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Pictures: Kollektivet STHLM pres. Skärgårdskollektivet 2015


Kollektivet STHLM never makes us dissapointed! This yearly, small and intimate summer party on a boat cruising around in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago, really was worth the wait.
After what seemed like an new ice age, the sun showed itself with all it’s glory just for this day.
Performed did Armin Skyvibes, Steve Sundheden, MadCap, Gestalt, Fredrik Grass, PTRC, Tatsumi Suzuki and Amar S.

This is Patric’s pictures from the party.

Kollektivet STHLM, Skärgårdskollektivet, S/S Oden Gamle, Stockholm, Sweden, 2015.06.27
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Pictures: Skärgårdskollektivet


Kollektivet Sthlm had a private party for a limited amount of their members at a chartered boat driving around the Stockholm Archipelago.
With a line up consisting of JP Bates, Marius Andries, Amar S, Steve Sundheden, Kambiz, Stavros and Jay van Kay.

This is Patric’s pictures
Skärgårdskollektivet, Oden Gamle, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014.05.17
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