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Technophobia, a.k.a. Grigorij Larsson (Photo by: Andrzej Tarski |

Technophobia – Exclusive mix for
The 39:th of our series of exclusive mixes..

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Technophobia aka Grigorij Larsson, born in October 1991 grew up in Stockholm, Sweden.
Grigorij started his interest in music at a very early age. At the age of 9, Grigorij got his first keyboard, and started to practice on it as often as he could. In the beginning his music interest were classic music, and at the age of 11 he discovered trance music… And then it began …
Melodies and rhythm were increasingly becoming a more important part of Grigorij’s life as he was reaching for his teen years. Electronic dance music got his attention because of its unique sound which merged beautiful melodies and rhythmic patterns.

Grigorij wanted to make music as well, but the lack of funds and the knowledge of how to, stopped him from it for a couple of years.
At the age of 16, Grigorij got his first very own Dj gear, and from now on things were evolving quite rapidly. He learned the basics of djing, and his knowledge of music became very big.
Unlike Grigorijs alias “G.Larsson” which focuses mostly at trance music, “Technophobia” takes another approach, techno and its subgenres.

His main challenge now is that he tries to focus on his own productions, so keep an eye out for this upcoming dj and producer.

Now he is the 39:th out for a series of exclusive mixes recorded for by our favorite dj´s, both well known, and unknown, that we will publish once a week untill we run dry.

Download Technophobia’s Exclusive mix here (right click and save as) or listen to it live on Soundcloud or just press play below here.

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Technophobia – Exclusive mix by bejbi

Technophobia – Exclusive mix


01: Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Andi Müller Mix)
02: Stephan Bodzin, Marc Romboy – Phobos (Pan-Pot Remix)
03: Pawas – Anticipation (James Dutton Remix)
04: ID – ID
05: H2 – The End (Original Mix)
06: Roland M Dill – Three Pounds (Sinisa Tamamovic Tribal Remix)
07: Nic Fanciulli & Gary Beck – Hear Me Out (Original Mix)
08: Cristian Varela – Funky Tones (Original Mix)
09: Olivier Giacomotto – Jumbo Rhino (DJ Tonio Remix)
10: Pierre Deutschmann – When It Rain It Pours ( Matt Minimal Swing Remix )
11: Sasha Carassi – Hexagon (Original mix)
12: Gabriel D’or, Bordoy – Audium (Original Mix)
13: Forest People & Omega Drive – Behind The Walls (Original Mix)

If you want to hear more of Technophobia, check out his facebook page,

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