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This weekends classic is from 2002 and this article is about the remix. I´m talking about AndainSummer Calling (Airwave Remix). (Buy on Itunes)

What I really like is the hypnotic beat over the smooth Andain vocals together with the goosebumping buildup after the breakdown.

And when it hurts for me
I never felt so empty
Memory has its way

Those summer mornings
You kissed me out of my next dream
Then without warning
It goes away

And then it goes
And then it goes
And then it…goes

Search to find you somewhere
As winds began to sway
Got in my car and just

Those summer mornings
I danced inside your warm embrace
You hear me calling
And now you’re gone

Goosebump points:
00:57 when the vocals start
02.38 when the main synth comes into the background
03:36 when the breakdown starts
03:56 when she starts wailing
04:18 when the main synth kicks in after the break. ORGAZM ALERT!!
04:47 when the kickdrum starts up again

A famous man have many names. That quote fits perfectly on the next featured artists.
Belgian born Laurent Christian Georges Véronnez is one of trance an progressive’s busiest producers, with over 35 different aliases he has produced some 500 different tracks in various music styles.

His musical career started at the age of 7 as he started playing around with synths but it wasn’t until the age of 18 when he sent some demos to the infamous Bonzai-label that his music career really started taking shape. At Bonzai, he quickly grew to one of their biggest artists.

Laurent’s main influences back then was everything electronic, from early Kraftwerk to Future Sound Of London and producers like Jean Michel Jarre, Orbital, Oliver Lieb and Brian Transeau just to name a few.

The first big success came after teaming up with DJ Fire (real name Jurgen Leyers) back in 1998 as Fire & Ice. Since then, many aliases has been used. L-vee, V-one, Airwave, Meridian, Green Martian, Lolo and Body-Shock just to name a few.

The most common alias used is the Airwave-alias, but he also did some collaborations in projects like Planisphere (togheter with Georges Petkidis, Fire & Ice (with Jurgen Leyers) and Cape Town (with Ludovic Meyer)

Laurent consider his style of music as ”pure electronic dance music with a sniff of electronica and trance and progressive sounds”

Laurent’s first release as Airwave came in 1998 with the single I Want To Believe, which was follorwed by the single Above The Sky in 1999.
In 2000, Airwave released 3 singles: Escape From Nowhere, Innerspace and Alone In The Dark. Alone In The Dark was the first track I heard from Airwave and IMHO one of his best ever. It was also with the same track that Airwave became huge in the UK.

The followup single, Save Me came out in 2001 and in 2002, Airwave released his first album, Believe.

In 2002, Airwave also teamed up with Armin Van Buuren and released Airwave vs. Rising StarSunspot. The same year also saw the release of Another Dimension as well as a re-release of Above The Sky as an EP with Alone In The Dark and Innerspace as additional tracks.

In 2003, when the the owner of Bonzai, Lightning Records went bankrupt, Laurent teamed up with Yves De Ruyter, Fly (owner of Bonzai) and Marnik (A&R from Lightning Records) to create the label Banshee Worx. The same year, the single When Things Go Wrong was released.

The second Airwave-album, I Want To Believe came out in 2004 and was a 2CD-piece where the 1st CD was the 2002 album Believe and the 2nd CD contained new material.
2004 also saw the re-release of the track Ladyblue, first featured on the 2002 album, Believe, but now redone for 2004 with an epic 12 min mix by Markus Schulz. Also released the same year was the EP Boredom, which also featured the track Last Flight To Gaia.

The singles, Progressive Agressive, People Just Dont Care and The Promise I Made (with Jon O’Bir), all came out in 2006 together with Airwaves third album, Trilogique which was a 3CD album.

The fourth album, Touareg came out in 2008 and was contained both new material aswell as fresher versions of older tracks.

In 2009, Airwave teamed up with old friend Ludovic Meyer (from the Cape Town-collaboration) for the epic track Batignolles Blues. Most people know Ludovic Meyer under the nickname Ferry Tayle. Ferry Tayle & Stephan R Neverending Story Remix of the single is a smooth uplifting remix and a favourite of mine.

I had the opportunity to see Airwave and Ferry Tayle perform as Cape Town last year and it was amazing. Airwave plays like a god on his keytar!

2010 saw the release of Airwave Presents LoloMyla’s Theme and 2011 the release of single Hello World. Hello World is also the first track released on the sub label L*C*D* Recordings

Airwave released the singles Atlas Winds / Chiricahua in 2012 but they had to be withdrawn due to Atlas Winds used a sample that Airwave bought years earlier that contained holy words from the Quran and it’s forbidden to use any words from the holy book, especially holy songs. I know that Airwave is working on replacing the vocals and hopefully we´ll see a re-release of the track later this year.

I will have the privilege to see Airwave perform a liveset this summer at Luminosity Beach Festival in Holland. According to the lineup, the next DJ in line is Ferry Tayle (together with Manuel Le Saux). I can only hope that Airwave will perform a few track as Cape Town. That would be a memory worth remembering!

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