s like Oakenfold and Paul Van Dyk.

The track was eventually re-released in 2000, now with vocals by Sheryl Deane under the name Synaesthesia (Fly Away). Being featured on the 2001 hit movie, 51st State in a rave-scene got even more people into Steve’s productions and the trance-scene.

The next vocal track, Dreaming Of You (with singer Alexis Strum) was released in 2002. The difference between Synaethesia and Dreaming Of You is that the latter was written with vocals from the beginning so IMHO the vocals fit way better and the track feels more genuine.
Dreaming Of You came with 2 nice remixes by Svenson & Gielen and Fluhlicht but I prefer the original mix.

In 2004, Steve set up his own label, Adjusted Music. The first track released on the label was NewLife, a non-vocal monster. I like the drive in the track, reminds me of early Push/Airwave-stuff which has small changes throughout the track.

It was followed by a re-release of his 2003 Affinity-track under the Hydra-moniker, now named The Thrillseekers presents Hydra – Ultimate Affinity (with singer Tiff Lacey). I really love the warm pads in the track. Affinity cames with a huge remix-pack by Progresia, Menno De Jong, Roger Shah & Pedro Del Mar just to name a few.

The next big vocal track was the 2006 smash, By Your Side (with singer Gina Dotson). The track is another smooth trance-hit, espelcially with the guitar in the breakdown (played by Bryan Josh). By Your Side was also the opening track on Steve’s 2005-compilation, Nightmusic Volume 1.

2007 saw the release of Nightmusic Volume 2 which was opened by the next track, Waiting Here For You (with singer Aruna). The track is more Pop-ish than the previous tracks and Aruna’s singing is really amazing.

Speaking of amazing, the next release was more than that. The Last Time (with singer Fisher) is an all-time favourite (which can be said of most of Steve’s releases). The stunning vocals by Kathy Fisher together with the smooth track by Steve is pure quality. The track gets even more depth when you find out that Kathy Fisher is singing about God. The track was later re-released in late 2011 after a remix-competition where fans could send in their own remix, which eventually was won by Johan Malmgren.

The Last Time was also the opening track of the 2008 compilation album, Nightmusic Volume 3.

The followup-track, City Of Angels from 2008 is another smooth non-vocal track. I just love the pads that Steve use in all his tracks, so warm and fluffy.

2010 saw the release of Savanna, another instrumental monster. I just love the sound in this one, especially the guitar-play after the breakdown which gives it abit of balearic summerfeeling to it.

The same year also saw the release of the collaboration between Steve and Mike Dierckx on The Thrillseekers vs M.I.K.E.Effectual. I just love M.I.K.E.’s older stuff under the Push-moniker but this one is not giving me the feeling I wish i’d feel, I’d have to say that it’s one of my least favourite tracks from both Thrillseekers and M.I.K.E.

The followup release, Song For Sendai has a special story to it. Steve was on a tour in Japan one week before the 2011 earthquake and tsunami-disaster struck Japan and left more than 15.000 dead and 6000 injured. The track was released less than a month after the disaster and all the proceedings were donated to the Japanese Red Cross. The track is just awesome, especially that piano in the breakdown which just gives you chills.

2012 has so far seen the newest single, Angel (with singer Fisher), another smash with that smooth & warm sound I just love.

Since 2010, Steve has toured around the world with his new Thrillseekers Live Xtreme-concept which is basicly Steve doing a Live-gig on his own with live synths, drumpads and other technical equipment for the best live performance. He has also reworked some tracks, like the 2010-version of Synaesthesia called Live Xtreme Mix. If you have the opportunity to see one of his Live Xtreme-shows, go for it.

I also know that Steve’s working on his debut album, pretty funny to call it a debut as Steve’s been active for nearly 14 year. What we know so far about the album that he’s ben using Stine Grove on vocal for a few tracks and hopefully the album will be released in the end of the summer.

Steve has also made a huge bunch of remixes thoughout the years. Just to mention a few:

1999 Chicane – ”Saltwater (Ambient Mix)” [Xtravaganza]
2000 Rhythm of Life – ”You Put Me In Heaven With Your Touch” [Xtravaganza]
2000 Ascension – ”Someone” [Code Blue]
2000 Chicane – ”Autumn Tactics” [Xtravaganza]
2000 Tiesto & Armin van Buuren pres. Alibi – ”Eternity” [Vandit/Armind]
2002 Chicane – ”Saltwater 2002 (House Mix)” [Xtravaganza]
2003 Jan Johnston – ”Calling Your Name” [Platipus]
2004 Ferry Corsten – ”Sweet Sorrow” [Tsunami]
2004 Reflekt feat Delline Bass – ”Need To Feel Loved” [Positiva]
2005 Pulser – ”Square One” [ATCR]
2005 Lange ft. Kirsty Hawkshaw – ”Sincere for You” (re-released 2008) [Adjusted]
2005 Ferry Corsten vs. The Thrillseekers – ”Sublime” [Tsunami]
2009 Solarstone ft. Elizabeth Fields – ”Part of Me” [Solaris]
2009 Chicane – ”Poppiholla” [Armada]
2011 John O’Callaghan ft. Audrey Gallagher – ”Bring Back The Sun” [Subculture]
2011 Armin van Buuren – ”I Don’t Own You” [Armada]

I think The Thrillseekers sound still sounds really fresh and I hope that Steve’s gonna continue producing and remix with his signature sound. I am really looking forward to the debut album and most of all hearing him perform a classic set this sunday. For when it comes to classics, Steve sure has got them!

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The Thrillseekers – City Of Angels (Club Mix)
The Thrillseekers – Savanna (Original Mix)
The Thrillseekers – Song for Sendai
The Thrillseekers featuring Fisher – Angel (Club Mix)
Chicane – Autumn Tactics (Thrillseekers Remix)
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Reflekt – Need to feel Loved (Thrillseekers mix)
Lange featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw – Sincere For You (The Thrillseekers Remix)
Ferry Corsten featuring The Thrillseekers – Sublime (Thrillseekers Remix)
Chicane – Poppiholla (Thrillseekers Remix)

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    I also know that Steve’s working on his debut album, pretty funny to call it a debut as Steve’s been active for nearly 14 year.

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