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Hey everybody!

I´m just going to present the new feature on
We have made it easier for our photographers to share their photos via a short-url.

The new adresses are: – Patric´s photos – Cam´s photos – Lars´s photos – Gisela´s photos – Aleks´s photos

Ofcourse, the mainpage will still look like it always have with all content on the same page.

We also have a brand new Facebook-fanpage .. just add us an you wont miss a thing of whats going on.

In other news:
We are currently looking for a female photographer that wants to join our crew.
If you´re intrested, you´re welcome to send us a mail to info(at)
You should be intrested in photography, have your own camera and generally be a happy person that likes to party!

Thats all for this time, but we have plenty more to come so watch out!



Party on!

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