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This weekends track is abit different from the previous tracks as this isn´t your ordinary trance-track. I´d call it progressive breaks from one of the worlds best duos in that style, namely Way Out West. They have done so many great tracks over the years and this remix is IMHO one of their finest productions. I´m talking about LustralBroken (Way Out West Remix). (Buy on Itunes)


In every heart there is regret 
But they soon repair and don’t forget 
The deepest songs that life then fears 
Through the pain, through the years. 

These are the thoughts that I conceal 
Though my eyes can’t hide the way I feel. 
There are no angels at my side, 
I am weak, I am tired. 

Because I miss you, 
You know it’s true. 
I am broken, 
Do you miss me too? 

Can we recapture 
The life we knew? 
I am broken, 
I am missing you. 

I am afraid of what I see 
When my world is safe, what I dream. 
I do not shed a single tear 
When I sleep, you are here. 

Because I miss you, 
You know it’s true. 
I am broken, 
Do you miss me too? 

Can we recapture 
The life we knew? 
I am broken, 
I am missing you. 

Goosebump points:

0:31 when the drums come in
1:02 when the soothing vocals comes in
1:30 when the bassline comes in
2:00 when the chorus and that awesome piano comes in
3:27 when the vocals start again
3:56 when the second breakdown starts

English-born Nicholas John Warren & Joseph Wisternoff formed Way Out West back in 1993.

The first 2 releases, Montana and Shoot was released on the label Terra Firma in 1994 and after those, they signed up with the label Deconstruction for the third single, Ajare which became a chart-success.

The track is rumored to use a Hindi-sample from ”Aaja Re O Mere Dilbar Aaja” (en: ”Come, Come O My Beloved Come”) from the Bollywood film ”Noorie” (1971) .
Ajare peaked at no 52 in the UK Chart and showed that Way Out West was on their way to bigger success.

The 1996 followup-single, Domination peaked at no 36 in the charts and was a protest to the ongoing nuclear testing at the Mururoa-atoll in the pacific ocean. The sample ”Madness, Power, Domination” was influented by a speech given by John. F. Kennedy. The track is IMHO one of their best original productions and I love the complexity in it. The driving synths, the camera-sample & the awesome breakdowns makes this one of those tracks that every DJ should own.

Their third chart-success came with The Gift (with singer Johanna Law) which peaked at no 15 in the UK charts. The track uses a vocal-sample by Johanna which is a cover of an old Roberta Flack-song called The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. The Gift was later re-released in 2010 with new mixes.

Way Out West´s debut album, Way Out West came out in 1997 was an epic album with all the singles so far plus the new single, Blue.

Blue was inspired by the theme to the movie Withnail and I (which was produced by Handmade Films, a company formed by ex-Beatle George Harrison) and is another masterpiece. Just listen to it and you´ll understand. I love the complexity in the track with the drums, the bassline and the lovely piano. This was the first Way Out West-single I bought and soon after that I bought the album which I played alot back in the days.

The next big track, The Fall came out in 2000. The vocal sample ”And I Miss You Most Of All, My Darling. When The Autumn Leaves, Starts To Fall” was sampled Janis Alexander of Coldcut on their track Autumn Leaves from 1993. The track peaked at no 61 in the UK Charts. There was also an amazing remix by Richard Durand on the 2009 re-release which IMHO is well worth a listening. I just love what Richard did with the track, so intense and driving.

The Fall was followed by the EP UB Devoid which contained the tracks UB Devoid, Activity & Redemption plus a remix on UB Devoid called The Computer Hell Cabin Soundtrack Remix.

The second album, Intensify came out in 2001 after a move to the label Distinct’ive Breaks and also contained the single Intensify (with singer Ally Kennen). The track peaked at no 46 in the UK Chart while the album peaked at no 61 in the UK Chart.

The album also contained the 2002 release, Mindcircus (with singer Tricia Lee Keishall). Mindcircus came with a mindblowing Gabriel & Dresden-remix with an amazing bassline and uses that wicked piano that made the original version so good. The track reached 39th place in the UK Chart.

Stealth (with Kirsty Hawkshaw) was the followup to Mindcircus and is a track that reminds me of Blue but IMHO the vocals spoils it.

The 2003 single, Muthafucka is a really funky and driving track with that massive bassline, the cool vocal sample and that guitar-riff (played by Marcus Dahl) makes this a really intense track.

Anything But You (with singer Omi) also uses guitar (played by Marcus Dahl). The track is pretty decent, especially the warm vocals together with the breakbeat-drums.
It was also the first release from the 2004 album, Don’t Look Now.

The album also contained the track Killa, which came with an amazing Orkidea Remix. The track is another all-time favourite

The next vocal track, the beautiful Don’t Forget Me (with singer Omi) became another huge success though it’s a ballad. The track was even featured on the tv-series Grey’s Anatomy. The track also comes with an amazing Riley & Durrant Remix for the dancefloor.

The 2008 release, Spaceman is an instrumental breakbeat-track with an amazing piano. The release also contains the track The Warning which uses the same sample as the 1996 track, Domination.

In 2009, Way Out West released their fourth album, We Love Machine. The album contained loads of tracks, including Only Love (with singer Jonathan Mendelsohn) which was the first time that they used a male vocalist. Only Love uses a drumsample from M.A.R.R.S.Pump Up The Volume.

The album also spawned the single Future Perfect which uses the same funkiness as Only Love had.

The last release, the 2010 sngle Surrender follows in the footsteps of previous singles from the We Love Machine-album

There is a rumour that Nick & Jody are working on a new album and I hope that it will be released soon. Although I prefer the old Way Out West, their new funky and 4/4-driven tracks aint bad at all.
I read that they had a gig in end of March this year and I hope that they´ll be touring near me soon, as Way Out West is one act that i’d really love to mark off my bucket list.

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