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Dondale (Photo by: Aleksander Wistrand |

Dondale – Exclusive mix for
The 20:th of our series of exclusive mixes..

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Dondale, or Daniel Forsgren which is his real name, was born 1987 in Uppsala.
The first contact with DJing was at the age of 14-15, when a few of the mates in his high-school class shared the same fascination for the DJ-profession. They sat together in school, planned small parties to raise funds for a school trip, and played with a simple two-channel mixer and two portable CD players and this way he also got our first gig.

When high school was over the interest had grown huge but without money to get his own equipment he had to put this interest on hold. It was about 5 years later, in 2008 when he met Tobias (FSOS resident 2BIAS, as you also might recognize from his exclusive set) that Daniel first realized the importance of getting back on track.

Sitting in studio with Tobias, listening to him talk about his vision and his way to work. Time passed by and a multiple sessions later his way of “listening to music” changed significantly, now more widely, analyzing the build up and structure and always counting the beat.
What once started of with the tones of ‘Darude – Sandstorm’ and the ownership of all ‘Hard Dance Mania’ CD’s have now turned to become a promising rising talent. After Monday Bar Summer Cruise 2009 the interest grow to the next level, Daniel and a friend bought a complete set of professional equipment and by taking turns who had the “case” at home they started to advance and develop their own sound and technique.
Daniel started to make some full length mixes for downloads and started to spread these samples with the Dondale sound.

The big personal breakthrough came with a e-mail, less then a year back Daniel was a visitor at the Mondaybar cruises and now, he got the honor to perform a set on the 40 hour Monday Bar B&W Cruise 2010 (cross the Baltic sea and once counted as one of the best club experiences in the world) at the sun deck floor co-hosted by Tranceclubber.
Chosen to be playing among artists as Mac & Taylor, Sebastian Brandt, Dash Berlin, Bryan Kearney and Filo & Peri to name a few. This year have so far been full of great achievement for Daniel, not only did he get his breakthrough as a DJ, he also started of with his own productions and he also found his place among the FSOS team. We’re all very excited about what the future has to offer for Daniel, one things for sure, this is only the beginning of a great career in the scene!

Now he is the 20:th out for a series of exclusive mixes recorded for by our favorite dj´s, both well known, and unknown, that we will publish once a week untill we run dry.

Download Dondale´s Exclusive mix here (right click and save as) or listen to it live on Soundcloud or just press play below here.

Sorry, the Soundcloudlink is no longer active, use the downloadlink instead.

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Dondale – Exclusive mix


1. Lange – Harmonic motion (Extended intro mix)
2. Jochen Miller – Classified (Original mix)
3. Adrian Ivan – Alive (origina mix)
4. Jonas Stenberg – Emo dist ( Wess Devall mix)
5. Moonpax vs Snatt & VIX With Xspective – Disco Terra (Artento Divini Remix)
6. Dj´s United – Remember Love (original mix)
7. Skytech – Cardboard Box (Ummet Ozcan remix)
8. Sander van Doorn – Daddyrock (Original mix)
9. Tall 2XLC – The Sound Of The Crowd (Scot Project remix)
10. Ernesto vs Bastian – Hyper Globe Original Mix

If you want more of Dondale, check out his soundcloud, or the FSOS homepage for more info.

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