Pictures: MondayBar Winter Cruise


The annual MondayBar Winter Cruise (formerly known as Lucia Cruise) went by in the middle of December, with an massive lineup as usual: Paul van Dyk, Ummet Ozcan, Bryan Kearney, Indecent Noise, Photographer, Cari Lekebusch, Uto Karem, Marco Bailey, Mikael Jonasson, Mark EG & Proteus B2B, Adrenalize, Wasted Penguinz, Frontliner, The Prophet, B-Front, Mad Dog, Drakenberg, Jay van Kay, Josba, Denise Cavalli, Alter Nature & Kenuna and Mama Gaia

The photographer-team with Patric, Oljo and Lars were official photographers for MondayBar. Together we took over 5000 pictures, and about 500 of them is now online in three separate galleries [1] [2] [3]
This is Patric’s pictures

MondayBar Winter Cruise, Silja Galaxy, Stockholm-Åbo, Sweden – Finland, 2013.12.13
Pictures: 185

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