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This weeks article is not about a group/act or a DJ. It´s about a singer. Who can say that they’ve sung for Chicane, Oceanlab, Markus Schulz & Armin Van Buuren. Ladies and gentlemen. Let me present to you, the queen of vocal trance: Justine Suissa!

She has done so many quality tracks over the years but the one who’s closest to my heart is Armin Van Buuren featuring Justine SuissaBurned With Desire (Rising Star Remix). (Buy on Itunes)


For each forgotten kiss
For all the memories
For all the times alone
Said all we had to say

You played your part so well
A modern Romeo
You came on Cupid’s wings
And then you flew away

When you touched my face
When you call my name
I’m burned with desire

When you touched my face
When you call my name
I’m burned with desire
But you left me in the rain

For every sleepless night
Forever in your arms
For every hour spent
Lost in the revelry

You broke your promises
No shame and no regrets
You burned the bridges too
An endless mystery

When you touched my face
So beautiful
When you call my name
My name..
I’m burned with desire

When you touched my face
So beautiful
When you call my name
My name..
I’m burned with desire
But you left me in the rain

Goosebump points:

1:09 when the main synth starts.
1:37 when the piano comes in.
2:19 when the first break comes in.
2:33 when the main vocals start.
3:01 when the chorus start.
3:26 ”… but you left me in the rain” and the main melody starts up again.
4:51 when the music fades just before the second chorus
5:20 when the second chorus comes in.
5:45 ”…but you left me in the rain”

Justines career started in 1999 when she did some singing for a track by Chicane called Autumn Tactics. The track did very well so Justine went on tour with Chicane on their Behind The Sun album-tour and performed at various venues/festivals all over the globe.

If you haven’t listened to that album, do it now! One of the best albums ever made IMHO with track like No Ordinary Morning, Autumn Tactics, Saltwater, Halcyon and Don’t Give Up. Also, listen to The Thrillseekers Remix of Autumn Tactics, absolutely magnificent.

After the touring with Chicane, Justine started working with the Above & Beyond-guys Jono, Tony & Paavo on their side-project Oceanlab. The combination of Justines voice and Oceanlabs great melodies was an instant success. What I understand, the name Oceanlab came from the waterish theme of the first single and the name of the software they used, Wavelab.

The first Oceanlab-single was the 2001-single Clear Blue Water which came with an impressive Ferry Corsten Remix. The single peaked at 48 in the UK Singles Chart.

The followup-single, Sky Falls Down was another dancefloor monster, especially the Armin Van Buuren-remix. 10 minutes and 24 seconds of pure orgazm.

The third Oceanlab-single, Beautiful Together came with a stomping Signum Remix although I prefer the smoother original.

The same year, Justine also sung on Masters & Nickson’s wonderful track, Out There (5th Dimension). The track had already been released as an instrumental called 5th Dimension but Justines vocals takes this track to anoother dimension! The track was later re-released in 2008 with a banging Daniel Kandi Remix.

Their biggest Oceanlab-success came with the 2004 single Satellite. It’s one of those pure classics that most trancelisteners has sung/screamed the lyrics to when played at a club: It still gives me shivers when hearing it. What I understand, the inspiration for the track came when Paavo’s girlfriend was on a trip to Japan and they were missing eachother. The track peaked at no 19 in the UK Singles Chart. Justine’s angelic voice together with Oceanlabs great music makes this one of the best vocal tracks ever!

The same year, another big trance anthem was released. Armin Van Buuren featuring Justine Suissa – Burned With Desire. It is another one of those tracks that always gives me chills all over the body. The smooth melody together with Justines amazing voice makes this another must-have. The track is IMHO in the same league as Oceanlab’s Satellite when it comes to classic-status.

Speaking of instrumentals turned into vocal tracks, the next one is just one of those. Markus Schulz presents ElevationClear Blue did get a vocal-treatment called Somewhere (Clear Blue). The original instrumental is another all-time favourite and the vocals just makes it better!

The 2005 Armin Van Buuren-single Wall Of Sound was another hit, especially the Airbase Remix.

In 2008, Oceanlab released their first album, Sirens Of The Sea and also the single with the same name. The album also contained Breaking Ties, Lonely Girl and On A Good Day, all three major hits.

A cool fact is that Oceanlab asked their fans to do a video for On A Good Day. The one that got most attention was the video by Ashleigh Tritton who won the competition. The main video contains clips from various contributors but you can also find Ashleighs whole video on youtube

The album was later re-released as Sirens Of The Sea Remixed with remixes by Gareth Emery, Lange, Oliver Smith, Michael Cassette, Ronski Speed, Martin Roth and Cosmic Gate just to name a few.

In 2010, Markus Schulz did a interpretation of Cass & Slide’s old progressive hit, Perception which first was instrumental but later got vocals by Justine. Even if Markus version is really good, I still prefer the original.

The same year, Myon & Shane 54 released their mashup between Oceanlab – On A Good Day & Gareth Emery – Metropolis. The mashup became a huge hit and was played by all major djs.

The last we heard from Justine was the collaboration with Boom Jinx on the smash hit Phenix From The Flame.

Justine has brought us pure quality from day one and her voice still amazes me. The last productions till gives me shivers so I’d say that Justine Suissa will be an artist that will keep on doing her thing for many more years.

Some of the other trance-singers out there have released their own albums, like JesHigh Glow, SusanaCloser & Brave and I hope that Justine Suissa will do her own thing too. She has got some real quality tunes in her baggage and I guess that there is much more to come.

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