says farewell

bejbi-closed says farewell

For almost ten years, has given you pictures, movies, podcasts and interviews from the best parties Sweden and Europes, and we who has been working with the page has been enjoying every second of it.
And it’s with a big sadness in our hearts we now say farewell.

It’s been a fantastic journey, that has taken us and our gear all over the world, getting to know so many wonderful people, and made us friends for life. To be able to see a whole generation dj’s and artists go from their bedroom studios to big arenas has been a wonderful experience.

Our goal has always been that you, as a visitor, never would see any annoying ads, long loading times or popups, something that pretty much was the only alternative when we started everything back in 2005.
This, of course, means that the page haven’t been self supporting economic-wise, and that all our gear and server has been paid out of our own savings.

It will be so dark without all you happy people, promoters, dj’s, artists and friends all over the world that has been supporting us through all these years.
What’s happening now is that we will put in a sundown-state, meaning we will have the page online but we will disable comments and no more articles will be published.

So, to all you million unique visitors from all over the world who has been visiting the page, saying hi to us at parties, laughed and given us the happiness to continue what we have done for all these years: Thanks for everything!

With love,
Patric Franksson
Editor in chief,

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