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This weeks article happens to feature one of last weeks artists. A true legend in the trance-scene with loads of quality tracks, both original aswell as remixes.

This weekends classic is Lange featuring Kirsty HawkshawSincere For You (Lange Remix). (Buy on Itunes)
What I really like with the track is Langes bassline, the stunning vocals from Kirsty and the mellow synths.


Some will play a game with love
steal your heart away
some will say those words
you want to hear
but if you look closer
is it really what it seems?
I can give you everything you need

I’ll be sincere for you
whatever’s gonna happen now
sincere for you, I will
always here for you
whatever you decide right now
sincere for you, I will

I’ll be sincere for you
whatever’s gonna happen now
sincere for you, I will
always here for you
whatever you decide right now
sincere for you, I will

I’m not the one to fill your head
with false security
I’m the one with nothing left to lose
don’t be taken in by
what you think is honesty
just realize what I can offer you

I’ll be sincere for you
whatever’s gonna happen now
sincere for you, I will
always here for you
whatever you decide right now
sincere for you, I will


00:29 when the bassline kicks in.
01:51 when she starts to sing and that mellow synth starts playing in the background
02:20 when she starts to sing and the music fades down
03:16 when the music fades away
03:30 when the main vocals comes on
03:58 when the drums start again
05:50 when the main vocals stop
06:18 when the main song comes back on

Lange is english-born Stuart Langelaan. Most his major releases has been released under his own name, but he also uses a few different monikers like Firewall, LNG, Offbeat, SL, Vercetti & X-odus

Langes music career started in 1997 when he got signed to Additive Records, His first release was a remix for Babe Instinct’s track called Disco Babes From Outer Space. His first original work, The Root of Unhappiness / Obsession came out in 1998 aswell as remixes to DJ Sakin & Friends, DJ Quicksilver, Sash!, Marc et Claude, Ruff Driverz & Lost Witness just to name a few.

The 1999 release I Believe got good reviews and together with remixes of Friends Of Matthew, Space Brothers, Lost Witness, Pet Shop Boys, Agnelli & Nelson & Faithless, Lange became a household name and was supported by most major DJs worldwide.

The remix of Faithless – Why Go is one of my all-time favourites and I listen to it atleast a couple of times every week and I really love the remix of Lost Witness – Red Sun Rising aswell.

The next original release, Lange featuring The MorrighanFollow Me was released in 2000. The same year, Lange together with Rohan Heath & Steve Long released SuRealYou Take My Breath Away. The remix-work in 2000 featured tracks from Brainchild, Atlantis vs Avatar & DuMonde.

Of the bunch I have to say that SuReal – You Take My Breath Away aswell as Atlantis vs Avatar – Fiji is still going warm on my stereo,

Last weekends classic, DuMonde vs Lange Memory came out in 2001, the same year as Lange released his alter ego, FirewallReflections & Touched, and SuReal – Always On My Mind, He also did some remixes of artists like Ian Van Dahl & DB Boulevard just to name a few.

Next original track was Lange featuring SkyeDrifting Away came out in 2002 and peaked at no 9 in the UK single chart which gave him the opportunity to perform on Top Of The Pops aswell as the Pepsi Chart Show. The same year, Lange remixed tracks for Ayumi Hamasaki & Dario G.

2003 saw the release of Don’t Think It (Feel It) featuring Leah, another club classic. He remixed tracks for Rhythm Of Life, Pulser & Hemstock & Jennings,

In 2004, Lange set up his own record label, Lange Recordings and the first track featured on it was his alter ego, Firewall with the track Kilimanjaro and later the same year this weeks featured track, Sincere For You, He later re-released the track in 2005 as Lange Presents Firewall – Sincere but this time as an instrumental. In 2004, Lange also gave us remixes for The Thrillseekers & Jas Van Houten,

Lange vs Gareth EmeryThis Is New York and FirewallSincere (2005) were the only releases in 2005

The year after Lange & Mike Koglin released – Bermuda. The remix-work featured artists like Hemstock & Jennings.

In 2007, Lange’s first album, Better Late Than Never, was released and featured some fresh tracks aswell as the best of Lange’s remix work since 1998 and onwards. He also released the single, Angel Falls aswell as remixes for DT8 Project.

Lange featuring Sarah HowellsOut Of The Sky came out in 2008 aswell as the track Songless.
The remix-duty was filled with track by Matt Cerf, Martin Roth & Kyau vs Albert

Another single with Sarah Howells came out in 2009 called Let It All Out. Lange also did the track Stadium Four with Andy Moor and Wanderlust under his alter ego, Firewall. Some remixwork was also made for Ferry Corsten.

2010 saw the second album, Harmonic Motion, which featured only new tracks. The album was followed by the EP, All Around Me with Betsie Larkin.

In 2011, Lange released Lange Remixed, a 2CD album on which first CD was remixes of his track by others and the second CD was remixes of some of his Lange Recording-artists.
There were also 2 EP’s released, Remixed EP1 & Remixed EP2.

When I look back on Langes releases over the years, the period I like the most is from 1998 to 2005 where most of his classics were concieved. The material since then holds a very high quality but doesn’t have that feeling that the older tracks has.

The good thing with an artist like Lange who’s been active around 15 years is that there is music for all tastes. Some like the older, some like the newer. While I stick on the older material, the youngsters can focus on the new stuff. However you look at it, Lange IS true quality!

Featured tracks:

Lange – I Believe
Lost Witness – Happiness Happening (Lange Remix)
Lost Witness – Red Sun Rising (Lange Remix)
Faithless – Why Go (Lange Remix)
Agnelli & Nelson – Everytime (Lange Remix)
Lange – Follow Me (Lange Remix)
SuReal – You Take My Breath Away
Atlantis vs Avatar – Fiji (Lange Remix)
DB Boulevard – Point Of View (Lange Remix)
Lange – Drifting Away
Lange – Don’t Think It (Feel it)
Lange – Sincere For You (The Thrillseekers Remix)
Rhythm Of Life – You Put Me In Heaven With Your Touch (Lange Remix)
Lange – Let It All Out

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